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 VOL 4: Chapter 31 - "Sunset Dance"

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PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 31 - "Sunset Dance"   VOL 4: Chapter 31 - "Sunset Dance" I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2015 4:51 pm

Kyuti lead the three Turtle School members to an island several miles away from the one Jaduko and Seiyogi were on, it was a tiny island, but large enough for the four of them to fight. Slowing to a halt, she dropped onto the island as Taisuka and the rest followed her down.

"Your planet has a pretty view of the sun." Kyuti spoke up as she looked out towards the horizon, the sun was now halfway set as the orange hue lit up the blue water. "I hardly ever get to see the sun on Kuristrak with all of those royal buildings and mountains.." She mumbled.

"Great to know you like the sun." Lori spoke up. "Shouldn't we get to fighting? I'm sure it won't last long with the three of us taking you on." Kyuti turned around to face Lori, their eyes locking as the wind picked up and blew their hair across their faces.

"I'll be more than enough to take the three of you down, don't even get me started." Kyuti gloated.

Lizz gave a small snicker. "You couldn't even take Taisuka and I down, what makes you think you can take the three of us down?" Taisuka laughed alongside her.

"I'm stronger than I was before thanks to the boost I received during our fight, the three of you won't be able to touch me." Kyuti's tail wrapped tightly around her waist.

"Boost? What boost?" Lori asked confused. Kyuti lifted her hand up and pointed at Taisuka.

"We Saiyans are born with a genetic trait that allows us to gain power each time we come into conflict and are left with near fatal injuries. The brat right there and I share this trait, and so does the Son of Shishito and my siblings. That is why your two Saiyan friends gradually get stronger with each fight you take part in. It's not quite as simple as that, but I wouldn't want to keep you alive for another few hours, so long story short, we just refer to this boost as a Zenkai Boost." Kyuti informed the surprised Turtle School students.

"Zenkai Boosts, huh?" Lizz scratched her chin and looked at Taisuka. The young boy was swelling with power as he popped one of the Senzu Beans into his mouth that Jaduko had given him before the fight, a white aura started forming around his body.

"Interesting name, let's just make sure you don't recieve one ever again." Lori lifted her fists and bent down into a fighting position as Lizz and Taisuka did the same.

Wiggling her fingers, Kyuti motioned for the Turtle School to attack, the three of them dashed towards her. Each of them threw punches and kicks only to have each and every attack dodged. Kyuti gave a tiny hop and turned her body so it was laying horizontally in the air, she quickly spun and threw a punch at Lizz's face, a kick at Taisuka's chest, and her tail unlatched itself and smacked Lori in the jaw all at the same time. The three went flying off in separate directions and Kyuti quickly dashed towards Lori as her tail wrapped itself around her waist again.

Flipping and sliding on the heels of her feet, Lori caught sight of Kyuti and quickly hopped up, using momentum to slam a kick into Kyuti's hip. Kyuti pushed off from the kick and slammed her fist into Lori's chin, sending her flying into the sky. Flipping once again, Lori threw her hands down at Kyuti, firing green ki blasts at her, causing smoke to form once it made contact.

"This is for your idiotic brother killing our friend, Klio!" She fired rapidly with no mercy, until her energy ran out causing her to stop. Kyuti appeared in the smoke and reeled her hand back, preparing a backhand for Lori.

Taisuka made it just in time to throw his knee into Kyuti's arm, saving Lori. Kyuti and Taisuka locked eyes as Taisuka gave an obnoxious smile. He tried grabbing her tail, but Kyuti managed to move out of the way. Both of her hands started glowing brown as she tried powering up her punches and she slammed her palms down onto the top of Taisuka and Lori's heads. A massive explosion erupted on top of their heads and the aura vanished from Kyuti's hands, the two were sent flying down to the ground due to the massive power erupted from Kyuti's attack.

Kyuti turned around and noticed Lizz flying up close to her. Holding her palm out towards her, she lifted her opposite hand, held it next to her head, and pointed it at Lizz as if her two hands were firing a bow and arrow. "Bang!" She shouted, a beam of energy shot from her finger next to her head, spreading the fingers on her other hand and letting the beam fly through them. Lizz tried to dodge the attack, but it managed to slice through the top of her shoulder. She held in a scream as she kept flying, throwing a punch directly into Kyuti's jaw.

Kyuti recoiled from the attack and flew back, Taisuka and Lori lifted themselves up and shot up into the sky towards Kyuti. She quickly dropped from the sky as the two of them crashed into Lizz. Kyuti triumphantly landed on the ground.

Rubbing his forehead, Taisuka looked down at Kyuti, who waved at the three of them. "Damn.. that Zenkai Boost made her so strong. Why didn't I get one?" Lizz slapped the back of his head.

"Watch your language! You're still too young to swear!" She sternly scolded him.

"But Jaduko does it!" Taisuka whined. Lizz continued to scold Taisuka.

Ignoring the two, Lori lunged herself down at Kyuti, she flipped and thrust her foot towards Kyuti's stomach. Kyuti jumped back letting Lori's foot slam into the ground, cracking the dirt. Spinning around, Lori shouted and thrust her other foot to try and kick Kyuti's hip.

"What's got you in such an angry rush?" Kyuti taunted, she continued to hop backwards, dodging each of Lori's attacks.

"I'll kill you for taking Klio away from Konno!" The kick made contact with Kyuti's hip, causing her to stumble to the side.

"Who? I didn't do anything to anyone!" Kyuti asked. Ignoring her comment, Lori threw a punch and made contact with Kyuti's armor, cracking her chest piece. Taisuka and Lizz looked down at the two fighting.

"Taking Klio away? Something happen to him?" Lizz muttered.

"What do you think she means?" Taisuka spoke up. Lizz shook her head indicating that she didn't know.

Kyuti dodged to the side and held her hand up, shooting it at Lori's face. Lori dodged to the side, turning her head and watched the beam pass her nose. The beam traveled across the island and through the different islands in the archipelago.

Meanwhile, Jaduko threw a punch towards Seiyogi, who caught it with his hand. The two pushed off from each other and the beam shot in between them, causing the two to look off in the direction it came from.

"Your girlfriend?" Jaduko asked.

"You don't pay much attention do you? She's my sister... But yes that was her." Seiyogi annoying replied, the two shrugged it off and continued their fight.

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VOL 4: Chapter 31 - "Sunset Dance"
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