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 VOL 1: Chapter 1 - "Story Time"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 1: Chapter 1 - "Story Time"   VOL 1: Chapter 1 - "Story Time" I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2014 2:47 pm

A young child sat on a log in front of a blazing fire looking up at the starry night sky, he tilted his head down and stared across the fire pit, there sat a man who looked exactly the same as the little boy on a log on the opposite end of the fire. This little boy's name was Jaduko Masurao, he was a a small 4 year old child while the man sitting across from him was his older brother, Rukiro Masurao, an 18 year old boy. These two siblings lived together in a small house in the Mountains to the East of Hercule City, and North of Mount Paozu. Jaduko and Rukiro's parents were dead, almost 5 years now.

Jaduko and Rukiro's father was named Shinzai while their mother was named Yokaro. But why aren't they raising their two children you might ask? Well you see, Shinzai was killed several months before Jaduko was born, and Yokaro had died shortly after he was born leaving Rukiro to raise the young child himself.  The family was of a special warrior race known as Saiyans, why their family is on Earth will be saved for another day to tell. As for now, let's begin our story.

Jaduko let out a yawn as he raised his arms and stretched, a wind picked up and blew the heat of the fire towards Jaduko, his dark brunette hair swayed with the wind. "Are you gonna tell another story?" He asked Rukiro, nothing but the crackling of the fire was heard. His brown Saiyan tail whipped behind his back as he watched his older brother anxiously stir in front of him.

Lifting his hand up and scratching the back of his head, Rukiro gave a small laugh and ran his hand through his hair, which looked exactly like Jaduko's except coal black. He opened his eyelids and aimed his grey eyes at Jaduko making direct eye contact with the dark blue eyes of his younger brother. "Why not?" He responded with a smile. His brown Saiyan tail whipped around his waist.

"Let me think of a good story to tell." He lifted his finger up and tapped his chin, then his eyes widened as if an idea came to him. "I bet you wanna hear more about our father and his misadventures with a friend he had back on Planet Vegeta." After hearing Planet Vegeta mentioned, Jaduko perked up in his seat, he always enjoyed hearing stories about Planet Vegeta. He always wanted to go there something, but unfortunately, the planet no longer existed.

Rukiro poked a stick into the fire pit and began his story over the cackling of fire, he knew Jaduko loved fast things and all things related whether they were cars, trains, or planes. Rukiro decided he'd make this story up and have it take place on Planet Vegeta for Jaduko's amusement. This story begins on Planet Vegeta, home of the warrior race known as Saiyans and part of the intergalactic organization run by the Planet Trade Organization lead by the tyrant known as Frieza and his bloodline. On Planet Vegeta however, lived thousands upon millions of Saiyans, Shinzai was a part of the mix, as a low class Saiyan warrior on this world. With his best friend, Retasu, a Saiyan who was also a low class Saiyan.

Today was the day, the day of the Annual Saiyan Race,  a day where all of the low class Saiyans race from one part of Planet Vegeta to the other for a special prize. Shinzai stretched his arm to the side of his body as it let out a large crack inside his navy blue and black Saiyan suit. He bent his body and stretched with Retasu at his side, wearing similar armor except colored brown and black.

"Lots of low classes showed up today, huh?" Retasu asked as he looked around, thousands of Saiyan were stacked on the streets at the starting line where Shinzai and Retasu stood. A loud bell sounded off across the city and Saiyans ran, flew, and did whatever they could to start the race. Shinzai and Retasu nodded towards each other and started running off in the same direction, fighting off other Saiyans through the city streets.

After hours of fighting off Saiyans and using every last ounce of their energy to get to the front of the stampede, Shinzai and Retasu managed to split themselves off of the main Saiyan group. The two were now in a forested area several hundred miles away from the starting line, they fought tooth and nail to get to the opposite end of Planet Vegeta and the finish line was close, within eye sight. Shinzai and Retasu exchanged glances and floated up into the air, the two dashed towards the finish line to out best one another.

Rukiro looked up from the fire to see Jaduko slumped over on the log, his eyes drowsy and he yawned. "Tired already? Don't you want to know what happens after the race?" He asked.

Jaduko closed his eyes and replied "No, that story was boring, not enough action." Then went to sleep on the log.

Rukiro gave a smile, "I wonder if you'll ever be entertained, Jaduko." He shook his head. "You're just like our father." A frown came over his face as he grabbed a water bucket and dowsed out the fire letting the starry night sky illuminate the darkness.

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VOL 1: Chapter 1 - "Story Time"
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