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 VOL 5: Chapter 42 - "The Transit"

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PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 42 - "The Transit"   VOL 5: Chapter 42 - "The Transit" I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2016 7:11 pm

Following the trail of blood for several miles, the Turtle School took in their surroundings as they flew across the Xerivon landscape. Lori noted that she could see several small villages were scattered throughout the land as far as the eye could see, meaning that this planet was inhabited by some undiscovered alien race, or so it seemed.

"Man, how much blood do you Saiyans have?" Konno called up towards Jaduko as he followed closely behind Lori and Lizz, Taisuka and Jaduko were located towards the front of the group.

"Not sure, apparently enough to get around for several miles." Jaduko replied as he flew up into the sky to move over a hill.

"What's that in the distance?" Lori pointed forward and the group looked towards where she was pointing, they could see tall, building-like structures pop out from beyond the horizon. "A city huh? Seiyogi and Kyuti must be there, right?"

"Let's take a look, it wouldn't hurt to check it out. Just make sure to keep an eye out for his blood trail." Jaduko answered back as his blue aura sparked around his body, he started gaining speed as the others following quickly behind with their respective aura colors as well.

Upon getting closer to the so called city, the Turtle School students flew close enough to get a closer look at the tall building-like structures. Something was off about the buildings however, they were all rectangular cube shaped and had weird, purple liquid coursing through it like veins on the human body. Jaduko looked up and down the structure and realized that the bottom of it was slammed into the ground as if someone stuck it in the planet's soil due to the ground being cracked around it.

"Maybe this is this planet's way of making buildings?" Lizz asked, scratching the back of her head. She looked around and noticed that similar structures of different heights were scattered all throughout the valley they were in.

"No, I don't think this is a city at all." Lori rested her hand underneath her chin as she studied the different structures, the purple liquid seemed to be running through the structure down into the ground's soil. "It appears that the liquid in these structures is travelling into the ground, I have a feeling something put these here to harm the planet rather than to construct a city."

"So what does that have to do with us or the Saiyans?" Konno asked with a shrug.

"Let's try to find the center of all of these structures, maybe the power source for these machines will be in there, and hopefully we can find the citizens of this planet to see what's going on." Lori replied, she motioned for Jaduko and the others to follow her as the group through in-between the machine structures that were forming this fake city to find it's source. Taisuka looked down at the ground and noticed that the blood trails left by Seiyogi were heading towards the center of these structures as well.

After a few minutes of flying, the group landed on a small plateau as they heard loud chants and machine-like noises echoing from the center of this fake city. Jaduko lifted his hand and motioned for his friends to be silent as they peeked over the ledge of the plateau and saw down into the wide-open area.

From there, the group could see a long line of people of different alien races being locked up in shackles and chained together in one massive line, forced against their will to march across the landscape, they were being guided out of this fake city by robotic machines who had similar materials as the buildings sucking life out of the planet. It's as if the alien people were slaves to these robots.

"Those.. people.." Jaduko clenched his teeth as he watched these innocent people being forced to do something they weren't willing to do.

"Look over there, you think that's the power source for all of these buildings?" Konno asked as he pointed out towards the line of slaves. Behind a huge mass of the slaves, the group could see a large metal cube that was glowing with the purple liquid, the liquid seemed to seep into the ground and travel towards all of the fake buildings, where it would be stored, recycled and pumped through the ground, used to slowly kill the living nutrients that were in the ground where the structure was.

"It's safe to say it is." Lori chimed in. She looked around and noticed that tents were set up around the area, scattered all around as if people had been living here for weeks.

"Is this... a concentration camp for those people?" Lizz asked. "That's horrible.." The others nodded their heads with their mouths open in awe at the mass amount of tents.

"Look down there, it's Seiyogi's blood!" Taisuka shouted and pointed, but was quickly shushed by Lizz who was telling him to keep his voice down. The group looked towards where Taisuka was pointing and they could see spots of blood as it traveled along the ground and led towards the line of slaves, then there was a huge puddle as it blood was scattered all around the area, but no bodies found near it.

"No sign of Seiyogi or his sister, you think something happened to them?" Lori asked Jaduko.

"I'm not sure.. but the blood looks fresh." Jaduko replied as he studied the scattered blood piles, it was as if there was a battle that had transpired in that very spot, but the slaves were forced to walk by it.

Just then, something started Jaduko as he noticed something going down near the piles of blood. The group looked down at the slaves and noticed one of them was fighting his chains and shackles, bumping into people in front and behind him in line. This alien had green and pink skin with antennae sticking out of the top of his head, pointy ears to match, and he was wearing tattered brown clothing that covered him from neck to his shins like the rest of the slaves.

