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 VOL 4: Chapter 37 - "Escape from Planet Earth"

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Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 37 - "Escape from Planet Earth"   Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:24 pm

Silence struck the archipelago once again, Jaduko took a moment to take in the calm and serene feel, it was great. He looked out towards the horizon and looked at the damage caused during the battle, two islands destroyed, and several others severely broken down with damages. He turned his attention and looked down at the beaten and unconscious Kyuti, he felt bad for her. Shifting his gaze, he looked over at Taisuka, who was naked and unconscious as well, a few feet away, Seiyogi was struggling to crawl across the ground towards him without the help of his legs.

"Havin' trouble?" Jaduko asked, he winced in pain as he grabbed onto his left arm, the arm he used to deflect Seiyogi's beam in order to cut off Taisuka's tail.

"Stop gloating, punk.." Seiyogi muttered as he made his way to Kyuti. He grabbed onto her stomach and opened up a compartment in her chest plates, pulling out a small remote, he pressed the button.

"Be glad that you and I didn't finish our fight, we're too broken to do anything about it now." Seiyogi continued. "In the future, I'll find you, and take you down. Then I'll kill your friend for crippling my legs." Jaduko didn't laugh or make any emotion as he looked down at the broken Seiyogi.

A grey sphere with red glass dropped onto the island next to Jaduko, Seiyogi, and Kyuti. It was Kyuti's Space Pod. "I remember now.." Jaduko muttered as the pod opened up, Seiyogi crawled over to it and pulled himself into it. "I remember seeing those pods on the night Rukiro was killed."

Seiyogi didn't retort, he shifted himself so he was sitting in the pod's seat. "Bring Kyuti over to me and put her in here, we're leaving. Do it, or kill the two of us because on this night, we lost our honor, you have the chance to get your revenge."

Jaduko shook his head. "You weren't the ones who killed Rukiro or Klio, I haven't seen the two of you do anything other than give me and my friends a hard time. I'll let you leave this time." He picked Kyuti up with one arm and pulled her to the pod, putting her in it next to Seiyogi, who tapped random buttons into the pod's machinery, probably coordinates to a different planet. "Not gonna say thanks?" Jaduko asked as he stepped back.

Seiyogi gave him a glare and nodded. "I'll see you soon enough, and I'll give you a real fight." Jaduko nodded and looked at the Saiyan with determined eyes. Jaduko could see that Seiyogi was upset with himself and his sister for not bringing the 'Son of Shishito' to King Nunber.

"Before you leave, just know that you're welcome here." Jaduko spoke up, Seiyogi rose an eyebrow at the nonsense that Jaduko spoke.

"W-what..?" Seiyogi muttered.

"You and your sister, you two are always welcome to come and live on Earth if you two change your ways, I took the time to sense your feelings during the fight with Yamu, and I studies them even further during our fight, I know how you truly feel about King Nunber and the Saiyans." Jaduko muttered, staring Seiyogi dead in the eyes.

"But.." Seiyogi's eyes were wide open as he stared back at Jaduko, it wasn't possible. "How could you read my emotions...?" The Saiyan asked.

"It was a little trick my Master taught me a long time ago, guess it became useful after all." Jaduko replied, he remembered back to the day when he first met Master Krillin on Kame Island, ten years ago. He remembered how the Master sensed his feelings and could tell that Rukiro was dead.

With that, the space pod hatch closed and shot up into the sky. Jaduko lifted his head and looked into the distance as the space pod slowly disappeared into the sky.

Falling to the ground, Jaduko sat and looked at the dirt around him and realized, "Shit!" He spoke up. "He had the Dragon Ball!" He used his free hand to slam the ground with his fist out of anger. "I shoulda taken it off of him when I had the chance, now I won't get it back! I shouldn't have taken the time to talk to him about living here.." He seemed upset.

In the distance, Jaduko heard shouts, he turned his head and looked up into the night sky. He saw Lizz waving and Lori following close behind. The two landed on the ground next to Jaduko. "Taisuka!" Lizz shouted, she ran over to the naked boy and picked him up.

Lori looked down at Jaduko and tossed him a bag of beans. "We dropped Konno off at Kame House, Master said he and 18 would look after him. Lizz and I got you some new Senzu Beans courtesy of Korin, there are a ton in there."

Jaduko opened up the bag and looked into it, he saw the bag chuck full of beans. "Man, thanks Lori!" He shouted, almost instantly forgetting about the Dragon Ball. Taking a bean out, he threw it into his mouth and handed the bag to Lori. A few chews and a swallow, Jaduko felt powered up, the large gash on his arm was now fixed, he wiggled his fingers able to get a feel for it again.

"What happened? We felt the Earth shake as we were heading back from Korin's Tower. So we tried to hurry here and help you out." Jaduko scratched the back of his head and looked at Taisuka. "Let's just say Taisuka helped saved the day. Without him, we would have been goners."

Lizz looked down at Taisuka in her arms. "He's back to normal, and he doesn't have a tail!" She seemed surprised. "What happened?"

Jaduko shrugged. "Long story short, that guy I was fighting shot a ki blast at his tail and cut it off, which turned him back to normal, Taisuka managed to rip off the girl's tail and turn her back to normal as well."

Lori smiled down at Taisuka. "Good for him, you two really took those two Saiyans out then."

Lizz agreed, "Where did those two go anyway?" Jaduko pointed up into the sky and continued to speak.

"I let them go." He said as he lowered his arm.

"What?!" Lizz and Lori shouted in unison. "Why would you let them go?!"

Jaduko shrugged. "I couldn't kill them, those two didn't do anything that I knew of." He clenched his fist. "Besides, I can't confront that guy again if he's dead, I promised him a duel to the death, and I intend to keep that promise."

"Well at least that other Saiyan got what he deserved, Konno sure didn't hold back against him." Lori agreed. "Did you manage to get the last two Dragon Ball? We have the other 5 at Kame House." Jaduko shook his head, saddened.

Lizz pointed out into the ocean and shouted "Hey wait, what's that?" Jaduko and Lori turned their attention and looked out into the ocean, they saw the 2 Star Dragon Ball and the 4 Star Dragon Ball slowly bobbing on the surface in the moonlight. A grin spread across Jaduko's face, ignoring the other two, he flew towards them and scooped them up. He lifted the balls triumphantly into the air because the plot requires all 7 Dragon Balls.

"Seikyo, is that what you said his name was?" Lori asked Jaduko, causing the young Saiyan to look back up into the sky.

"Nah, his name is Seiyogi." Jaduko replied, respecting his adversary by referring to him as his proper name.

"He must've dropped the ball when Taisuka shattered his armor." Lori spoke up as Jaduko made his way back to them.

"Taisuka must have lost the 4 Star Ball when transforming into that Ape." Lizz added.

Jaduko nodded and added in, "They must've fell into the ocean when Taisuka and Kyuti destroyed the island. Ironic that they stayed together."

"Well now we've got all 7 Dragon Balls! Let's head to Kame House!" Lizz shouted as she floated up into the air with Taisuka in her arms. Jaduko and Lori floated into the air as well and the 3 burst off towards Kame House, leaving the battlefield.

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VOL 4: Chapter 37 - "Escape from Planet Earth"
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