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 VOL 3: Chapter 25 - "Evening of the Titanic Duel"

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VOL 3: Chapter 25 - "Evening of the Titanic Duel" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 25 - "Evening of the Titanic Duel"   VOL 3: Chapter 25 - "Evening of the Titanic Duel" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 3:32 pm

A few minutes had past since Taisuka and Lizz chased after Kyuti, the sky was now turning orange as the sun began it's descent, Jaduko stared coldly into Yamu's eyes. "Konno, Lori, let me take him for now." He muttered. "I'll take him down on my own."

Lori moved forward and started to speak up, "But Jadu-" Konno held his hand out and stopped her. Konno used his eyes to communicate with her, telling her that Jaduko had hidden power he was needing to let loose. Lori sighed and remained still.

"Well?" Yamu piped up as he started walking towards Jaduko, he stopped in his tracks as Konno and Lori joined Seiyogi up in the sky, clearing the battlefield for the two combatants. "Think you're ready to take me down?" Yamu laughed as he got down into a fighting position.

Jaduko slowly began walking towards Yamu with his eyes sharply focused on him. His aura started flailing as a faint blue color showed up around his body, Jaduko was serious. "Definitely, I'll take you down." Jaduko spoke up.

Yamu laughed and continued speaking. "Bring it on." A feint yellow aura started forming around his body as his spiky/messy black hair and goatee started to flow with it's movement.

Jaduko's walk burst off into a run, he charged at Yamu, who swiftly threw a roundhouse kick towards Jaduko's face. With a quick jump, Jaduko lifted his knees and pushed off of Yamu's leg. He flipped and slammed his left foot onto Yamu's head. Yamu threw a punch up, and Jaduko flipped again, landing on the ground behind Yamu. Yamu turned around and slammed his elbow into Jaduko's cheek, sending him skidding across the ground. Recoiling from the attack, Jaduko threw a punch into Yamu's nose and the two split off from each other.

Jolting to the right, Yamu lifted his hand and yellow orbs formed in his hands as he shot them towards Jaduko. Jaduko did the same as blue orbs formed in the palm of his right hand, he moved around in a turn, shooting at Yamu. The orbs collided and evaporated together. Spinning and Spinning, Jaduko let Yamu keep throwing blasts at him as he jumped up into the air, letting them pass under him. Yamu kept flying around in a circle as his own ki blasts started flying at him, he quickly slapped them away, each of them hitting into the ground and into nearby rocks. This opened a window for Jaduko to attack, he quickly lunged towards Yamu and slammed his fists onto the top of his head.

"Geez." Konno muttered in a surprised voice, watching the two throw punches and kicks at each other. "I've never seen Jaduko fight this well, with this much power, maybe Jaduko should have taken Lizz's place in the tournament, huh?" Lori was watching the fight as well.

Shaking her head, Lori started to speak. "He's strong because he's letting his anger fuel him. He's doing well for now, but if he doesn't cool off, he'll let the anger drive him, it'll burn him out."

Jaduko jumped back away from a punch that Yamu tried to land, he jumped and threw a kick at Yamu's cheek, who ducked under the kick. Yamu pushed Jaduko's leg, causing him to spin even more, which allowed Yamu to land a kick directly on Jaduko's back. He was then sent flying across the ground, tumbling across the rocky surface.

"This is amazing, I'm having way more fun than I should be!" Jaduko shouted at Yamu, dodging out of the way as Yamu slammed his foot into the ground, slightly cracking the dirt they were standing on.

"You're having fun? You enjoy feeling the life beaten out of you?" Yamu seemed upset, yet very pleased with Jaduko's attitude.

Jaduko shook his head. "The adrenaline is amazing, come at me!" He was getting cocky.

"Heh.. I was wrong all those years ago, you're no longer a runt. You're now a true Saiyan!" Yamu lunged forward "Too bad you don't have a tail anymore!" He threw a punch and connected it onto Jaduko's nose. Jaduko's eyes dilated as blood flew out of his mouth, he was sent stumbling backwards.

Spinning to gain his footing, Jaduko threw a kick, locking it onto Yamu's chin. Yamu threw a punch and connected it with Jaduko's chest at the same time. The two flew apart, Jaduko skidded across the ground and Yamu flipped into the air. He lifted his hand and wiped blood off of his cheek. "Dammit!" He shouted, flying back down towards Jaduko. 'Why is he so strong?' he thought.

Seiyogi scoffed as he watched the fight, he crushed Yamu's scouter in his hands and let the pieces drop to the ground. Konno turned his head and looked over at Seiyogi, who was floating in the sky about 40 yards away from him and Lori. Seiyogi looked at Konno as well, and quickly turned his head to look back at the fight.

"That guy.. I wonder what he's thinking." Konno muttered. Lori turned her head and looked at Seiyogi. With a shrug, she turned her attention back towards the fight.

Jaduko lifted himself up, cuts and scratches were all across his skin, his gi had small tears in it. Panting, he smiled and looked at Yamu. Yamu straightened himself, he also had a few cuts on his skin, and his armor was scratched, with slight tears in his spandex, he wasn't panting. "You gave up a good fight." Yamu replied.

"What?" Jaduko asked, straightening his body, "Who said I was giving up?"

Yamu lifted his hand and a large yellow beam started forming in his hand. "I did."

"Disaster Blaster!" He shouted as the beam shot towards Jaduko.

"Disaster Blaster?" Jaduko scoffed. "What a silly nam-" He was cut off as his eyes widened from the power the beam was emitting. The ground started to crack and explode out from beneath the beam. Jaduko was stunned at it's power and couldn't move.

"Shit, Shit, Shit..!" Konno muttered as he burst off towards the ground and managed to slide in front of Jaduko, he caught the beam with his hands and pushed it away using all of his strength, throwing the beam off course and sending it into a mountain.

"Huh?" Yamu asked, lowering his hand. He saw Konno standing in front of Jaduko. Both of Konno's hands were up, facing towards where Yamu, his palms were sizzling from the attack and part of his gi was torn from the sheer power.

"You dropped your guard, man." Konno turned his head and looked down at Jaduko, the two smirked at each other as Jaduko stepped forward.

"Sorry, man. Won't happen again." He lifted his fists up as Konno straightened his body so it mirrored Jaduko's fighting pose. Lori smiled as she watched Konno.

"Fine, both of you come at me, I'll take down the human and then finish you later, Son of Shishito!" Yamu shouted.

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VOL 3: Chapter 25 - "Evening of the Titanic Duel"
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