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  Season 1: Episode 3- "A New Face Emerges!"

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 Season 1: Episode 3- "A New Face Emerges!" Empty
PostSubject: Season 1: Episode 3- "A New Face Emerges!"    Season 1: Episode 3- "A New Face Emerges!" I_icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2016 8:20 pm

[The scene opens on Kami's lookout, Nitzu, Jaduko, and Pickollo are standing in a group, conversing about Pickollo's 'Premonition']

"And that's what I saw" Pickollo said, with his arms crossed as Jaduko and Nitzu stood together. "Hmm" Jaduko replied as he rubbed his chin "This does sound like a serious threat by the way your describing it. But it also sounds like it'd be a bit of fun if they're as strong as you're making them out to be" with a smirk on his face. "So it looks like the only way we're gonna stand a chance is if we gather the rest of the United Z-fighters, speaking of which, have you got any leads where we can find Taisuka or Konno, Jaduko?" Nitzu asked as he got up on his feet, tightening his belt. "Sorry, but I haven't seen them since the last time we fought together. Last time I saw him, he was a couple hundred miles north of West City." Pickollo interrupted
             "If that's the closest thing we have to a lead, i guess it's better than nothing. Nitzu, I think you should be the one to go, while Jaduko and I make some plans for the coming threat." Jaduko looked at Nitzu, and both of them nodded "I'll be back as soon as I find anything of interest guys." Nitzu yelled as he ran off the lookout, and let himself plummet into a free fall for a minute before bursting into the sky, as his body got enveloped by his white aura.


[a few minutes later, Nitzu has been searching for roughly one or two hours now, and has started making his way back to the lookout, when he notices a small village, and a large crowd of people at one point] "hmm, wonder what all the commotion is about, wouldn't hurt to drop by and visit the locals" Nitzu muttered to himself as he dropped down and walked into the large crowd, vanishing in the hundreds of people, eventually making his way towards the front. "Alright! I'll say this one last time!" Could be heard coming from behind a few men carrying guns, and sporting armor.
           "You give us all the money you all have, and nobody will end up like the last guy who tried to be a hero!" The supposed leader said as he pointed to a corpse on his right, seemingly having been shot to death, evidenced by the large amount of bullet holes in his back. "Damn, a private rogue army" Nitzu said under his breath. Nitzu was about to speak up, only to get cut off by a slightly high pitched voice. "Enough!" A small boy said, roughly around 10 years old, wearing an orange over shirt, a blue clothed belt, and spiked up hair, and began walking in front of the crowd, standing at 5'1 tall. "What'd I just say about acting like a hero? Regardless, I'll go easy on you" the leader said, before throwing his arm forward, and a group of soldiers ran past the leader, all their guns fixed on the boy. "Make it quick and painless, men" before walking back into the group of his soldiers.
    One of the soldiers yelled "FIRE!" Causing The Small Boy to rush forward, dodging the bullets, kicking one of the soldiers across the face, landing back on his feet before rushing into another soldier, slamming his head into the other soldiers stomach, causing him to fall back and vomit. The last soldier stumbled backwards, before turning and running, only for the leader to shoot him in the back, causing the final soldier to fall to the ground dead. "I love it when they run." The leader says, before approaching the small child. "What's your name boy, that display of power you just showed me and my men was amazing, I could use a strong asset like you." The boy looked up at the leader, smirking, only to uppercut the leader, causing him to fly up a few feet and land on his head. "My name is Alex, but I'd never join someone who would hurt my friends."
         "Man! This kid's impressive, I've never seen any other Human besides me and Konno move so fast." Nitzu thought to himself. The leader sat back up, rubbing his chin in pain "tch! Damn Brat!!" Before throwing his finger forward, as a tank moved up towards the crowd of people and the Alex. The boy fell back and the crowd screamed in terror, causing them to flee, only for Nitzu to be the last one standing his crown. "Fire!" The leader yelled, as the tank fired at the running crowd, only for Nitzu to catch the shell that was blasted. "What the hell?!" The leader yelled. "Is nobody around here a normal human!?" Nitzu chuckled as he tossed the shell off. Into the air, before destroying it was a blast of ki, causing a slightly large explosion. Nitzu then rushes forward, grabs the blasting part of the tank, bending it upwards to disable it, before jumping up an pulling the soldier in the tank out, tossing him into the leader. "I'd suggest leaving before I knock some sense into you!" The leader and remaining soldiers flee into the forest. Nitzu turns and faces the boy, kneeling down to him "you ok kid?" Alex, taken aback by what he'd just witnessed, studdered with his words "y-yeah...w-who are you?" Nitzu smiled "Nitzu's my name, need a hand?" Nitzu held out a hand to help the boy up. "I have to admit, that display you just showed to that army was pretty amazing, you have a trainer or something?" "N-no sir, I just did what I saw on TV at night.
           Nitzu flustered a little bit "Uh...TV? Well, I guess that's one way to learn a bit of Martial Arts?"
       "By the way, what brings you here? I've never seen you around this village before, and you definitely donMt look like any family of the other people that live here." Alex asked. Nitzu rubbed the back of his head "well, I'm looking for someone, but my luck hasn't been working out so far. I was about to give up and go back to my friends, when I saw the commotion going on down here, figured I'd see what was happening.  I was gonna step in a few times, before you beat me to the punch, literally." Alex chuckled a bit before regaining his composure. "You said you were looking for someone, what does he look like? I might know him." Nitzu replied "well, his hair's similar to yours, he wears a similar outfit to me, only Black and Red. I'd say a bit shorter than me. Know anyone that fits the look?" Alex shook his head "sorry sir, but I don't, anyways, what do you mean by Uniform? Are you a soldier to?" Nitzu shook his head "well, I wouldn't say a soldier, more of a martial artist I'd say, I'm one of the members of the United Z-fighters." Alex's eyes widened "no way! You're one of the guys who saved the world!? That's awesome! You guys are why I know a bit of fighting! I never had a mentor, but if I did, I want him to be you guys!" Nitzu smirked a bit "ah, I'm flattered, I wouldn't mind taking you under my wing, but I'd have to test you first to see if you could handle my training regiment.
 "Test?" Alex said, puzzled, before getting punched in the face, flying back a bit, only to get caught by Nitzu, who dashed behind Alex "by seeing how long you could last in a fight with me"

