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 [Spinoff] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Son of Jaduko" *WRITING*

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[Spinoff] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Son of Jaduko" *WRITING* Empty
PostSubject: [Spinoff] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Son of Jaduko" *WRITING*   [Spinoff] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Son of Jaduko" *WRITING* I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2016 5:43 pm


Episode 1: School Days
Set four years after the events taking place in the Rukiro Saga. For the first time in many years, Jaduko is able to sit down and live a happy life with his wife, Kyuti, his son Resei, and his newly born daughter named Kyu. Jaduko decides to teach Resei the proper ways of martial arts, like Rukiro did with him when he was a child, and everything seemed to be going well for the family. However, one day Kyuti decided it was best that Resei enroll in Orange Star High School located in Hercule City. Resei begged and pleaded for his father to convince his mother not to enroll him in the school, but much to his surprise, Jaduko agreed with Kyuti, and Resei was enrolled in the school along with Konno's son, Yamada, where their adventures begin.

Episode 2: The New Kids

Episode 3: Rise to Popularity

Episode 4: Family Ties

Episode 5: Let's Get Ready to Rumble
With Resei as an uprising popular kid within Orange Star High School, the captain of the basketball jocks challenges him to a 2v2 basketball match after school, with a partner of his choice. The captain of the basketball would plan to embarrass Resei and show the school that he was still the most popular boy around. After the school day ends, Resei decides to recruit his best friend Saituka, the son of Taisuka, as his partner for the match despite Saituka not attending the school. The two prepare for that night and later arrive at the basketball court where a huge crowd of people are waiting, with the basketball coach standing confidently with a ball in his arms. Resei and Saituka are startled when they realize that Hiki is his partner. The four commence in a slow paced basketball game but as the game slowly speeds up, the captain is unable to keep up with the Saiyan's movements and the crowd of people watch in astonishment as Hiki holds her own against Resei and Saituka in basketball. When the game ends with Resei and Saituka winning by one point, the crowd disperses. Resei being intrigued by Hiki's stamina and skill during the match invites her to a dinner that would be held the next night in the Kureno family home. Hiki states she'll think about it and then compliments Resei and Saituka's skills during the game only to walk off of the court leaving the captain to stare at the two Saiyan teenage boys in awe.

Episode 6: Kureno Family Dinner

Episode 7: Flashbacks

Episode 8: Dark Half

Episode 9: The Orange Star Festival!

Episode 10: A New Friend?

Episode 11: Graduation

Episode 12: Acceptance and Discovery
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[Spinoff] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Son of Jaduko" *WRITING*
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