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 Prologue: Episode 1 - "A Devastating Future"

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Prologue: Episode 1 - "A Devastating Future" Empty
PostSubject: Prologue: Episode 1 - "A Devastating Future"   Prologue: Episode 1 - "A Devastating Future" I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 29, 2016 1:44 am

[The scene begins with a bunch of shadowy figures with red hue eyes glowing as lightning strikes the background]

"Hmph, this planets strongest fighters barely put up a fight, let's finish off this planets inhabitants, and find out how much this planet can sell for"

[The Shadowy figures begin walking away; the camera then pans over to the beaten down fighters that earth had, one fighter was on the brink of death, then looks up from the dirt, covered in blood, cuts, and bruises, clutching the ground with his hand]

"Rgh! Y-you bastards" The last fighter uttered with what was left of his strength, only for a foot to appear and slam the fighters head back into the dirt

"You just don't know when to quit do you?" The shadowy figure pressing the fighters head back into the dirt shot back. "Well, no matter, this will put you back with your friends, where you belong"

[The shadowy figure then grabs the fighter by the neck, pulling him up off the ground, draining what strength he had left by strangling him, before feeling a hand penetrate his stomach]


[The scene snaps into reality, with a Namekian sitting on Kami's lookout, covered in sweat from the nightmare, his heart racing from what he saw, eventually, he got up, after regaining his composure, then began walking into the lookout]

"I think it's time to gather the United Z- fighters once more" the Namekian muttered to himself, before vanishing into the lookouy

[The prologue ends]

[Cue Opening]

 Listen to 1:20
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Prologue: Episode 1 - "A Devastating Future"
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