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 VOL 3: Chapter 29 - "Enter Seiyogi"

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VOL 3: Chapter 29 - "Enter Seiyogi" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 29 - "Enter Seiyogi"   VOL 3: Chapter 29 - "Enter Seiyogi" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 6:10 pm

Seikyo's scouter beeped as he chased after Jaduko and Lori through the sky. He noticed that Yamu's intense power level was now completely gone and that Konno's was drastically dropping. "Tch.." Seikyo muttered. "I knew you were going to lose that fight, brother. You were always telling me to never get too cocky or else it would be my downfall. That'll teach you."

He shifted his attention away from his scouter and looked forward, a small dot was in the sky ahead of him. It was Jaduko and Lori.

"Do you think Konno will be alright?" Lori asked as she held onto Jaduko.

"Yeah. He'll be fine, he's Konno isn't he?" Jaduko replied. "Plus, now he's got a similar reason as me for hating those bastards."

Lori dropped her head and rested it on the back of Jaduko's head. "Sorry you have to carry me, I'm just out of energy now, I guess." She couldn't get the image of Konno crying out of her head

Jaduko continued to speak. "It's alright, we've been through a lot this evening." It was still evening, and the sun was setting even quicker.

"I'm worried about him now." Lori continued.

"He's fine." Jaduko replied with a stern tone, hinting at her to remain confident, "It'll be alright when this is all over."

As Jaduko flew, he heard a small 'whirring' sound behind him, he couldn't turn around and see what it was because Lori was on his back, instead he ignored it and kept flying to find Taisuka and Lizz. As the sound got closer and louder, he noticed a red energy blast go careening underneath him. "What the?" He muttered.

"Uh, Jaduko, you might wanna speed up!" Lori replied. She turned her head and noticed Seiyogi closing in on the two of them. "That guy's friend is chasing after us!"

"Shit.." Jaduko grumbled as he sped up, trying to out chase Seiyogi. A barrage of red beams kept shooting out all around the two of them. "Hold on!" Jaduko shouted. Lori gripped onto Jaduko as he spun and dodged the beams, one of them scraped the side of his leg. He winced holding in the pain. A stray blast scraped Lori's arm and she yelped.

Jaduko halted and the wind rushed past his and Lori's ears as Seiyogi halted in his tracks as well. He crossed his arms and looked at the two of them as they turned around mid-air, the three of them were hovering over a vast canyon.

"You're not gonna attack us?" Jaduko asked, confused. Lori got off of his shoulders and hovered on her own next to him. Seiyogi shook his head. "Why?" Jaduko continued.

"You're in a vulnerable situation, I'm waiting for your other friends to join you, and then I'll eliminate the four of you, I've been taught that it's better to take my opponents out all at once rather than waste my energy in small bursts." Seiyogi tapped his scouter. "Besides, one of them found another Dragon Ball it seems, and a huge cluster of the Dragon Balls seem to be gathered on an island somewhere nearby."

Lori widened her eyes, realizing that Seiyogi knew where Kame Island was thanks to that scouter on his head, if they died here, the Saiyan would be able to retrieve the Dragon Balls in no time.

"Wait a second, I remember you.. I remember your name..." Jaduko winced as he studied Seiyogi. "You're the guy that ripped off my tail, huh?" This caused Lori to look down at Jaduko's backside. "Seikyo, was it?"

"My name is Seiyogi. Not Seikyo." Seiyogi retorted as the warriors hovered in the air. "But I doubt you'll need to remember my name for long, I'll eradicate you soon enough."

"I dunno if you can beat all four of us by yourself, that is if you're weaker than your buddy back there." Jaduko replied. Seiyogi uncrossed his arms and gave a deadly gaze towards Jaduko. "You made a grave mistake calling me weak.." He muttered. Jaduko gave a concerned gasp as he heard people flying up behind him.

In that moment, Taisuka and Lizz flew up next to Jaduko and Lori. "What are you two doing all the way out here?" Lizz asked as her pink aura calmed down, they were holding an unconscious Kyuti.

"Kyuti!" Seiyogi shouted, "Give her to me, now!" Surprised at Seiyogi's sudden outburst, Jaduko nodded to Lizz, and she tossed Kyuti over to him. During all of this, Lori regained her strength and made her way out of Jaduko's arms, she hovered over to Taisuka and softly whispered to him.

"You see that gadget on his face? He knows where the Dragon Balls are because of it, he knows you have one, stay close to me in case he attacks you." She seemed serious, so Taisuka nodded.

"All four of us are here now." Jaduko threatened Seiyogi. "If you're gonna do anything, follow me, I know a place to fight."

He flew off and Seiyogi followed him, carrying Kyuti. Taisuka, Lori, and Lizz followed after them.

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VOL 3: Chapter 29 - "Enter Seiyogi"
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