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 List of Fights in DBU93

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Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: List of Fights in DBU93   Tue Aug 11, 2015 2:52 pm

Color Key: Grey = Basic Fight ; White = Major Fight ; Orange = Historical Fight:

Gods vs. Demons (Flashback)
The Order of the Gods vs. Reybuu
Nether vs. The Order of the Gods
The Watcher vs. Xeno Kai and the Kaioshins
Prince Seda vs. The Watcher

{Planet Vegeta Saga}
Shinzai Masurao and Resaku Mouretsu vs. Saiyan Guards
Resaku Mouretsu vs. King Vegeta

{Movie 1: King Trom's Tyranny}
Super Saiyan Resaku Mouretsu vs. Salt
Super Saiyan Shinzai Masurao and Violouh vs. King Trom

{Movie 2: The Emperor's Entrance}
King Morge vs. Emperor Zero
Resaku Mouretsu and Violouh vs. Royal Guard Nitro
Violouh vs. Royal Guard Dextro
Emperor Nitro vs. Super Saiyan Shinzai Masurao, Super Saiyan Resaku Mouretsu, Rasaya Masurao, Yitoro Mouretsu and Violouh

{Movie 3: Demon of Destruction}
Reybuu vs. The Four Lords
Super Saiyan Resaku Mouretsu vs. Reybuu
Super Saiyan 2 Shinzai Masurao and Toki Kai vs. Reybuu

[The Saiyan Arc]
{The Arrival Saga}
Letish vs. Rukiro Masurao
Yamu Jurei and Seikyo Jurei vs. Jaduko Masurao

{Turtle School Saga}
Jaduko Masurao vs. Tiger
Jaduko Masurao vs. Three Mafia Members

{World Tournament Saga *ADD MORE*}
Jaduko Masurao vs. Lizz (Training)
Lizz vs. Takahiro
Yui vs. Rugulo (Flashback)
Lizz vs. Chizuko
Klio and Lori vs. Jerome
Lizz vs. Nightmare Spirits and Skeletons
Lizz vs. Rugulo

{Saiyan Brigade Saga}
Taisuka Mouretsu and Lizz vs. Kyuti Masurao
Jaduko Masurao vs. Yamu Jurei
Konno Kureno and Lori vs. Yamu Jurei (Klio intervenes)
Konno Kureno vs. Yamu Jurei

{Seikyo Saga}
Lori and Lizz vs. Kyuti Masurao
Jaduko Masurao and Konno Kureno vs. Seikyo Jurei (First Fight)
Taisuka Mouretsu vs. Seikyo Jurei
Jaduko Masurao vs. Seikyo Jurei (Second Fight)

[Zerox Arc]
{The Transit Saga}

{Zerox Saga}

{Movie 4: Frost's Retaliation}

[Reybuu Arc]
{Future Taisuka Saga}

{Movie 5: End Story}

{Reybuu Saga}

[Wicked Dragon Balls Arc]
{Duplicate Z-Fighters Saga}

{United Z-Fighters Saga}

{Wicked Dragon Balls Saga}

{Corrupt Shenron Saga}

[Red Ribbon Arc]
{Android 103 Saga}

{Red Ribbon Reborn Saga}

{Project Allocation Saga}

{Ultimate Android Saga}

[Netherworld Arc]
{Netherworld Saga}

{Zenulus Saga}

{Tureth Saga}

{Hiki Saga}

{Rukiro Saga}

[Planet Trade Organization Arc]
{Saiyan Empire Saga}

{Movie 6: Wrath of Xin}

{King Nunber Saga}

{Planet Trade Organization Saga}

{Zaverix Saga}

{Hazmat Saga}

{King Morge Saga}

{Intergalactic War Saga}

[Super Saiyan Gods Arc]
{Movie 7: Azoora's Uprising}

{Movie 8: Mayhem! Enter Yaroku}

{Movie 9: Kitai's Prophecy}

{Movie 10: Age of Prince Seda}
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List of Fights in DBU93
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