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 VOL 3: Chapter 24 - "Taisuka and Lizz vs. Kyuti"

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VOL 3: Chapter 24 - "Taisuka and Lizz vs. Kyuti" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 24 - "Taisuka and Lizz vs. Kyuti"   VOL 3: Chapter 24 - "Taisuka and Lizz vs. Kyuti" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 3:03 pm

"Hurry Lizz!" Taisuka shouted as the two burst off in speed into a forest.

"I'm trying!" Lizz shouted back, dodging trees left and right, trying to maintain her speed.

"Kay good, we gotta do what Jaduko said and make sure that girl doesn't get a Drago-" He was cut off with a swift kick to the cheek. Lizz halted in her tracks and she quickly turned around to see Kyuti floating where Taisuka once was, with her foot extended. Taisuka was sent flying into a nearby tree, completely splitting it in half. Kyuti's body fizzed out of the way as the top half of the tree dropped towards Lizz. She yelped and quickly dodged out of the timbering tree, it slammed into the ground with a large 'THUD'.

"Taisuka are you okay?" Lizz shouted, Taisuka was laying inside of the tree and softly shifted into a sitting position. "Yeah, I'm fine, look out!" He shouted. Lizz turned her head and Kyuti fizzed back into view, swiftly punching Lizz in the cheek with a loud smack. Lizz's eyes dilated and spit flew out of her mouth as she went flipping down towards the ground, luckily landing in a river.

She emerged herself from the water and spit some of it out, a huge cut was now on her cheek as Kyuti landed on the ground in front of her. She had red Saiyan spandex that had brown and bronze Saiyan armor over it. Her tail softly whipped around her waist as she crossed her arms and stared down at Lizz.

"Man, almost broke my finger trying to punch you. Is that all?" Kyuti asked. "I expected more." A muffled scream was heard high up in the trees behind her as she lifted her head and saw Taisuka rushing down towards her, chunks of tree bark flying off of him. He threw a punch at Kyuti's face, who quickly moved to the side and slapped her hand down onto his back, he was sent flying down towards the ground causing the dirt to shatter and crumble around his body. As he widened his mouth and winced in pain, Taisuka's Saiyan Tail unwrapped itself from around his waist.

"Oh?" Kyuti seemed confused. "You're a Saiyan too? How fun." She gave a small laugh, that wasn't quite so sinister, it was kind of a cute laugh. Lowering her hand, she grabbed onto Taisuka's tail and he tensed up. "The King only told us that the Son of Shishito was on this planet, not some other little bugger." She started bouncing him up, Taisuka hitting into her fist like he was a paddle ball.

"Don't touch him!" Lizz shouted as she erupted from the water, throwing a punch at Kyuti's stomach. Kyuti let go of Taisuka's tail, grabbed onto Lizz's wrist, and squeezed tight, causing her to fall to her knees.

Taisuka rolled to the side and swept his feet, kicking into Kyuti's heel. She lifted her leg as if trying to kick Taisuka back. He got to his feet and got into a fighting stance, Kyuti threw Lizz off into the side, and she flew into a pile of grass.

"I haven't used this attack, but Master Krillin has been teaching it to me, so I'll try it now!" He moved his hands forward towards Kyuti, who widened her eyes. The two were at a close enough distance that it seemed like Taisuka was trying to grope her. "Shi..." He pushed his hands to the sides of his body and yellow orbs formed in each hand. "HOKEN!" Before he could thrust his hands forward to deliver the blast, Kyuti slapped Taisuka into a nearby bush.

"Little pervert.." Kyuti muttered with an angered look on her face, she turned around and saw Lizz sneak up on her. Lizz threw a punch and it made contact with Kyuti's cheek, causing her to stumble back.

"Wow, that did more damage than I thought." Lizz laughed, fighting through the pain of her broken ring finger. Kyuti threw a similar punch, landing it on Lizz's chest, sending her tumbling across the ground with moans of pain.

Taisuka lifted his head from behind the bush and watched Kyuti fly after Lizz where she continued attacking her. He spit out blood next to him, and saw a faint orange glisten next to where he spat. Moving some of the grass, something caught his eye, it was the 4 Star Dragon Ball, the one Kyuti was looking for. Picking it up, Taisuka slid it into his gi pants and kept it for safe keeping.

'That takes care of that.' He thought to himself, 'How are we going to beat her?' He continued to think was he watched Lizz get lifted into the sky, and get repeatedly beaten in the stomach by Kyuti. His Saiyan Tail automatically wrapped itself around his waist as he stood up from the tree he was resting against. 'Ouch.. my tail still hurts..' He thought to himself and a lightbulb went off. With a smile spreading across his face, he burst off into the sky towards Kyuti and Lizz. "That's it!" He shouted.

Spitting out blood, Lizz looked over at Taisuka, along with Kyuti. "What's it?" The two both asked. Taisuka thrust his hand out and tried to grab onto Kyuti's tail. Catching onto what Taisuka was trying to do, Kyuti dodged to the side and elbowed him on the head. Thinking she swiftly avoided him, Kyuti left herself open as she felt her tail gripped. Turning her head, she saw Lizz holding the tail confidently, with a bloody smile spreading on her face. Kyuti's body went limp and the two slowly floated down to the ground.

"No.." Kyuti muttered. "I can't be beaten this easily.." She weakly threw a punch up into the air, trying to hit Taisuka who was next to her and Lizz. Taisuka slapped her hand and threw a punch down onto her cheek, with the pain from her tail surging through her body, the punch knocked her out.

Lizz continued to hold onto Kyuti's tail as Taisuka started panting. "We did it!" He held a thumbs up. "You can let go of her now."

Lizz shook her head, "I'm not taking any chances." Taisuka gave a laugh and then it quickly faded.

"We only beat her because we were able to outsmart her.. If she was that strong, imagine how strong those other guys are.." Lizz spoke out loud. "We gotta go back and help them!" She lifted Kyuti over her shoulder  and flew off towards the battlefield where Jaduko and the others were with Taisuka following close behind, the Dragon Ball still in his gi.

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VOL 3: Chapter 24 - "Taisuka and Lizz vs. Kyuti"
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