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 VOL 4: Chapter 34 - "The Oozaru Breaks Through"

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PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 34 - "The Oozaru Breaks Through"   VOL 4: Chapter 34 - "The Oozaru Breaks Through" I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2015 8:47 pm

'Now remember Taisuka, you can't ever look at the moon.' Taisuka remembered that sentence repeated to him much as a young infant through his young childhood. Lizz always made sure Taisuka never looked at the moon, but why? 'Why was the moon such a bad thing?' he thought to himself.

Noticing the moon out of the corner of his eye, he shifted his eyes to look directly at it. "W-Wow.. that's what it looks like?" He muttered to himself through the pain of Seiyogi's beatings.

Jaduko was off of the battlefield with the beaten down Konno, far from where Seiyogi was standing, he heard Lizz and Lori call out to Taisuka and this caused him to look at them as well, noticing the moon he felt his heart skip a beat.

After a few seconds of looking at the moon, Taisuka's body felt powered up. He widened his eyes as the moon was all he could look at, he had no control over his body. His heart pounded in his chest and he didn't know what was going on, not a single word escaped his mouth as he stared intensely at the moon. He could feel his skin stretching and his veins popping out from all around his body. Lizz, Lori, and Kyuti all looked down at Taisuka noticing his weird movements.

"Shit! It's happening!" Kyuti muttered to herself as she caught up with Lizz and Lori, she looked down in fear at Taisuka.

Lori thrust her neck back to face Kyuti. "What's going on? What's wrong with him?" She asked.

"He's turning!" Kyuti retorted, without attacking Lizz or Lori, she ushered them out of the air and managed to drop to the ground next to Seiyogi. The 4 seemed to be at an uneasy stand still in their fight as they watched Taisuka struggle against his own body.

Taisuka felt his muscles bulk up, his strength was increasing and it felt great. He was getting used to this transformation, he even welcomed the increase in power. His teeth grew into sharp fangs and he struggled to speak. He tried to sit up, and his pupils slowly disappeared and the whites in his eyes slowly changed into a blood red color.

"What the hell?!" Jaduko spoke up as he watched Taisuka's change, the broken Konno turned his head on the ground and watched as well. Jaduko softly picked Konno up, preparing to move him further away from the field. Taisuka's torso snapped up and he looked straight at Seiyogi with his blood red eyes. The young boy's scream turned into a fearsome roar as the rocks and ground around him began erupting, shattering from the sheer power emitting from his body.

"Move!" Seiyogi shouted, as he pushed Lizz and Lori out of the way, he pulled them up into the air and Kyuti followed after. It was weird that Seiyogi was helping them out, but considering that they wanted to capture Jaduko rather than make him angry, it would help if his friends weren't killed in the conflict. Jaduko carried Konno up into the sky as well and they all hovered above the island.

Back down on the island, brown fur started to sprout from Taisuka's skin, his body started to grow until he was half the size of the island they were once on. As Taisuka grew larger, his gi ripped and the island around him started to crack and break. He stood up and was now a fully sized Great Ape, an Oozaru.

"Now we have to deal with that damned thing.." Seiyogi muttered as Lizz and Lori stared down at the transformed Taisuka in shock. Taisuka was no longer in control of himself, he shot yellow energy beams from his mouth in all directions, the island he was on could barely support his weight as the ground cracked around where he stood.

"Seiyogi, let me take him." Kyuti muttered. She was the only one in the group that was left with a tail. "Let me transform, and I can take him down." Her tail unwrapped itself from her waist.

"IF YOU DO THAT, THERE'S NO WAY WE'LL LIVE WITH TWO OF THOSE THINGS!" Lizz shouted out in fear. Today couldn't get any weirder. Seiyogi lifted his hand and shut Lizz up by forming a red orb in his hand, threatening to shoot her. He nodded at Kyuti, to which the female Saiyan slowly hovered down closer to the Oozaru.

"Son of Shishito." Seiyogi muttered. Jaduko turned his attention to Seiyogi and locked eyes with him. "Tell your comrades to leave, while Kyuti takes out the Oozaru, you and I need to resume our fight."

"You still wanna fight?!" Lori seemed shocked as well. Expecting Jaduko to deny Seiyogi's offer, Jaduko did the unexpected. "Lizz, Lori, take Konno, Taisuka and I can handle these guys once and for all."

"I don't care what goes down, I just wanna get out of here." Lizz replied, she floated towards Jaduko and took Konno out of his arms and burst off into the sky towards Kame House. Lori turned and was about to take off.

"Wait, Lori, take this, give the last one to Konno." He took the Senzu Bean bag and tossed it to her.

"Won't you need it?" She asked, Jaduko shook his head and waved her off. Lori softly turned her head, respecting Jaduko's decision, and she burst off after Lizz.

"MY how you've grown, spoken like a true Saiyan.." Seiyogi muttered. "Now this is a fight to the death. Follow me so we don't interfere with the Oozaru Duel commencing below us." Seiyogi motioned for Jaduko to follow him as they flew off towards another island. Jaduko turned around and watched as Kyuti grew in size to match Taisuka, yet her clothes remained intact due to it being Saiyan armor. The island couldn't handle two Oozaru's standing on it, so it collapsed and the two fell into the ocean. The Dragon Ball that fell out of Seiyogi's armor from earlier also fell into the ocean along with the one that fell out of Taisuka's gi during his transformation. This section of the archipelago was now owned by the two Oozaru's.

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VOL 4: Chapter 34 - "The Oozaru Breaks Through"
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