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 VOL 3: Chapter 23 - "Decade-Long Power Surge"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 23 - "Decade-Long Power Surge"   Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:34 pm

With his eyes twitching in fear, Jaduko watched as the three figures slowly dropped down off of the cliff that the waterfall was running off of, each of them landing on different ledges peaking out from the cliff. "It's them..." Jaduko muttered. Konno turned his head and started to speak up, "It's who?" He asked.

Jaduko didn't answer. Lori slid over and grabbed onto Jaduko's shoulder, she shook him and repeated what Konno said. "Who are they, Jaduko?"

"The ones who killed Rukiro.." Jaduko muttered, not taking his eye off them. Eventually, the grown man spoke up, he was the leader of the three.

"Ah, it's you!" he roared over the sound of the waterfall. "The impudent runt from so long ago whose tail I had my younger brother remove!" He looked over at the younger man and spoke up. "Remember that, Seiyogi?" The younger male nodded, his hair was black like his older brother's but it was spiked up even further.

The female of the group looked younger than both of them, only a little older than Jaduko himself. "Yamu, stop insulting him, you immature bafoon. King Nunber told us to capture him and return to Kuristrak with him, we can't do that if he's unwilling to accompany us."

"I guess you're right, Kyuti." Yamu replied, he lifted his head and floated off of the cliff, Seiyogi and Kyuti followed him down. The three of them landed on the ground, about 50 yards away from Jaduko and his group.

"Calm Jaduko, don't make any hasty decisions. The rest of you, don't get scared, keep your guard up if they do anything." Lori warned her friends. Jaduko rushed in front and stared down Yamu, their eyes locked as Yamu lifted his hand up and scratched his goatee.

"You've grown since we last saw you, you buffed up." Yamu laughed.

"You stay quiet!" Jaduko shouted, causing Konno and the rest to go stiff. "Where's your blue haired friend?" He pounded his fist into his palm. "I wanted to teach him a lesson for killing Rukiro!"

Lizz looked scared and hastily whispered towards Jaduko. "What are you doing?!"

Yamu looked confused and scratched his head. Seiyogi spoke up behind him, "You mean Letish? He's gone, mysteriously vanished from our kingdom a few years back." Jaduko got into a fighting stance.

"Gone? What do you mean gone?" Jaduko asked, Seiyogi shrugged his shoulders. An image flashed in Jaduko's mind and he remembered how Letish killed Rukiro. A swift jab through the stomach and that terrible eye beam into Rukiro's eyeballs.

Jaduko grit his teeth. "You bastards better tell me what happened to him, or else I'll take out my anger on you." His hair started waving as he raised his energy, the others looked surprised, they've never seen him so angry before. Rocks started to rise from the ground around Jaduko's feet.

'His power, it's rising... it's incredible!' Konno thought to himself as his eyes widened and his mouth was left wide open as he watched Jaduko power up.

'Wow, amazing!' Taisuka had a wide grin on his face as he stood behind Jaduko. Lizz stood next to him and was astonished at Jaduko's massive power surge.

'Jaduko...' Lori looked at him with worry, she always thought of him as her serene younger brother but she couldn't believe the potential he was hiding. She softly looked down at Jaduko's belt, he had tied the Senzu Bean Bag to his waist. Hoping he wouldn't do anything to harm the beans, she turned her gaze back towards the Saiyans.

"Stupid child, you think you can challenge us?" Yamu asked. "Yet.. I'm impressed at your power." He tapped the scouter on his head and scanned Jaduko's power level, it was rising with each passing second. "6,000... 7,000... 8,000 huh?" Yamu seemed impressed as Kyuti was easily as impressed as the rest of the Turtle School. Seikyo rose an eyebrow. "You're not as weak as before. You really are the Son of Shishito." Yamu continued.

The rocks around Jaduko fell back to the ground as he regained his composure. "I dunno who this Shishito guy is, but he ain't my dad." Lifting his hand up and pointing his thumb towards himself, Jaduko continued to speak. "My dad's name was Shinzai!" A smirk spread across his face.

"Don't tell me that imbecile had the nerve to change his prideful Saiyan name to some trashy Earth name.." Yamu muttered, he turned around and looked at his younger sister, who was close to him. "Kyuti!" He shouted, the girl perked up, regaining composure from Jaduko's show.

"Yeah?" She asked. Yamu reached inside of his Saiyan armor and pulled out the 2 Star Dragon Ball, much to the Jaduko and his gang's surprise.

"Scan this, Dragon Ball, as they call it." Kyuti nodded and tapped her scouter, it beeped and she nodded. Yamu tossed the 2 Star Dragon Ball over to Seiyogi, who caught it and stuffed it in his armor. "Now go find the other Dragon Balls, King Nunber told us that they grant wishes. Kyuti nodded and floated up into the sky, she burst off into the sky to look for the other Dragon Balls. Jaduko started flying after her, his gaze set in stone behind her. As he closed in to attack Kyuti, Seiyogi's body fizzed into view and kneed Jaduko in the stomach, sending him back down to the Earth as the Saiyan warrior remained in the air.

With a flip, Jaduko regained his balance and skid across the ground. "Taisuka, Lizz! Go after her, try and stop her from getting the Dragon Balls." Taisuka and Lizz both gave a thumbs up and floated up, bursting off after Kyuti, leaving Jaduko, Konno, and Lori alone on the field with Yamu and Seiyogi.

"Stay back Seiyogi, we don't want you damaging that Dragon Ball. Let your older brother do all the work." Yamu quickly scanned Jaduko, Konno, and Lori's power levels and took off his scouter, tossing it up towards Seiyogi. With a quick crack of his knuckles, Yamu waited for an attack.

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VOL 3: Chapter 23 - "Decade-Long Power Surge"
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