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 VOL 5: Chapter 41 - "Planet Xerivon"

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PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 41 - "Planet Xerivon"   VOL 5: Chapter 41 - "Planet Xerivon" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19, 2015 2:02 pm

Opening his eyes, light from Shenron's wish immediately blinded Jaduko. "Grah!" He groaned as he lifted his arm to block the light from shining into his eyes. He remained still for a few seconds before opening his eyes back up and letting his vision adjust itself. Upon opening his eyes, Jaduko was shocked with what he saw.

The young Saiyan was no longer on Kame Island and Shenron was nowhere to be seen. Rather than seeing the lively green island and a bright blue ocean, the landscape drastically changed to a grey colored rocky wasteland with large hills and plateaus. Jaduko turned his head to look around and he noticed a lake nearby, the water was a dark jade color which was far from Earth's blue water, but at least this planet had signs of water.

As he continued scanning the landscape, Jaduko could note that the planet had lots of rocks but very little trees, the trees that were there had brown trunks that led up to a huge boulder-like structure on top of it. Green vines were jumbled around the rock and connected it to the trunk, which was a weird look for a tree. On top of all of this, he was surprised he could breathe.

'Guess the trees are worth something on this planet afterall.' Jaduko thought to himself.

Turning his body, Jaduko could see Lori laying on the ground along with Taisuka. "Lori! Taisuka!" Jaduko yelled, he ran over and bent down to pick them up. Lori blinked several times and noticed Taisuka laying next to her, who was blinking as well.

"Jaduko... that you..?" She questioned. Jaduko gave her a hug and helped her and Taisuka to their feet.

"If you guys are here, that means the others are as well." Jaduko spoke up, nervously.

"Over there!" Taisuka shouted as he pointed off in a random direction, Jaduko and Lori turned their attention over to where he was pointing and he saw Konno helping Lizz up to her feet.

"Glad we're all in the same place.." Lori muttered as she looked around, taking in the appearance of the planet they were on.

Jaduko, Taisuka, and Lori ran over to where Konno and Lizz who were about 30 yards away from where they were. Lori and Taisuka ran ahead to meet up with the two of them, but Konno ignored them as he pushed past them and walked over to Jaduko. Picking the Saiyan up by the collar of his gi, Jaduko resisted fighting back as he felt Konno pierce his eyes with a deadly glare.

"You... bastard.." Konno angrily snorted as his stone-hard grip kept Jaduko up in the air. Jaduko turned his head and looked straight into Konno's deadly glare. "I didn't think you had so much 'stupid' built up inside of that thick skull of yours!"

"Konno, that's enough!" Lori walked up to the two and tried to get Konno to let go of Jaduko's gi. She was unable to remove his hands as Jaduko remained silent. Lizz and Taisuka remained silent as they watched the event go down.

"Do you know how risky it was to teleport yourself to those two murderers?! What if they were in space when you made the wish, we would be dead right now!" Konno shouted

"I only wanted myself to teleport, not all of you.." Jaduko replied.

"Well you shoulda made your wish more specific, punk!" Konno continued shouting in Jaduko's face, spit went flying everywhere.

"You shouldn't have jumped in the way." Jaduko retorted.

"You son of a..." Konno started, but was cut off by Lori slapping him. The slap caused Konno to let Jaduko drop to his feet. Stumbling back, Konno regained his footing as he held his cheek, he looked up and watched as Lori slapped Jaduko as well, who tilted his head as a red hand print appeared on his cheek.

"Would you two grow up?" Lori seemed upset. "Jaduko, I agree with Konno, it was very irresponsible of you to wish for yourself to be teleported to wherever those two Saiyans ran off to, we don't even know where we are." She scolded Jaduko but then quickly turned her attention over to Konno. "And you! You're just upset that Jaduko didn't wish for Klio to come back, calm down!"

"But he wants to help those two psychos rather than revive the man who raised me, or even revive his own brother!" Konno shouted. Lizz and Taisuka remained quiet, but something caught little Taisuka's attention.

