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 VOL 4: Chapter 32 - "Seiyogi Will Show Them"

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PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 32 - "Seiyogi Will Show Them"   VOL 4: Chapter 32 - "Seiyogi Will Show Them" I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2015 5:26 pm

Gusts of wind slashed through the air slamming into trees, destroying rocks, and tearing apart the island that Jaduko and Seiyogi were fighting on. Except they weren't gusts of wind, they were the two combatants moving at intense speeds too fast for the human eye. Jaduko's body popped into vision as he slammed his fist against Seiyogi's cheek, causing blood to spurt from the warrior's mouth. Seiyogi recoiled and held his hand out, blasting a red orb into Jaduko's face, sending him flying. The two had been fighting for nearly half an hour now and the sun was almost set over the horizon.

"This is for Klio!" Jaduko shouted, he yelled and engulfed his fist in a blue, flame like aura. He lunged forward and slammed it into Seiyogi's chest, severely cracking the Saiyan's armor and causing him to go rolling back across the ground.

"You call that an attack?" Seiyogi scoffed as he rolled to his feet, fast enough to see Jaduko flying towards him ready to throw another punch. Seiyogi dodged and let Jaduko smash his fist into the rock wall behind him. "That was weak!" He shouted as Jaduko painfully pulled his fist out of the rock.

"Oh yeah?" Jaduko asked, recoiling with a swift kick to Seiyogi's side. Seiyogi went stumbling to the side, "I never figured you would call someone like me weak!" He launched forward ready to strike Seiyogi yet again.

"Trust me, kid, I know." Seiyogi lifted his arm and swiftly caught Jaduko's fist. Jaduko broke free and the two started moving at intense speeds, throwing punches at kicks at one another. An image from Seiyogi's childhood flashed in his mind, he saw himself as a child, kneeling in front of King Nunber. Before Seiyogi could continue the thought, he was socked in the jaw by Jaduko and sent sprawling back. The Saiyan warrior caught himself and braced himself for another one of Jaduko's attacks.

"You know Seikyo, I gotta hand it to ya, you're pretty tough." Jaduko taunted as he was in point blank range of Seiyogi.

"My name is Seiyogi, don't you forget it!" Seiyogi placed his palm on Jaduko's chest and pushed off from him, a ki blast struck the ground where they once stood, the two looked up and saw a battered Konno floating in the sky above them. His gi was torn from the fight with Yamu.

"Hey punks! Don't think you can fight without me." Jaduko and Seiyogi watched as he dropped from the air and landed on the ground, stumbling back to get proper footing.

"Konno!" Jaduko shouted, he took out the Senzu Bean bag from his gi and took out one of the beans leaving one more left in the bag, he threw it towards Konno who caught it. "You look like hell, you should go help the others with this guy's sister, I can handle him."

Konno took a second to look at the bean, he formed a fist with the bean inside of it, and he crushed it. Jaduko widened his eyes and Seiyogi stood next to him, watching the event unfold. "What are you doing, Konno?! We only have one more left now!"

"You could've given a Senzu Bean to Klio.. He could be alive, but you didn't help him.." Konno grumbled as he stared at Jaduko. Jaduko seemed surprised, he was glad Seiyogi didn't take the time to attack.

"Konno, I was in shock, I... I'm sorry." Jaduko couldn't do much other than apologize, he knew he could have helped Klio but he didn't. There was silence in the air for a few seconds.

"Maybe you should go help the others, I can handle this bastard." Konno retorted, he ignored Jaduko's rebuttals and flew at Seiyogi. Seiyogi lifted his arm and tried to block the attack as the weak Konno attacked him with fearsome anger.

Jaduko looked at the Senzu Bean bag in his hand and he slowly closed the bag as he heard energy beams fire off in the distance, it was Taisuka and the other's fighting Kyuti. Listening to Konno and Seiyogi fighting next to him, Jaduko put the bag in his gi belt and figured Konno was right, he could've done something. He let someone's friend die because of his own actions.

"You call yourself that kid's friend?" Seiyogi asked as he pushed Konno away, the two were in mid-air now. "You just put him down, not even I'm that cold."

Konno grit his teeth. "You wouldn't know what it's like to lose a brother and friend, you don't know what it's like to be too weak to do anything about it." He flew at Seiyogi and threw a kick towards his stomach.

Seiyogi hovered higher into the air and spun around, kicking Konno in the head and sending him flying. 'He's wrong..' Seiyogi thought.

"I don't know?" He seemed irritated at Konno as he went flying towards him. "All of my life, I was called weak, all of my life, I was ordered to be someone I wasn't. My destiny was to be executed as an infant because I was too weak when compared to my fellow Saiyan peers, you say I have no idea how it's like to lose a brother?" He slammed his fists down onto Konno's stomach knocking the wind out of him, sending him flying down into the ocean water.

"You don't know what it's like to have a brother who was disappointed in you from birth, a man who didn't even consider you his sibling! What makes it worse is that he orders me around every day!" Seiyogi flew into the water after Konno, the two fought for a second until Seiyogi kicked Konno back out of the water like a game of ping pong, Konno's spine cracked in the process. Fizzing out of view, and fizzing into view above Konno, he continued to speak.

"Yamu, that's my brother, and Kyuti, that's my sister. Yamu respects her but not me, because I was too weak!" Seiyogi swiftly spun and kicked Konno in the side, snapping one of Konno's ribs. Blood flew from Konno's mouth and his eyes dilated as he was sent flying back towards the island. Jaduko stood looking at the ground as Konno smashed into the ground a few yards behind him, in pain and unable to move from Seiyogi's brutal attacks. It seemed as if Jaduko was listening in on Seiyogi's sudden outburst.

"You have no idea, human.." Seiyogi muttered as he made his way back to the original battleground where Jaduko was standing. He hovered in the sky and looked down at the broken Konno and the Jaduko who was deep in thought.

"Hey!" A young voice called out, causing Seiyogi to turn his head. He saw a young boy floating in the air about 15 yards away from him. "Leave my friends alone!" Taisuka yelled.

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VOL 4: Chapter 32 - "Seiyogi Will Show Them"
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