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 VOL 4: Chapter 39 - "Jaduko's Greatest Mistake"

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VOL 4: Chapter 39 - "Jaduko's Greatest Mistake" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 4: Chapter 39 - "Jaduko's Greatest Mistake"   VOL 4: Chapter 39 - "Jaduko's Greatest Mistake" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2015 1:13 pm

The night was almost over, and the sun was just barely rising as the sky was softly turning from a light grey to an orange hue. Lori dropped the Dragon Balls onto the shore of Kame Island and Konno helped her organize them into a specific pattern. The 7 Balls made octagon shape on the ground.

"After you, Jaduko." Lori replied, she and Konno stepped back next to Taisuka and Lizz, letting Jaduko be the one to summon Shenron.

Jaduko nodded and looked at the Dragon Balls. "What do I say?" He asked, the others looked dumbfounded since this was the first time they gathered the Dragon Balls as a group.

"Just call Shenron out." Lizz spoke up.

"Uhh, alright." Jaduko replied, he turned his head to the Dragon Balls and shouted, "ARISE!" Nothing happened.

"No, you idiot." Konno facepalmed, "Say Shenron's name and then call him out.

"Oh." Jaduko retorted. He thrust his arms out and pointed them at the Dragon Balls. "SHENRON! COME ON OUT AND GRANT MY WISH!" Nothing happened for a second, and Jaduko felt disappointed, but then the Dragon Balls started glowing, the 1 Star Ball in the middle of the others was glowing brighter than the rest, Jaduko stepped back and watched. The sky turned darker than it ever was before during that night.

A pillar of light shot from the 1 Star Dragon Ball and shined up into the sky, the pillar of light started to shake as lightning erupted from the 7 Dragon Balls. Jaduko covered his eyes and so did everyone else, "How can the Master sleep through this?" Lizz shouted.

Scales started appearing on the pillar as it shook, light seemed to explode out from the pillar and a green dragon appeared in it's place, Shenron swirled in the air and looked down at Jaduko. "Wow, so that's Shenron.." Jaduko muttered.

"I hope he can help us out." Lori added in.

"Those who have summoned me." Shenron spoke in a low tone. "I will grant you your wish, speak it to me." A 'whirring' sound was heard in front of Jaduko, it came from the Dragon Balls.

Jaduko felt intimidated now that everyone was staring at him, it didn't help having a colossal dragon staring down at him with his piercing red eyes.

"Uhh, hi Shenron." Jaduko replied.

"Don't start a conversation with him, just wish for Rukiro to come back." Konno seemed irritated. "Or else I'll wish for Klio to be revived instead of Rukiro." Lori slapped him on the arm.

"Er, alright." Jaduko muttered.

It was simple wasn't it? Just wish for Rukiro to come back to life and all would be well, everything would be better. Jaduko opened his mouth to speak. "State your wish now." Shenron commanded.

But what about Seiyogi and Kyuti? Jaduko thought to himself, he thought about what Seiyogi said about him being the one to help him. What if they're in trouble right now? Would the King be upset with them, what if all of the Saiyans die off because of him not helping them? He was at least curious to see what was going on with this little 'war' that they were having.

Jaduko didn't want anyone else to die just because he couldn't help them, especially people of his own race. What about Klio? Klio had died too, he promised Konno that he would help him revive his fallen friend. Jaduko juggled the choices, his heart pounded.

"Come on!" Taisuka cheered, "You can do it Jaduko!"

Jaduko bit his lip, why was he feeling compassion for Seiyogi and Kyuti? Was it because they weren't like Letish or Yamu? Thinking he could help the Saiyans on his own, Jaduko began to make his wish, figuring that Rukiro and Klio would have to wait, or be revived without him. Little did Jaduko know, this would be a grave mistake.

"Shenron!" Jaduko shouted up to Shenron. "My wish is very simple, can you grant it?"

Shenron replied within an instant. "State your wish, and it will be granted."

"Take me to wherever the Saiyans known as Seiyogi and Kyuti are located, they say I'm the only one that can help them, I can't let them down!" Jaduko shouted with confidence, the others behind him were stupified.

"Your wish has been granted." Lightning struck the ground next to Jaduko causing him to be engulfed in the light.

"What?!" Konno shouted in anger, he jumped forward, grabbing onto Jaduko who was engulfed in light.

"Konno, wait!" Lori shouted as she, Lizz, and Taisuka rushed forward to stop them, the four of them were all engulfed in light alongside Jaduko and the five of them disappeared with the light shooting up into the sky.

Shenron disappeared into a pillar of light and shot down into the Dragon Balls. The 7 of them floated up into the air and circled around each other as they flew higher into the air, they halted and were shot off to different corners of the world. Master Krillin sat up from his bed and looked out of a nearby window where he saw the sunlight had returned.

Jaduko's first wish and irresponsible decision had been completed. Where were they headed? Only time will tell.

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VOL 4: Chapter 39 - "Jaduko's Greatest Mistake"
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