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 VOL 3: Chapter 22 - "The Return"

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Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 22 - "The Return"   Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:01 pm

The two Turtle School students searched for most of the day for Klio, it was now late afternoon. Racing behind his friend, Konno tried to keep up with Jaduko's speed as water sprayed up in his face. Konno eventually passed over the ocean and reached the shore allowing him to catch up to Jaduko. "Hey!" He shouted over the wind, "Slow down, would ya? Why are you goin' so fast?" Jaduko didn't turn his head to talk to Konno, he shouted over the wind back towards him as the two lifted themselves up and started flying over a forest towards the North.

"We've worked hard gettin' those Dragon Balls, I ain't lettin' him drag me down from reviving Rukiro!" Jaduko shouted back.

Konno looked down at the forest rushing past underneath them. "I guess you're right.." he muttered to himself, he sped up a tiny bit so he was flying side by side with Jaduko.

"If it is Klio that's responsible for taking the Dragon Ball, I just want to say in advance, I'm sorry." Konno piped up as he looked forward towards Jaduko, who didn't return the glance. "He wouldn't do something like this.." Konno continued to mutter to himself, quiet enough that only he could hear himself. He then closed his eyes as he followed Jaduko's energy

"Something wrong kid?" A voice called out in Konno's head, causing the young Earthling to cast his attention to his right. Staring off into the distance, Konno could barely make out the figure of a man wearing an orange martial arts gi, it was the uniform for the Turtle School.

"K-Klio?" Konno asked, but his voice echoed as if he were standing in a dark cave. Looking around at his surroundings, the only thing that Konno could see was pitch darkness. "Am I dreaming?"

"You are." The figure of the man now cleared, it was indeed a mirage version Klio. "You're feeling guilty, I can feel it." Klio muttered as the blackness faded around he and Konno, the two were now in the middle of a forest, the sky was dark hinting that it was night.

"Huh? Guilty for what?" Konno asked, confused raising an eyebrow at the figure of Klio. He looked around and saw two figures walking through the forest, a boy who appeared to be in his teens and a young child who was on the brink of crying, but seemed as though he had no tears left to cry.

"I can sense that you have a hunch about who stole the Dragon Ball from Kame House, you think it's me too, just like everyone else." the image of Klio muttered. "Deep down, you don't know what to do. Help Jaduko get the ball back and help him reunite with his brother, or side with me and risk getting kicked out of the school." Klio turned his head to stare at the teenage boy and the child next to him, the teenage boy had messy brown hair, much like Klio did, and the young boy had spiky black hair, much like Konno.

"You see those two over there? Does this all look familiar to you?" Klio asked. Konno softly nodded.

"It's the two of us... from when you helped me.." Konno muttered, he noticed the younger version of himself wearing a torn green and yellow martial arts gi worn by Crane School members. "You saved my life from them, you took me in, you acted like my older brother, and that's when you brought me to the Turtle School and turned my life around.."

"Right you are, Konno." Klio replied, the scenery started to change again, Konno was fighting against his own mind, causing the forest to disappear and engulf the two in pitch darkness. "You think it's unfair that all Jaduko cares about is his older brother and everyone is siding with him. Jaduko, a random kid who decided to waltz into your life one day, talking non stop about his brother. You're guilty that you want to side with him, even if it means losing the one man who you can still call your family."

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD, YOU'RE NOT KLIO!" Konno shouted in anger. "Klio would be the last man to turn his back on someone who has lost his family!" Konno lunged forward and thrust a punch straight into the false image of Klio's stomach, upon making impact, the image faded and the blackness shattered around him.

Konno opened his eyes and realized he was still following behind Jaduko through the air, the two continued to search around for a few minutes and it was silent for most of the way.

"Down there, let's stop real quick and look around." Konno shook the vision out of his head that he had about Klio and peered down at the ground, Jaduko nodded and the two dropped to the ground, looking around, they noticed a nice waterfall and huge rocks gathered around the rocky wasteland they were in. They were in the highlands next to West City.

"Think he could be here? I can't sense his energy." Jaduko asked, scratching his head and taking in the beauty of the waterfall.

"I dunno. It's worth a shot to look around."" Konno replied.

Before they could move and look around for any traces of Klio, the sound of feet landing on the ground was heard behind them. Jaduko and Konno turned around and saw Lori holding a smal brown bag with Lizz and Taisuka behind her. Jaduko was about to speak up and tell them to return to Kame House, but Lori tossed the bag towards Konno and started speaking up. "Senzu Beans. Master gave them to us and told us to follow you two. He was afraid the two of you would do something hasty and that Klio could seriously injure the two of you if things got heated." Tossing the bag to Jaduko, Lori gave a confident glare as if she was telling Jaduko in particular to keep out of trouble.

"Thanks." Jaduko muttered, embarrassed that Klio may be a hot headed jerk, but despite that he has more skill than both him and Konno combined.

"Any sign of him?" Taisuka asked. Konno shook his head.

"You three better head back to Kame House and leave the searching to us, I think we're hot on his trail." Konno spoke up and looked at Lori, nodding that it was best for him to handle things alone with Jaduko.

Before they could even take another breath, the five of them felt the ground around them shake as if something had crashed down into the ground. "What was that?" Lizz asked in a nervous tone.

"I don't know." Lori calmly responded, looking nervously at Konno.

"Whatever it was, didn't sound good." Konno continued

"Do you feel that power?" Taisuka asked, everyone else nodded and they stood as silent as could be, carefully looking around their surroundings. The only sound that was heard was the nearby waterfall.

"Are we just going to stand here or are we gonna go find Klio?" Jaduko asked, impatiently. He didn't care what the tremor was, all he wanted to figure out was where Klio was hiding.

Everyone around him nodded, but before they could move, Lizz pointed up to the waterfall and shouted, "Look!" This caused Jaduko to turn his head where he saw three figures floating above the waterfall, two of them were male, and one was female.

With the sun lighting up their faces, Jaduko's eyes widened as he gazed up at the tallest man floating in the middle of the other two, younger looking people. He was surprised these people were floating.

Straining his eyes to get a better look, Jaduko began to think to himself, 'That facial hair and that obnoxiously wild, black hair, it looks... familiar.' Jaduko thought as he gazed upwards. He then noticed something, the man he was looking at had a monkey tail, it was waving around in the air as the man menacingly stared down at the Turtle School Students.

That's when it hit him, Jaduko's eyes widened in fear as he tightened his grip on the bag of Senzu Bean bag in his hand. Gritting his teeth out of both anger and fear, his body trembling, Jaduko's eyes interlocked with the enemy's eyes and the two stared at each other.

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VOL 3: Chapter 22 - "The Return"
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