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 Season 1: Episode 2 - "Alliances Reforged"

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Season 1: Episode 2 - "Alliances Reforged" Empty
PostSubject: Season 1: Episode 2 - "Alliances Reforged"   Season 1: Episode 2 - "Alliances Reforged" I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2016 12:19 am

"Hmmm" Pickollo murmured as he sat atop Kami's lookout. "Where to start looking?" As the sun shined through the clouds. Soon after, one of the inhabitants, Mr.Popo approaches Pickollo "Pickollo, might you like some help finding the other Z-fighters? Because I might know where you could start looking to find one of the first members.
              Pickollo turns around, with a puzzled look "You mean Nitzu?" Mr.Popo nods his head. "Yes, as a matter of fact, he's actually participating in a martial arts tournament as we speak, and from what I can tell, he's been put up against one of the other members, Jaduko" Pickollo sighs and gets up, and stretches out his shoulders and waves to Mr.Popo before flying off to recruit the old members. "I'll be back soon, Mr.Popo, and walks off the Lookout, then bursts off into the sky, towards the world martial arts tournament

   [Meanwhile; at the tournament]

  Nitzu and Jaduko stood apart from eachother on both ends of the arena, walking around the arena in a circle. Jaduko and Nitzu both emitted powerful auras. "Heh, we haven't even fought yet and I can already sense that Jadukos strength has increased a ton already, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't both pumped up and nervous for this fight" Suddenly, Jaduko and Nitzu stopped walking, and slowly got into fighting stances. Then leapt at eachother.

 A flash of light temporarily blinded the audience as both of their fists collided with eachother. Nitzu and Jaduko's aura flared up as they begin kicking and punching, a flurry of parries thundered through the air, and could be heard for miles. "Hmph, impressive" Jaduko murmured to Nitzu as they both smirked and jumped back, Nitzu going up into the air while Jaduko charged up a Kamehameha and Nitzu charged an orb into his hand as fire surrounded Nitzu, while Electricity surrounded Jaduko. "Ka! Me! Ha! Me..!" "Galactic Cyclone!!!" Both fighters yelled as Jaduko threw his hands forward, sending a giant blue blast of energy towards Nitzu while Nitzu tossed a Purple orb of energy towards Jaduko.

    Both attacks collide as the arena begins to crumble around them, Nitzu and Jaduko putting all of their strength into their attacks, while the audience sat in amazement and awe. "Amazing! I must say, I'm truly impressed with how much stronger you've gotten, Jaduko" Nitzu yelled as he put his other hand forward, adding strength to the attack. While Jaduko kept giving it his all, suddenly, Jaduko gave a slight smile and Let Nitzu's attack come forward and dodged it with a backflip then flew up to Nitzu. Suprised, Nitzu couldn't block or counter in time, as Jaduko slammed his elbow into Nitzu's stomach, then grabbed his foot and threw him down to the arena, causing it to pretty much be destroyed by this point.

         Nitzu manages to land on his feet as he gets sent to the ground, getting back up to face Jaduko, turning around to see Jaduko charging at him with a kick. However, Nitzu managed to dodge it by leaning back and kicking Jaduko in the face, sending him upward, only to be caught by Nitzu by the neck, then slamming him back into the ground, along with a charged up Ki blast, making a small crater form underneath them.

     Nitzu leapt back, letting Jaduko stand up to fight once more, both Nitzu and Jaduko's clothes are tattered, Nitzu's pants having dirt and soot scattered along the legs, while his gi's top layer was destroyed, leaving his black undershirt left, While Jaduko's Clothings shoulders were gone, disintegrated by the blast, both of their faces covered in scratches, dirt, and blood. Jaduko wiped the blood off his cheek and got into his fighting stance again, while Nitzu did the same, and they suddenly vanished, moving faster than light itself, the audience only capable of hearing grunts and shouts as the fight continued. Jaduko slammed Nitzu in the back of the neck with an open palm attack, vanished again and Nitzu landed a kick to the face. Suddenly, they both re-appeared, back in the middle of what used to be the arena, trying to push eachother back as fire, electricity and their Ki flared up greater than a solar flare from the sun. In a flash of light, the dust cleared, only to see both fighters outside the ring, causing the match to end up a tie.

     After a couple hours had passed. Nitzu and Jaduko shook hands, and congratulated eachother, and began to leave the tournament, only to see a familiar face standing against the wall. "I was impressed by your little fight there, boys" then stood up to face them. "Pickollo? Is that you?"  As Pickollo nodded his head. "I watched your fight from the stands, I must say, you two have gotten a lot stronger since we last fought together. But I didn't come for a reunion, I came because while I was meditating, I saw what I think is the future, I'm not sure why I saw this, but in the vision I could see us all laying in the ground, dead, while a group of figures i couldn't make out stood above us, saying they were planning to wipe out the rest of the inhabitants." Jaduko spoke up "What does this mean for us?" Only for Pickollo to turn around and look down, as he clenched his fists and sweat dropped down his head. "Something's coming...and I don't think that we'll be strong enough to pull through like last time. This is not like Froze, or anything we've faced before...and we need to prepare for it. Because I think we might be going to war soon..."

      What is this threat that Pickollo has foreseen, what is their intentions, and where are the other Z-fighters? Find out next time on Dragon Ball: Locket of Nether.

  (cue Outro) (listen til 1:25)
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Season 1: Episode 2 - "Alliances Reforged"
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