Nitzu then tossed Alex forward, letting him get back up on his feet. Alex quickly turned around to face Nitzu, only to see him dashing towards him, before he did a spin kick, leaving Alex no choice but to block with his. Arm, however, because of his lack of experience in actual combat, he staggers a bit from blocking, going back a few yards, as smoke came from under his feet. "You're wide open!" Could be heard as Nitzu vanished, and re-appeared in front of Alex, in the middle of a sweep kick, flipping Alex upside down, before tapping his stomach, sending him flying into a rock. The Rock crumbled into pieces as Alex slowly emerged from the rubble, still determined to fight, spitting blood from his mouth, before going on the offensive, dashing towards Nitzu, rapidly punching and kicking him, only for Nitzu to continuously dodge all his attacks until he managed to land one Punch on Nitzu. Causing Nitzu to stagger back a few feet, smirking and chuckling "What's so funny?!" Alex yelled. "You passed" Nitzu said just loud enough for Alex to hear. "Looks like you've got yourself a new set of mentors." Alex's gritted teeth turned into a smile, as he jumped into the air, cheering, before running into the village "hey! Where ya Going?!" Alex turned back, running backwards now "I gotta let my family know, and grab my stuff."
           [Alex soon returns with a bag on his back, excited to see the rest of his new team/mentors] "All ready, kid?" Nitzu asked, as Alex nodded "Let's go!" Alex replied, Nitzu held out a hand to fly Alex back to the lookout, as they both vanished into the sky.
       [The two eventually make it back to the lookout, with Jaduko and Pickollo concerned who Nitzu brought back]
    "What's a kid doing here?" Pickollo asked. "This kid might look like nothing special, but he's actually got quite the potential from what I've seen. By the way, I've got a story for you two and Mr.Popo later, on just exactly what happened when I found the kid", as Nitzu and Alex entered the lookout, too get him used to the new home.

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Season 1: Episode 3- "A New Face Emerges!"
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