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 VOL 3: Chapter 27 - "Klio's Misconception"

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VOL 3: Chapter 27 - "Klio's Misconception" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 27 - "Klio's Misconception"   VOL 3: Chapter 27 - "Klio's Misconception" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 4:23 pm

Yamu threw a punch at Klio, who quickly dodged to the side. "A third one?!" Yamu shouted in anger. "Fine, I'll kill all of you!" Klio threw a kick and knocked Yamu several yards away.

"Sorry I'm late guys, good thing I came in time, right?" Klio laughed as he helped Lori up to her feet. "Can't believe this guy is giving you a hard time, he doesn't seem like much."

Jaduko dropped to the ground and looked incredibly angry. Konno made his way over to the others. "We know you took the 2 Star Dragon Ball, Klio.." Konno muttered.

"Let me ex-" Klio spoke up, but was cut off by Jaduko.

"Explain what?!" He walked up to Klio, sharpening his eyes towards him. "How did they get the Dragon Ball?" He threw his hand up and pointed over at Yamu, who stood up and wiped blood from his chin.

"I.. I don't know." Klio looked down at the ground. "I.." He continued,

"There aren't any excuses for this. You of all people know that we need to help Jaduko get his family back." Konno cut him off. Yamu straightened himself and spit blood out of his mouth onto the ground, he seemed amused at the fact that they were fighting each other rather than him.

Lori stepped in between Klio and Jaduko with her arms spread wide. "Hear him out Jaduko, we don't know what happened, we're just assuming things." Jaduko narrowed his eyes at Lori and looked into her eyes, he couldn't act mad when staring at her soft expression.

"Fine." He muttered. "We're just lucky that they decided to bring it to Earth.. How did it even leave the planet?"

Klio shrugged. "I don't know what even happened, I haven't been myself for the past few days, leaving the Turtle School, taking the Dragon Ball, I just feel like someone was making me their puppet." He lowered his head and looked at the ground. "Jaduko, I'm sorry that I did something with that Dragon Ball, I don't know how they got it, I don't wanna know how they got it. I feel terrible for telling Master Krillin that I was leaving. After we're done here, I need to head to Kame House and apologize to him immediately for what I've done."

Dropping his stern look, Jaduko snapped his fingers, causing Klio to look up at Jaduko. "Don't apologize." He said. "I should be sayin' sorry, I was just under a lot of stress because I thought you were trying to stop me from wishing back Rukiro." Klio lifted his head back up as he stood taller than Jaduko, considering he was the eldest one out of the four. Jaduko lifted his hand and gave a thumbs up with a smile on his face. "I honestly don't even know what's going on either, this whole evening is going by in such a flash that I feel like we need a good night's rest. So let's just take care of this guy and make up later, eh?" He had a wide grin on his face, which caused Klio to crack a smile. Lori and Konno both looked at Klio in shock, this was perhaps the first time he ever truly smiled at Jaduko.

"You're right kiddo." Klio muttered as an orange aura formed around his body. Jaduko floated back up into the sky above the three. "We can't have a good night's rest if we can't stop fighting each other, and focus on the real threat, right?" Klio seemed moved by Jaduko's confidence.

Jaduko nodded back and looked down at Konno and Lori. "If you need me, switch out, Klio and I, we'll take it from there."

"Will do." Lori got into a fighting stance as Klio followed Jaduko up into the air.

"We'll give em hell." Konno added on.

Yamu yawned. "Are you all done with your reunions?" He gave a cocky smirk.

Konno grit his teeth. "Well, now that we know Klio's alright, and everything's fine. We'll take that Dragon Ball off of your hands now."

With a laugh, Yamu shot forward and kneed Konno in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Lori swiftly turned her head, but was backhanded by Yamu. The two were sent flying off in opposite directions, surprised, they couldn't move. Konno was barely able to move and Lori was completely knocked out. Yamu quickly turned his head and stared at Klio in the eyes, who was several yards below Jaduko in the air.

"One left. Then I'll deal with you." Yamu replied, he pointed his finger up at Jaduko and a yellow orb started forming at the tip of it. "Razor Shot!" He shouted as a beam shot up towards Jaduko, it seemed to move at the speed of sound as it rushed to where Jaduko's heart was.

Klio quickly shot up towards Jaduko and managed to make it to him before the beam. He bumped his shoulder into Jaduko's shoulder, pushing him out of the way. The beam shot into Klio's heart and his pupils quickly sharpened and turned white as blood shot out of his back where the beam passed through, his orange aura sparked as it went out completely. Opening his mouth, Klio watched as blood spurt out from it. Jaduko's eyes were wide open as he watched the beam cleanly pass through Klio's heart.

When the beam disappeared, Klio softly bent backwards and started falling to the ground. "K..Klio.." Konno muttered as he struggled to move.

Jaduko dove down and caught Klio, holding him in his arms, the two slowly hovered down onto the ground. Yamu blew on the tip of his finger as if shooting a gun. Lori was laying on the ground away from the action as she slowly gained consciousness, she looked up and saw Jaduko on the ground with Klio in his arms.

Konno grit his teeth as he struggled to get up, anger fueled in his soul and it seemed to give him the strength to stand. He manged to get onto his feet and slowly walked towards Jaduko. In Jaduko's arms, Klio coughed up blood. "Heh.. thanks for catching me." He muttered.

Jaduko blinked as his mouth was left wide open. "N-No.. problem." He muttered, staring at the hole in Klio's chest. "I..I'm sorry, I..." A tear dropped out of Jaduko's eye and fell into Klio's wound.

"I don't feel anything." Klio muttered with a laugh. "Don't feel bad, me saving your life... was me repaying for... all the times I was mean to you or.. disowned you from.. the school.. our family.."

Turning his head, Klio saw Konno slowly walk towards Jaduko. "Konno, I never got to say this, but everything's.. going so fast that I just wanna.. say.. thanks for bein my little brother.."

With that little sentence, energy rushed into Konno's body, causing him to rush forward. He couldn't say anything, he didn't want Klio to die. He ripped Klio from Jaduko's arms and lowered him onto the ground.

"KLIO STAY WITH US MAN! YOU SAVED MY LIFE, LET ME SAVE YOURS!" He looked at Jaduko, who still had the Senzu Bean Bag tied around his waist. "GIVE HIM A DAMN SENZU YOU IDIOT!" Konno shouted. Jaduko stepped back as if he were in a trance as he stared at Konno and Klio. The two of them reminded him of he and Rukiro.

"A Senzu won't.. d-do anything for me now. So just liste... Do me a favor." Klio muttered to the two of them. "Kill the.. son of a bitch for me." He had a smile on his face as his eyes remained open and his head went limp.

"KLIO!" Konno shouted. "NOOO!!!" His voice echoed throughout the highlands as he fell to his knees in front of Jaduko and Klio's corpse. Jaduko clutched onto the Senzu Bean Bag, he was about to give Klio one before the inevitable happened. Bending down, Jaduko extended two fingers and closed Klio's eyes, he then picked the corpse up and slowly moved him off of the battlefield with a weeping Konno behind him, a man who had lost someone who was his only family. It was happening again, someone close to him was now dead because of him.

With the problems of the past few minutes coming together and resolving themselves in a quick manner, was there any hope for the Turtle School?

Continue Onto Chapter 28:
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VOL 3: Chapter 27 - "Klio's Misconception"
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