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 Season 1: Episode 4-"Virtue and Vice"

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Season 1: Episode 4-"Virtue and Vice" Empty
PostSubject: Season 1: Episode 4-"Virtue and Vice"   Season 1: Episode 4-"Virtue and Vice" I_icon_minitimeSun May 29, 2016 3:58 am

[The scene opens on Pickollo out on the lookout, watching the earth, whilst Jaduko and Nitzu are out searching for the other Z-fighters, when he snaps to the left]

"This power, it can't be Nitzu, or Jaduko, its way lower, plus they just left." Pickollo said to himself as Alex ran up to Pickollo, wearing a new orange gi, black boots, white gloves and a black belt. "Pickollo, I'm ready for my first trai-Pickollo?" he asked as it seemed Pickollo was fixated on whatever this power was, Alex couldn't sense it since all he knew was basic fighting.

"huh?" Pickollo said as he turned and looked down to see alex tugging on his pants, to get his attention. "oh, uh, yeah sure" he said, taking his mind off the power level to train Alex. "Okay, today we're gonna learn how to dodge, I want you to get out of the way of every attack I throw at you and make your way towards me, this will vastly change the balance of your win or loss in battle, so let's see how close you can get, or if you can land a single hit." Pickollo said as he raised one arm, causing a multitude of Ki orbs to appear above him, as Alex got into a ready stance, which made him look ridiculous

Season 1: Episode 4-"Virtue and Vice" Krane

Pickollo seemed flustered, but threw forth the orbs of ki towards Alex. Suprisingly, he managed to dodge a few, only to get blasted in the face by 2, sending him flying back to the edge of the lookout. "Guess I should have used a little less strength on him." Pickollo said as he chuckled to himself. Alex sat back up, rubbing his head in slight pain, before getting up, holding back a tear "T-that didn't hurt!" Alex yelled as he dashed towards Pickollo, dodging his other ki blasts, before attempting to punch Pickollo, rapidly jabbing at him, only for Pickollo to swiftly and effortlessly dodge his punches. "Hmm, impressive, but not good enough" Pickollo said as he caught Alex's fist mid-punch, before tossing him like a stick back a ways.
      Pickollo began walking towards Alex, with one open hand, smirking at Alex, causing him to stumble back in fear. "It's over!!" Pickollo yelled as he flew towards Alex with tremendous speed, Alex stood helplessly, covering his head with his hands, awaiting the hit, only for nothing to happen. "..." Alex looked up, seeing Pickollo with his palm in his face, mere inches away, as tears could visibly seen running down his cheek, from the fear that he was going to die. Pickollo sighed as he pulled his hand back "You failed to follow my instructions, if I was an enemy, you'd have died from that, you don't have time to cry on the battlefield, you have to give it all you've got, or you'll end up dead." He said as he helped Alex up. "I...I was too scared, I c-couldn't move..." He said as he looked down in shame.
     "Well, that's why We're training you, so you can fight fearlessly, and protect your family at the village." Alex looked up at Pickollo "I just want to be a hero like you guys, I don't wanna be a scared kid that needs to be saved every time, I want to help people." Pickollo turned away from Alex
      "Alex, we're not heroes that will show up in capes to save the day whenever there is danger, that's not how it works in the real world, we're just a minority of Warriors fighting for the Majority, there's always a chance we could die." The scene splits in half, the left half with Pickollo's face with his eyes closed, the other with him with his back to the viewer, holding a dead namekian in his arms, as he's surrounded by other massacred namekians, as Pickollo sheds a tear on the left half. "but that's a risk we're all willing to take. Nobody has the same motivations as each other, all of the other Z-Fighters fight for their own qualms and what they think is right. But there isn't always going to be a right or wrong scenario in a fight. You'll have to make sacrafices to protect the ones you love, will you be able to make those sacrafices?" Pickollo said as he walked away,"You should learn what it means to fight your own battle sometime, to better understand why we're here", Pickollo said as he made his way into the lookout, leaving Alex to think about what he said.
    Alex sat on the edge of the lookout, looking at the sky, then to his hands, "What...DO I fight for...What does Pickollo fight for? What does any of this mean?" Alex, being 10, not fully understanding of how cruel the world and people can be. Alex then sighs and lays back "Maybe some day I'll understand what fighting my own battles will mean" Alex muttered as he slowly dozed off

 [The scene changes to Pickollo inside the time chamber, fighting some mirages of himself]
  "Hopefully the kid thinks about what I told him" he said to himself, as he kicked a mirage in half, then spinning, following into a punch through another mirages head. Suddenly, Pickollo has a flashback to the scene previously described with all the other namekians, before getting sent towards the ground by a mirage, causing a large crater, struggling to get up, "Damn it all!" He said as he punched the ground as the mirages piled onto Pickollo, as a few tears hit the ground "If only I was strong enough back then!"
        The scene flickers to Pickollo walking into his home village on Namek, surrounded by corpses of his friends and family, his home burned and in shambles. Pickollo continued running through the destroyed village, then he picks up one of the corpses of a small namekian, only to see that it was one of the few friends he had.
            Pickollo began sobbing, before falling to his knees, looking up to the sky and yelling, with a mixture of anger and sorrow. The scene then flips to Pickollo doing the same as before, as tears welled down his face. Pickollo's aura flared up, the scene became silent as red electricity surged through his body, while screams could not be heard as he sends the mirages back with a ki burst...The scenes audio then returns to an echo of Pickollo's anguished screams. "Please forgive me, my brethren..." Pickollo said waveringly while clutching his fists. And the tears began to float away, as Pickollo's expression slowly returned to a normal, as he looked down at his hands, feeling an overwhelming surge of power flow over him. "What was that just now..? Was it the cries of my brethren? Or my anguish, that gave me this burst of strength...? Pickollo said as he stood up, clutched his fists and walked out of the time chamber, as the scene slowly fades to black.

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Season 1: Episode 4-"Virtue and Vice"
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