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 VOL 3: Chapter 28 - "My Friend's End, Unleash Inner Strength!"

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VOL 3: Chapter 28 - "My Friend's End, Unleash Inner Strength!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 28 - "My Friend's End, Unleash Inner Strength!"   VOL 3: Chapter 28 - "My Friend's End, Unleash Inner Strength!" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 5:45 pm

"Jaduko." Konno muttered as he wiped the tears away. Jaduko lifted his head up and stared at Konno, who was now standing up from his kneeling position. "Take Lori and leave, go find Taisuka and Lizz." Jaduko would normally argue with someone if they told him to run from a fight, but he simply nodded. He saw the anger in Konno's eyes, and he could feel his friend's power increasing as the tears turned into a fiery white aura. Lori slowly made her way over to the rest of them, tears softly dripped from her eyes as she looked over at Klio's lifeless body.

"I'll kill the son of a bitch and make sure we get the Dragon Ball from his buddy over there." Konno continued as Jaduko lifted Lori onto his back. With a nod, Jaduko levitated himself up into the air.

"Konno." Jaduko piped up, Konno looked up, his hair was now slowly waving as his aura started flaming up even further. "Give em hell."

Konno nodded as Jaduko burst off in the sky in the direction where Taisuka and Lizz had gone earlier. Seiyogi watched as Jaduko left the battlefield, he turned around and flew off after him leaving Konno and Yamu as the only ones alive on the battlefield.

"You tell your friends to leave you because you don't want them to witness you die, is that it?" Yamu snickered. A white aura sparked around Konno as his hair fluttered around in the wind, his eyes had a deathly gaze as he stared towards Yamu.

"No." Konno muttered. "I don't want them to see me kill you." Yamu lifted his chin as if curious.

"A human? Kill me? Ha, I underestimated the humor that humans possess." Yamu laughed as he spoke. "Now, order the Son of Shishito to return to me, he was the only one worthy of a challenge out of you group of weaklings, well, the only one left alive that is."

"That man you killed, he was my only family. He found me and saved me when my life was on the line!" Konno shouted, glaring at Yamu, who cracked a sadistic smile. "He once saved my life from people like you, took me in and raised me, he was an older brother to me and now I can understand why Jaduko does what he does. He is strong and fights for a reason, he wants to stop people like you from hurting anyone else by taking their family away. I'm glad I can see through his eyes now, because right now, I'm going to do both Jaduko and Klio a favor." Konno continued to glare as Yamu rose an eyebrow in confusion.

"I'm going to kill you." Konno muttered, Yamu laughed as he watched the Earthling get into a battle stance.

Wasting to time to start the battle, Yamu jumped into the air and lifted his arm up, shooting yellow ki blasts at super fast speeds towards Konno. Konno burst off into a sprint, moving to his right as the blasts abruptly turned and followed him, hitting into the ground behind him causing dust and smoke to rise from the ground. Jumping through the smoke, Konno managed to rush Yamu and sock him right in the face. Blood sprayed from the Saiyan's nose, Yamu could tell that Konno wasn't playing around, his strength had doubled, he was enraged.

"Silent rage huh?" Yamu asked, he was about to deliver a following comeback but was kicked in the throat by Konno. Coughing, Yamu slid back in the air and lifted his hand, a yellow orb started to form in his hand.

Konno quickly fizzed out of view and into view again as he grabbed onto Yamu's wrist. Yamu widened his eyes as he looked at Konno, amazed at the Earthling's speed. "Your speed is no where near as astounding as my strength!" Yamu shouted as he pushed against Konno's force, cracking the ground underneath them. Managing to break free of Konno's grasp, Yamu threw a punch into Konno's cheek as blood sprayed onto the ground around them.

"I'm the strongest Saiyan in the Universe, there is no way you or your pathetic friends could ever defeat me!" Yamu threw his knee upwards, slamming it into Konno's stomach and sending him flying into the sky.

Losing his breath, Konno shook his head and watched the Saiyan burst into the sky after him.

'He's getting tired..' Konno thought to himself as he dodged to the right, allowing the Saiyan fly past him. 'All of this fighting is tiring him out, I just have to survive long enough because there's no way I can take him head on.' The scenery passed beneath Konno like a blur as he began to speed around and try to outfly Yamu.

Konno quickly twisted his body and burst through the air in a zig-zag pattern to lose the Saiyan, his white aura fluttering as the wind pushed past his body. Yamu was following behind with a deadly glare plastered onto his face. Turning around to see if the Saiyan was still following him, Konno realized that Yamu had disappeared. That's when it hit him.

Yamu had managed to get in front of Konno and put a stop to the Earthling's flight by punching him in the chest. Blood spurt from Konno's mouth and his gi ripped from the impact of the punch, it felt as if he had been hit by nearly a dozen dump trucks despite it being a simple punch.

With his eyes dilated and feeling as if they wanted to roll towards the back of his head, Konno went limp as Yamu retracted his fist from Konno's chest. Letting gravity take over, Yamu dropped to the ground and Konno's body fell along with him.

Lifting his knee up, Yamu caught Konno with it and lifted his fists up. Slamming them down onto Konno's back, the Earthling went flying down onto the ground creating a small crater around the two warriors. Yamu lifted his arm up and pointed it down onto Konno's back, a yellow orb started forming in his palm, but the Saiyan was panting. Konno managed to tire the Saiyan down even further with his little flight pattern.

"This.. is where you die.." Yamu muttered in-between pants as the orb grew brighter and brighter. "You and your friends have been quite bothersome, but I've weakened them down to the point to where my siblings can easily take them out. All I have to do is kill you and then I can aid them." Yamu grit his teeth.

"Bomb Shell!" He shouted as dust and smoke immediately erupted into the air and when it cleared, Yamu realized that Konno's body was gone.

"Ha! Haha!" Yamu shouted in triumph, thinking he had completely disintegrated the Earthling's body. "You couldn't even survive one of my weakest attacks!" But then he heard something behind him.

Turning around, Yamu saw Konno on his feet and his arms at both of his sides, two white orbs were forming in front of his hands as he gave Yamu a death glare.

"You let yourself get cocky, thinking you could take down all of my friends in one sitting. Tired aren't you?" Konno retorted as the white orbs in his hands became bigger and brighter. Yamu was astounded.

"This is a special technique I've been practicing, you're the first one I'm gonna use it on." Konno gave a grin as he thrust his arms forward and clapped his hands, the two white orbs mixed together to form a bigger orb.

"HAKUSHU URUTORA!" Konno shouted as the beams exploded from his clap in a massive burst, Yamu tried to hold his hands up and block the attack but he was too slow considering Konno fired the attack at blank range. The Saiyan was still strong enough to fight through the Hakushu Urutora, trying to push it back. But Konno pushed forward onto Yamu. Both warriors shouted, one filled with power, and the other filled with pain. The attack obliterated Yamu, leaving nothing left except a huge crater where he once stood.

When the beam disappeared and the sound of rocks falling to the ground was all that was heard, Konno dropped to the ground and onto his knees. Glancing over to the side of the destroyed battlefield, Konno could see Klio's dead body laying as if nothing had happened. Proud that he avenged his friend, Konno blacked out and slumped forward, landing face first on the ground with his gi in shambles.

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VOL 3: Chapter 28 - "My Friend's End, Unleash Inner Strength!"
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