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 VOL 4: Chapter 36 - "Nightfall"

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PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 36 - "Nightfall"   VOL 4: Chapter 36 - "Nightfall" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2015 11:42 am

"Stop running wild, you ape!" Kyuti shouted at Taisuka, her voice was low and deep due to the Oozaru form she was in. She threw a punch into Taisuka's snout, cutting off an energy blast that Taisuka was shooting.

"Rouuu!" Taisuka shouted in a non-human like tone. He slowly lunged forward and tackled Kyuti, the two tumbled further into the ocean water. Kyuti pushed him off of her and continued throwing punches at Taisuka.

Jaduko and Seiyogi, pausing their match yet again, hovered above the water where the two apes were fighting. "They're really goin' at it, huh?" Jaduko spoke up, trying to lighten the mood, the top half of his gi was now partly ripped, revealing a sleeve of his undershirt.

Seiyogi nodded. "We best not intrude until later, the amount of power those two have could easily crush the two of us if we got in the middle of it." Jaduko whistled.

"How do they, uh, go back to normal or what?" Jaduko questioned, his tail was gone long ago so he never had the chance to stare at the moon.

"You should know this, you're a Saiyan who has... or well.. at least had a tail." Seiyogi muttered.

"Well I don't see you with a tail either, so don't give me attitude." Jaduko retorted sarcastically, angering Seiyogi. "Speaking of which why don't you have a tail? I remember you with one when you tore mine off."

Seiyogi turned his head and looked at Jaduko "That's a story for a different day. We have to figure out a way to stop the two of them, or we'll have to wait it out."

"Well when do they return to normal then?" Jaduko asked.

"They revert back to a normal Saiyan if their tail is cut off, or when the sun rises." Seiyogi answered.

"What?!" Jaduko shouted. "We can't wait that long, the sun just barely set about an hour ago!"

Seiyogi turned his attention back to the two apes. "Then we have to cut off their tails, don't we genius?" Jaduko didn't approve of Seiyogi's sarcastic remarks.

Kyuti was getting weaker and weaker as the fight dragged on in the ocean waters, Taisuka's power was through the roof, especially since he couldn't control it. The two fought for ages in the water as Jaduko and Seiyogi watched. Eventually, Kyuti gave in to the power and Taisuka managed to grab hold of her tail. He ripped it off and blood spurt into the ocean. The ape roared in pain, but the roar quickly shifted into Kyuti's own scream. Kyuti blacked out as she shrunk to normal size and fell into the ocean, with her body floating at the surface. Her spandex and armor were still intact but they were torn and broken.

Taisuka roared and lifted his arms, he prepared slamming them down onto Kyuti, which would kill her if it struck her. Jaduko widened his eyes and was angered at Seiyogi not moving to save her. Without saying anything to Seiyogi, Jaduko quickly shot forward to where Kyuti was floating, Taisuka slammed his fists down at the same time. Fortunately, Jaduko was able to grab Kyuti and fly out of the way, seconds before Taisuka's fists hit the water. Waves erupted around his fists, and the waves slammed into Jaduko and Kyuti.

"Fool!" Seiyogi shouted towards Jaduko, he shot towards Taisuka and grabbed onto the tail. Taisuka quickly threw his fist back and slammed it into Seiyogi before he could do anything. Seiyogi was sent flying, skipping across the ocean water like a rock skipping across water.

Taisuka roared and a yellow hue formed in his mouth, he shot an energy beam towards Jaduko and Kyuti, who were floating in the water. "Shit, shit shit!" Jaduko muttered as he held onto Kyuti tightly and burst into the air. The beam missed Jaduko and flew into the water, it exploded underwater and a water geyser shot up. Jaduko spun and dodged the geyser, only to watch Taisuka fire a barrage of the same beam at him. Jaduko increased his speed and a blue aura formed around him and Kyuti, he shot into the sky as beam after beam passed beneath him. One of which hit another island in the archipelago, completely destroying the island, water rushed to fill in the hole.

"TAISUKA!" Jaduko yelled at the ape, the ape looked up at him with a curious expression. "CALM DOWN, I'M YOUR FRIEND!" The Oozaru roared up at Jaduko. "Remember how I said this morning that it was my birthday, and how I said I deserved to get what I wanted?" Jaduko continued. "IT'S STILL TECHNICALLY MY BIRTHDAY, SO CALM DOWN!"

Taisuka stopped roaring and an image of this morning flashed in his mind, he remembered waking Jaduko up for the party back at Kame House. The memory was immediately shrouded in darkness as the Oozaru roared even louder, loud enough to shake the Earth.

Seiyogi lifted himself from the water and saw Taisuka roaring up at Jaduko, distracted. Seiyogi placed his palms together and spread his fingers, taking the chance to attack Taisuka's tail. 10 small beams formed on Seiyogi's fingers, and they shot out towards Taisuka's tail. The 10 beams merged together to form 1, knife like beam. It hit the side of Taisuka's tail, but wasn't enough to cut through all the way. Taisuka turned his attention to Seiyogi and noticed the small figure floating in the water. The Oozaru took charge and burst off through the water towards Seiyogi. Waves shot up past the ape as it swam towards the Saiyan.

"Kid! Aim for the tail!" Seiyogi shouted up to Jaduko. Jaduko looked at Taisuka and noticed the attack that Seiyogi used had nearly cut through the tail. One more attack should do the trick. "Even better idea!" Jaduko called back, he flew off after Taisuka. "I'll distract 'em, you do that same attack you just did, and cut off his tail!"

"Idiot, you dare defy me even when we're dealing with the same threat?!" Seiyogi shouted. He burst out of the water and flew into the sky before Taisuka managed to get to him. Taisuka looked up at Seiyogi, but Jaduko, who was still carrying Kyuti, quickly passed between the two. Taisuka shifted his attention to Jaduko, who started taunting the Oozaru.

"Yo, come get me!" He shouted. Jaduko took off towards another island as Taisuka chased after him. Once reaching the shore of an island, Jaduko managed to trap Taisuka in the middle of a few trees.

Seiyogi followed after and was about to charge up the 10 finger beam attack from earlier, but unfortunately, he was too close to Taisuka. The beast snatched Seiyogi from the air by his legs and squeezed him, completely snapping Seiyogi's legs causing the Saiyan to roar in pain. Jaduko widened his mouth in shock.

Fighting the pain, Seiyogi charged the 10 finger beam and shot it into the distance. "Deflect it!" Seiyogi shouted to Jaduko, in between screams as Taisuka kept squeezing harder and harder. Jaduko flew to where the beam was heading and quickly slapped it away, the sharp beam scraped against his skin creating a huge cut in his arm and rendering it useless, but it was reluctant enough to be deflected. Jaduko let go of Kyuti with his useless arm and caught her with his other one.

The beam shot into Taisuka's tail, completely cutting it off. The Oozaru roared and the roar quickly turned into Taisuka's childlike scream as blood exploded from the cut, like it did with Kyuti. Taisuka let go of Seiyogi and the warrior quickly dropped to the ground with his broken legs. The Oozaru slowly shrunk until it was now the size of Taisuka, the naked boy dropped to the ground and blacked out. Jaduko dropped to the ground, completely out of energy.

It seemed like the fight was over.

Continue Onto Chapter 37:
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VOL 4: Chapter 36 - "Nightfall"
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