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 VOL 3: Chapter 26 - "Neck and Neck"

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VOL 3: Chapter 26 - "Neck and Neck" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 26 - "Neck and Neck"   VOL 3: Chapter 26 - "Neck and Neck" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 3:59 pm

Lori landed on the ground next to Jaduko and Konno. "Take a break Jaduko, you battered him down enough, let us take him out. Besides you got valuable luggage, remember?" She then pointed down at Jaduko's belt causing he and Konno to both look. Jaduko noticed the Senzu Bean Bag still wrapped around his waist, luckily it wasn't damaged during his fight with Yamu.

"YOU MEAN TO TELL ME YOU FOUGHT WITHOUT REALIZING YOU HAD THEM ON YOU?" Konno shouted in anger at Jaduko, who raised his hands up in defense as he laughed. The two simmered down and Konno pointed at the bag.

"Eat one and you'll get all of your strength and energy back." Konno motioned off into the sky towards Seiyogi, "You might need it against that guy, I think he's planning something, so keep a lookout in the sky while Lori and I handle this jerk." Jaduko nodded and lifted off into the sky, leaving Konno and Lori to take out Yamu on the battlefield.

"Bah.." Yamu retorted, "I'll take you two out and deal with him later." Konno scoffed.

"Do you ever shut up?" Konno asked, this angered Yamu.

"You ready?" Lori asked as a green aura formed around her body, Konno nodded as a white aura began to form around him as well. The two sped off into a run towards Yamu. Yamu's body fizzed and disappeared for a split second, he instantly appeared in front of Konno and Lori, clotheslining the two of them. The two fired ki blasts towards Yamu during the fall, the two blasts slammed into his sides, allowing Konno and Lori to regain their balance.

As the smoke cleared from the blasts, Yamu was gone. "What?! Where'd he go?" Lori shouted, she turned her head and was kneed in the stomach by Yamu. Spit flew from her mouth as he slammed his fists onto her back, knocking her to the ground. Konno flew forward and threw a foot towards Yamu's neck. Yamu quickly turned around and blocked with his forearm. Konno threw his other foot towards Yamu again, which he blocked, again. This allowed Lori to stand up and put Yamu in a headlock. Yamu bent forward and threw Lori into Konno, sending the two flying.

Jaduko opened up the Senzu Bean bag and dumped them out onto his hand, there were exactly 6 of them, well, 5 now that he planned on eating one. He popped one into his mouth and his wounds healed, he powered up to full strength in almost an instant as his blue aura formed around his body. "Ahh.. refreshing!" He spoke to himself, he heard Seiyogi scoff. Turning his head, Jaduko looked over at Seiyogi, who was watching the fight. He seemd to be scoffing at Yamu during the fight.

"Hey!" Jaduko shouted and pointed towards Seiyogi, catching the Saiyan's attention. "Something on your mind?" He asked.

Seiyogi remained still and didn't give a reply, he instead turned his head back to the battle. Jaduko lowered his hand and deeply stared over at Seiyogi. With a shrug, he opened up the Senzu Bean Bag and put the beans back into it, he slid the bag back into his gi and continued watching the fight.

"I don't think the two of you know who you're going up against." Yamu straightened his body and lifted his arms up. "You're going up against Yamu! One of King Nunber's most trusted guardians, and leader of the Saiyan Brigade!" he seemed very cocky in his position.

Konno lifted Lori up off of the ground and piped up. "King Nunber?" Lori asked, Konno added on by saying, "Saiyan Brigade? That's such a stupid name." Yamu seemed to flare up.

"Don't you dare mock my family!" He lunged forward towards Konno, and socked him right in the jaw. Before Lori could react to what happened, Yamu was already up in the air, attacking Konno at full force. With a quickly grab of the wrist, Yamu threw Konno through the air and he was sent flying into the waterfall.

"Konno!" Lori shouted. Yamu's figure fizzed into view right next to Lori, he stood at a whopping foot taller than her. She gulped in fear as she threw a punch right into his chest, creating a crack in the armor. Yamu grabbed her wrist and bent it, picking her up and flipping her over his back. With a quick slam, he threw her into the ground onto a rock. Lori quickly rolled to the right and flipped up onto her feet, she slammed her fists onto Yamu's head and quickly vaulted over him, kicking him in the neck, creating a slight cut in the Saiyan's nape. Yamu roared as he turned around. Lori was always an agile fighter, but agility wasn't a match against Yamu, who spun around and slammed his shin into Lori's neck hard enough to send her flying but not hard enough to completely snap her neck, Lori was sent tumbling across the ground as her gi was torn up by the rocks she fell on. The Saiyan Warrior slowly walked after her body as it tumbled, parts of her gi that were torn off were scattered in a trail towards where she laid.

"Lori!" Jaduko shouted, he wanted to intervene on the fight, but a strong power level flashed in the back of his mind. He turned his head and looked off into the horizon, it must have been Taisuka and Lizz fighting with Kyuti. No, that wasn't it.

'That power...' Jaduko thought as he looked towards the horizon, his body trembling. 'It's only one person so it can't be Taisuka and Lori, is it the girl they were with? No, she couldn't generate a power like that, I don't think... Is it someone else..?' He thought to himself but quickly heard something that caused the spiky brunette hair on his head to stand on end (not literally).

In the fight, Lori was screaming in pain as Yamu kept bending her wrist, he was trying to break her wrist. Konno pulled himself out of the waterfall and moved onto the ground. "Lori!" He shouted, kneeling down as if ready to burst from his current position to save Lori, but before he could, something happened.

Jaduko looked back towards the horizon and felt the wind blow past his hair, this caused him to turn back around where he saw a figure appear in front of Yamu, gripping onto his wrist which caused him to let go of Lori.

The figure in the orange gi holding Yamu's wrist, could it be? Seiyogi, Konno, and Lori all looked at him as well. Yamu slowly lifted his head to look the man in the face, but was instantly punched in the nose, causing him to stumble back.

"Klio!" Jaduko shouted down at the man. Klio turned his head to look up at Jaduko and a smirk spread across his face.

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VOL 3: Chapter 26 - "Neck and Neck"
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