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 VOL 1: Chapter 2 - "The Arrival"

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VOL 1: Chapter 2 - "The Arrival" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 1: Chapter 2 - "The Arrival"   VOL 1: Chapter 2 - "The Arrival" I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 11:56 am

Rukiro softly set the empty bucket on the ground next to the burnt logs, as a faint hissing sound rose from the pile due to the fire being dowsed out. Staring at his sleeping brother, Rukiro felt a water droplet hit his cheek, surprising him.

'I better get Jaduko back to the house before it starts storming..' he thought to himself, looking up at the sky and noticing that the clouds were getting darker and denser. He picked Jaduko up and started walking into the forest back towards their house.

On their way home, Rukiro began thinking about the story he told Jaduko. He couldn't believe that he came up with something as stupid as an annual footrace, out of all the things he could've made up. He quickly shook off the silliness, knowing that it would crush Jaduko's spirits if he was told stories that were more realistic to his Saiyan heritage, and how the Saiyan race destroyed planets rather than saved them. Jaduko looked up to his father as a hero not only to Planet Earth, but as a savior of Planet Vegeta. Rukiro didn't know what would happen if Jaduko learned that his father wasn't what he thought to be, which is why he told uplifting stories of the Saiyans, rather than the dark truth.

The two Saiyans eventually made it home, and Rukiro made his way to Jaduko's room. Slowly kicking open the door, he walked in and laid Jaduko down in his bed, lifting the covers up and tucking his younger brother into bed. Lightning flashed outside of a nearby window, the storm had just begun.

Rukiro noticed an orange article of clothing laying on the floor near the door. He walked over and picked it up, noticing that it was Jaduko's martial arts gi. Forming a smile on his face, Rukiro tossed it back onto Jaduko's dresser, he enjoyed the thought of his younger brother becoming a warrior under his guidance. Rukiro knew that he couldn't be Earth's only defender, with his parents dead, and his communication cut off from the Mouretsu Family, no one on the planet was strong enough to defend it if anything happened, which led to Rukiro agreeing to teach Jaduko the ways of martial arts, something their father once taught him.

That subject quickly darkened as Rukiro was reminded of his parents. As much as he loved them, he despised the fact that the two of them had to die and leave Jaduko in his care. It's hard doing that alone, especially when you don't have much of an education yourself. Trying to brush the anger off of his shoulders, Rukrio exited Jaduko's room and walked to the living room hoping to relax and fall asleep, listening to the rain.

Unfortunately, this was far from what would happen.

Sitting down in a chair, Rukiro looked out of the window directly in front of him, watching as lightning struck the ground. The light illuminated the sky and Rukiro noticed something unusual. He saw three small, circular objects flying across the sky, quickly disappearing as soon as the lightning bolt vanished. Knowing instantly what the objects were, Rukiro rushed to his room and quickly put on his orange martial arts gi, lacing on his boots, and tightened his blue belt around his waist.

Rukiro rushed down the hallway towards the front door. He slid to a halt as he rushed past the door to Jaduko's room. He gave a glance in and saw Jaduko clutching the covers as if having a nightmare.

After giving a disappointing sigh, Rukiro started to whisper. "I'm sorry Jadu.." but was cut off by the sound of an explosion outside. He rushed towards the door and flew off into the distance.

Continue Onto Chapter 3:
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VOL 1: Chapter 2 - "The Arrival"
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