"I've had enough of this!" The alien shouted as several of the robots walked up to him and barked orders in some foreign alien language. "No, you shut your mouth, I have had enough of your orders!" The alien continued to fight his shackles as the line of slaves stopped moving. All went silent except for the alien's outburst. Then it happened.

One of the robots lifted up their arms and shot a purple beam directly into the alien's chest at point blank range, starting the slaves behind him as purple blood sprayed into the air in all directions.

"Wha?!" Jaduko was startled at the scene as he and the rest of his friends widened their eyes in shock.

"Th-They're monsters...!" Lizz muttered as her mouth was wide open in shock, the robots continued blasting the alien at point blank range, their blasts were accidentally hitting nearby slaves as well, different colored blood sprayed in all directions as screams of terror echoed in the air alongside the sounds of the robotic blasters.

"I can't stand for this!" Lori shouted as she stood up from the plateau and jumped off of the ledge.

"LORI NO!" Konno shouted as he reached out to grab her, but she was too quick. Lori burst through the air as a green orb developed in her palm, she aimed it at one of the nearby tents and shot it with a small blast. The tent caught on fire and it caught the robot's attention as they stopped blasting the slaves.

"Let's help her out!" Jaduko stood up with the rest of his friends. "Konno and Taisuka, you two get down there and free those people from their chains, try to save as many of them as you can and get them as far from this battlefield. Take this bag with you, save those who are still alive." Jaduko unhooked the full Senzu Bean bag from around his belt and opened it up, he pulled out 5 beans into his hand and slid them into his gi's belt. Closing the bag, Jaduko chucked it at Konno who caught it.

"You still have these from last night?" Konno asked, he looked up and smirked. "Will do, let's go buddy." Konno patted Taisuka on the shoulder and the two burst off of the plateau towards the slaves.

"Lizz, you're with me, we have to go towards that blood and find Seiyogi and Kyuti." Jaduko continued, Lizz nodded and the two burst off from the plateau.

Lori lifted her arm up and aimed it at one of the robots, who were now lifting their arms up to blast her. She shot several ki blasts that smacked into about three or four robots, the blast tore through their metallic bodies and hit the power source inside them. Each of the robots she hit exploded as purple liquid oozed out from their circuits and onto the ground, it immediately turned into a grey, stone-like substance upon hitting the fresh air. "Anyone else?" She asked, an angry look plastered on her face as more robots gathered around to attack her.

The green alien that had started all of this had his eyes closed as he knelt on the ground in fear, he slowly opened them up and looked around as he saw purple blood, orange blood, red blood, blue blood, and multiple other colors splattered all around him from the dead slaves around him. He had miraculously survived the attack but a gaping hole was left in his left arm and part of his chest was blown off, but after a few moments of agonizing pain, the slave managed to regrow muscle and skin around the wounds as if they were brand new.

"Hey pal, you understand me right? You alright?" Konno asked as he knelt down in the pools of multicolored blood next to the alien.

"Yes, I assure you I am alright. I thank you and your allies deeply for aiding us in this catastrophe." The alien spoke out as a tear streamed down his face. He saw Taisuka out of the corner of his eye, the little boy was swiftly moving down the line of slaves, shooting a tiny ki blast into their shackles which tore the chains apart, freeing them. Opening his mouth in shock, the alien watched Taisuka free the slaves one by one, the alien was amazed at how fast he was moving, it reminded him of someone he once knew, but who? The brown spiky hair seemed all too familiar to him..

"Glad to hear." Konno shot a similar key blast into the alien's shackles which freed him. "Take this as well, looks like you need it. He pulled out a senzu bean and handed it to the alien. "I gotta go now, more aliens need more senzu."

"Wait, I must pay my debt to you and your allies, is there a way I can aid you?" The alien asked as he could feel his power restoring.

"Getting to safety would be your best bet.." Konno replied, the alien noticed one of the robots appearing behind Konno as it prepared to shoot the human. Lifting his arm up, the alien shot a purple beam at the robot which completely shattered the metal surface and imploded it's core. Konno turned around in surprise, as did some of the slaves.

"On second thought, help Lori over there with the rest of these robots, you seem to be good at taking them out, that cute girl with the black hair and orange gi needs your help." Konno had his second thought. "You got a name?"

"Yes, on my homeworld of Namek, I was named Violouh." The alien replied.

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VOL 5: Chapter 42 - "The Transit"
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