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 Planet Kerotyl

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PostSubject: Planet Kerotyl   Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:36 pm

Overview: A planet with lush purple grass and a large ocean on the center of it. The trees are rooted miles underground while resources are bountiful. A rather hospitable and inhabitable planet

History: A planet once filled with agriculture,hospitality and plentiful resources. A notable feature about the planet was it's giant ocean in the center, while all the surrounding lands formed a circle around it.

The planets first ruler; Dragkon was a peaceful but firm ruler, who kept his morals and standards for the living of his people high. But after many a year, the rulers bloodline slowly degraded into sadistic beings who enjoy watching and causing their people pain, by enslaving those they deem weak and have no purpose. One such slave was a young Potrean taken from his home at a staggering age of 4. The young slave was constantly beaten even if he followed directions properly. His name was Kaj. On the annual appraisal day, where all the inhabitants approach the castle of the lord, a group of assorted beings showed up seemingly from nowhere, and began to slaughter everyone on the planet. The king had escaped the carnage due to him being the highest of class and having a custom pod built just for him. While most of the inhabitants were massacred. That day only two known inhabitants survived. One was sent to a planet known as Namek, where he was trained by a warrior clan, before coming to earth. The other went on to join an organization dedicated to conquering planets and selling them off to highest bidder. What's left of the planet is mostly asteroids and rocks. While some of the planet was blown off into space, with most of it's smaller life still on it.

Planetary Information
Universe: Universe 93 (Mainstream Universe)
Location in Space: Eastern Quadrant
Galaxy: Laero-zus
Ruled By:
Date of Creation: At least 9,002 years prior to age 0
Date of Destruction:
Destroyed by The Planetary Trade Organization
Orbital Period: 470
Seasons: Promptitum (A month of constant snow and harsh conditions)

Trumpiddntonrgow: A season of beauty, where crops and food is plentiful

Inhabitant Information
Ruler of Planet Kerotyl
King Potea: Age 657- Deceased
Notable Inhabitants (Pre-Netherworld Crisis)
Notable Inhabitants (Post-Netherworld crisis)
Potea (Deceased)


The Tablets of ancient heritage

Other Information: A small fracture of the planet still contains smaller life as it floats throughout space, containing hidden knowledge waiting to be discovered
Key Locations:

Key Events: The destruction of Kerotyl
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Planet Kerotyl
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