"Seiyogi is a brother, just like Rukiro and Klio were." Jaduko spoke up, Lori turned her head to look at Jaduko and Konno remained silent. "During our fight on Earth, I learned more about him by his actions and his feelings, he's simply a caring brother who is wanting to take care of his family like Rukiro and Klio did. He risked his life to serve the Saiyan Kingdom who shaped and molded him into someone he wasn't intended to be. He only wanted a family, and his family is dead except for Kyuti.."

"So?" Konno rudely replied.

"Imagine what it's like to be like him. Raised to be someone you're not and forced to do horrific acts simply because you try to fit in with your people, who have put you down your entire life. When all you want to do is protect your family!" Jaduko shouted back at Konno. "Get your head out of your ass for a split second and put yourself in his shoes! I wanted to come here alone to try and help him and the rest of the Saiyans, the people he tried to impress, he said I was the only one who could.." Silence struck the area as the wind picked up.

"Rukiro and Klio are dead but we can easily wish them back later. There's no way we can do this again, I have to help them." Jaduko continued.

Konno opened his mouth in shock and looked at the ground. "... Just be glad this planet had oxygen.." He muttered. Lori and Lizz silently took in all of the information but ultimately respected Jaduko's decision to help someone in need. But the silence didn't last long.

Taisuka came running up to Jaduko and tugged on his arm. "Jaduko, follow me, I found something!" He then started pulling Jaduko off into the distance, Lizz followed after quickly. Lori was about to follow as well, but she quickly grabbed onto Konno's arm and dragged him along.

The Turtle School students ran through the rocky wasteland on the planet they were on, until they eventually reached an open Saiyan Space Pod resting in the middle of a crater.

"I found this while you guys were arguing!" Taisuka shouted as he pointed down into the crater. Jaduko quickly hopped down and slid towards the pod with Lori and Taisuka following after him. Lizz and Konno stayed as far away as they could from the pod.

Placing his hand on the side of the pod to stop his sliding, Jaduko peered into the hatch and immedately widened his eyes, he opened his mouth in shock and gasped at what he saw. Lori followed closely.

"What's wrong?" She asked, but quickly got the answer when she and Taisuka peered into the hatch. The entire inside of the pod was covered in dried blood, it was no doubt Seiyogi and Kyuti's blood from their fight on Earth.

"This is gross..." Lori muttered as she noticed Jaduko climb into the pod, she gagged as she watched him climb into the hatch and look around inside of it.

"Yep... this is exactly like the pod I saw when I was a child.." Jaduko muttered out loud as he remembered something from his childhood, he remembered one of the Saiyan pods remaining on Earth after Rukiro had died. Upon further inspection, Jaduko noticed a small panel located on the side of the pod, buttons were glowing on it.

"Hey Lori, you're smart with technology, mind helping me check this out?" Jaduko asked, Lori stiffened up as she heard his request. Sweat rolled down her forehead as she stepped through the blood and looked inside of the pod. "What do you think this is?" Jaduko continued, pointing at the panel.

"Hmmm..." Lori murmured as she took a close inspection at the panel and it's buttons. "Seems like some kind of coordinate system and engine system, this is probably how the Saiyans control the pod and where it goes. It seems that this planet is called Planet Xerivon.."

"Jaduko, Lori, look at this!" Taisuka called out. Jaduko and Lori exited the pod and look behind it, where they saw Taisuka standing over a puddle of fresh blood. "It's a trail, leading up there!" Taisuka pointed up to the top of the crater and sure enough, there was a trail of blood.

"That's probably where Seiyogi and his sister went, they must've tried to find help for their wounds." Lori put the pieces together. She floated up into the air alongside Jaduko and Taisuka.

"Follow us, guys!" Taisuka called back to Konno and Lizz, who floated up into the air alongside the other students, they all flew slowly across the ground as they followed the blood trails throughout the wastelands of this so called, Planet Xerivon.

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VOL 5: Chapter 41 - "Planet Xerivon"
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