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 VOL 3: Chapter 30 - "Duel of the Archipelago"

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VOL 3: Chapter 30 - "Duel of the Archipelago" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 3: Chapter 30 - "Duel of the Archipelago"   VOL 3: Chapter 30 - "Duel of the Archipelago" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2015 6:38 pm

The 7 warriors flew through the sky with Jaduko in the lead finding a place for the duel with Seiyogi. Passing over the ground and onto the ocean, Jaduko eventually halted mid-flight causing Seiyogi to halt as well, Taisuka, Lizz, and Lori stopped behind Seiyogi and looked down below them, a group of islands spotted the blue ocean, an archipelago.

"Here." Jaduko pointed down at the islands. "This is where I'm gonna take you down!" Seiyogi looked down from where Jaduko was pointing, he slowly lifted his head up and looked at Jaduko.

With a scoff, Seiyogi started to speak. "I doubt someone like you could 'take me down'." The shouting caused the unconscious Kyuti in Seiyogi's arms to wake up.

"Seiyogi.. what's.. going on?" She started to speak as she blinked, getting out of Seiyogi's grasp. Seiyogi lifted his arm and didn't speak, motioning her to keep quiet, he only stared down at Jaduko with a moment of silence.

"You're not the same kid I remember from all those years ago." Seiyogi continued. "You're.. confident now."

Jaduko stiffly nodded his head. "Having a body part ripped off of you and watching your brother die in front of you kinda gives you motives to be confident, at least it did for me." Jaduko lifted his mouth into a smirk. "You're different as well, man. You're actually wanting to kill me." With that, he dropped down from the sky with the other 6 dropping down from the sky as well.

Each of them landed on the island below them with simultaneous 'pats' of the feet. Seiyogi and Kyuti stood side by side on a small rock platform as they looked down, staring at Jaduko, Taisuka, Lizz, and Lori.

Jaduko took out the Senzu Bean bag from his gi and handed one to Taisuka, then to Lizz, and finally to Lori. There were now only 2 Senzu Beans left in the bag.

"Kyuti, I see you did not retrieve the Dragon Ball you were sent out to retrieve." Seiyogi asked, Kyuti lowered her head. "He's going to kill you after we kill them." Seiyogi continued with a sigh. Kyuti nodded and turned her head to look down at them. Taisuka seemed nervous, could they know he had the Dragon Ball in his possession? What was he kidding, of course they knew.

The ocean winds started to kick up, messing up Lizz and Lori's hair, but triumphantly making each of the Saiyan's hairstyles rustle in the wind. "Are we gonna fight? Or are we gonna stand here all day and have a chat?" Jaduko impatiently called up to Seiyogi.

"What was your name again?" Seiyogi called down,

"Jaduko!" Jaduko retorted. He calmly stared at Seiyogi, studying his expressions, as if he was somehow reading his thoughts through the help of ki.

"Pity that your father didn't reward you with a Saiyan name." Seiyogi turned his head and looked at Kyuti. "Leave Jaduko to me, take his friends to one of those other islands and take them out. Retrieve the Dragon Ball from the boy." Kyuti nodded and floated into the sky.

"You three!" She pointed at Taisuka, Lizz, and Lori. "Follow me! I'll teach you some lessons for touching my tail!" She flew off into the sky and the three Turtle School members followed after.

"Actually." Jaduko called up to Seiyogi. "I know I asked when we were gonna fight, but I gotta question for you." Seiyogi didn't move. "Why do you seem so violent now? I remember the night you guys killed Rukiro like it was yesterday, you hesitated when you ripped off my tail, aren't you supposed to act cocky like your brother, or scary like your sister? That's what a Saiyan is, right?" Jaduko asked, cocking his head and putting his hands on his waist.

"Tch.. you need not remind me of what a Saiyan is, considering you hardly act like one." Seiyogi grumbled, looking down at the ground. "I'm not required to tell you the trials I have been put through to make me who I am."

Jaduko shrugged his shoulders. "Guess I'm just in a position where I need to learn more, and despite your blue haired friend killing my bro, you seem like a cool guy if I were to get to know you. At least in my eyes." The two stayed silent for a few seconds before Jaduko continued talking, he continued studying Seiyogi.

"That name I called you earlier, Seikyo, it fits you more in my eyes considering you don't act like the other Saiyans I've met. Your loud mouth brother though..." Jaduko shook his heads and winced his face, making a sound. "Not so much."

"You're just like what the King described you as." Seiyogi rolled his eyes.

"The King, what King?" Jaduko called up. Seiyogi stared blankly down at the younger Saiyan.

"King Nunber, he said you were just like your father." Jaduko dropped his hands from his waist and lowered his head. He wanted to ask about his father, but figured he wouldn't get any answers.

"Nunber? That's a dumb name if ya ask me, are you sure you don't mean Number?" Seiyogi grit his teeth at Jaduko's comments.

"You dare mock the King?" Seiyogi shouted. Jaduko nodded his head and a childish smile spread across the 14 year old's face.

"I sure don't know any King named King Nunber. I just wanna fight!" Jaduko bent down into a fighting position, Seiyogi did the same.

"If I win, tell me about my father, kay?" Jaduko asked, wanting to know what the Saiyans knew about him.

"You'll be dead by then." Seiyogi replied. The two launched from their positons at each other with their fists extended and their mouths shouting out battle roars.

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VOL 3: Chapter 30 - "Duel of the Archipelago"
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