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 VOL 5: Chapter 43 - "Hidden Link"

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PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 43 - "Hidden Link"   VOL 5: Chapter 43 - "Hidden Link" I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 01, 2016 1:46 am

Raising her her right arm and bending her knees, Lori struck her signature fighting stance as she noticed several of the slave robots walking over to her, she was surrounded by what seemed like dozens upon dozens of them as they stood a whopping 5 feet taller than she did. It was understandable how these innocent aliens were taken into custody against their will, these robots were very intimidating up close. But Lori was amazed at the design of these metallic creatures rather than afraid of them.

"We gonna get to fighting or are you all just gonna stare at me all day?" Lori taunted as she scanned around to see if she could escape, there were simply too many of them for her to handle at once. Upon hearing her voice, the robots raised their metallic arms and began charging up their blasters as they locked onto Lori, each robot spoke their foreign language as small purple dots appeared on her body like a laser pointer that would show where a gun was aiming.

Lori quickly threw her arm at the ground and fired a green beam towards it, propelling herself into the air with immense speed as the blasters rapidly fired where she once stood, a massive explosion erupted from the beams colliding with each other, propelling Lori further up into the air. Doing a flip, she formed two fists and slammed them together as her knuckles aimed down at a small portion of the robots that once surrounded her.

"Kenburasuta!" She shouted, her hands began glowing green and rapidly began to fire five different beams towards the robots, each of the beams striking through the metallic chests of five different robots that fell to the ground and exploded after the attack. Quickly retaliating from the attack, the remaining robots fired purple beams up towards Lori, forcing her to dash from side to side in the air to avoid the rapid attacks. The beams were too quick for her as one of them sliced through her shoulder, blood sprayed out of the wound and she held in the pain as she continued to dodge.

Violouh, who was now free and powered back up to his maxium thanks to Konno who freed him and gave him a Senzu Bean, rushed towards the battle to help Lori. The Namekian Warrior lunged at one of the robots who was busy aiming his blaster at Lori and with one swift kick, the robot's side was completely torn through as Violouh's leg cleanly swept through the metallic surface and wiring inside of the robot. Purple liquid exploded from the opening as Violouh landed on the ground, looking at the remainder of the robots as they stopped blasting Lori to turn their attention towards him.

"Nice one!" Lori shouted down, giving Violouh a thumbs up.

"I'll take care of this lot of metalmen, you take care of the surrounding reinforcements!" Violouh shouted up at Lori, causing her to scan around and notice several other robots inbound. She watched as Konno and Taisuka quickly freed the remainder of the slaves while taking down robots who got in their way.

Violouh quickly hopped into the air as blasters shot the ground where he once stood, smoke erupted from the ground and completely covered his presence. Lori held her hands up and rapidly fired several ki blasts into the oncoming robots.

"Shimmering...." Violouh chanted as the smoke around him dispersed revealing himself holding his hands directing above his head with his palms facing each other, a purple light began to shine inbetween his palms as the robots readied their blasters.

"ARROWS!" The Namekian roared as the light shot into each of his hands causing them to light up, he clenched his fists and began throwing his arms forward one by one as a piercing, arrow-like beam rapidly pierced through the air and penetrated the metallic structure of the robots. One down, two down, Violouh didn't stop throwing his attack until he managed to cleanly knock out all of the remaining robots in the area, each of them respectively exploding. Smoke erupted from the explosions and covered the entire area causing Lori to lift her arm up and cover her face.

Once the smoke cleared, the robots were all gone with the exception of the one Violouh kicked through, which was now laying face down in the dirt, deactivated as it's purple liquid immediately solidifed upon touching the ground. Violouh panted as he noticed that he missed one final robot, he lifted his arm up and prepared to blast it to smithereens before Lori shouted down at him.

"WAIT!" She pleaded, dropping to the ground next to the robot. "Don't shoot! Let me look at the materials so we can understand who or what made these things!" This caused Violouh to drop his hand as the slaves who were now freed coughed, getting the smoke out of their lungs from Violouh's previous attack. Turning his body around, Violouh noticed Taisuka come running over towards him with a massive grin on his face.

"That attack was so cool! You really put those robots down!" The young boy laughed as he looked up towards Violouh, who returned the glance with wide eyes.

"Y-You're a lot smaller this time around, Retasu... What happened this time?" Violouh remarked as he lifted his arm up and patted Taisuka on the hair in a curious manner. Taisuka stopped laughing and rose an eyebrow.

"Retasu?" He asked. "Who's that?" Taisuka's question seemed to startle Violouh.

'Don't tell me.. This is his son?' Violouh thought to himself as felt sweat developing on his antennae as he stared down at the little boy. 'The resemblance is uncanny.. Nothing could hold this much resemblance, this boy has to be his child..'

"Nevermind my words, I mistook you for someone I have met in the past." Violouh replied. "My name is Violouh and I am very thankful for what you and your friends have done for us today." The Namekian bowed as a way of showing his gratitude. "What is your name?"

"Taisuka, it's a pleasure to meet you, Violouh." Taisuka replied as he stuck his hand out, Violouh shook the boy's hand but was startled as he felt himself being pulled by the boy. Taisuka led Violouh towards Konno who was giving Senzu Beans to a few of the slaves who were suffering fatal injuries from the attack that just transpired. The two past Lori who was bent down over the last robot's remains, she was thoroughly studying the parts.

"Your friends are alright, sir." Taisuka spoke up as he and Violouh came to a halt, Konno was happily chatting with the male and female aliens who showed their gratitude to him by rewarding him with hugs and pats on the backs, some of them were willing to go as far as kissing Konno on the cheek.

"Hey! Violouh, glad to see you're alright, you and Lori handle everything with those robots?" Konno asked as he looked inside of the Senzu Bean Bag before closing it, the once full bag was nearly gone as there were less than a dozen beans left in the bag. Violouh nodded and shifted his gaze over towards Lori, Konno peaked around Violouh and noticed her studying the robot. "She always loved technology, gets that from her parents. Back on our planet, she's part of the Macadmi Family, they specialize in technology you know." Konno spoke out to no one in particular, some of the aliens grinned as they listened to him talk.

"I don't understand." Violouh replied, causing Konno to look up at him. "You humans are treating all of us with respect and kindness, why? Are you not surprised to see all of these intergalactic races gathered in one area?" The Namekian asked as he shifted his gaze to stare at the many different races of aliens gathered around him, all of them wearing the same brown tattered clothing that he was.

"I'm not sure if you've been to Earth, but we walk around with man-sized talking animals everyday, hell, the King of our World is a talking dog for crying out loud." Konno snickered.

"Yeah, and Jaduko always taught us to respect others despite what they look like!" Taisuka chimed in. Konno jokingly grumbled in the background about how he didn't listen to jack about what Jaduko would teach him.

"Jaduko...?" Violouh questioned, raising an eyebrow as his antennae twitched.

"Yeah, he's our friend but he's not here right now, didn't you see a brown, spiky haired Saiyan fly away with a red haired girl?" Taisuka asked.

'Saiyan?!' Violouh thought as he opened his mouth in shock and widened his eyes. 'Now that seals my hunch on why you remind me so much of Retasu... but the other Saiyan this boy speaks of... could it be?'

"Don't let him confuse you, Violouh." Konno continued. "We sent those two off to go and look for a black spiky haired fellow, he's the reason we came to this planet."

One of the aliens behind Konno spoke up. "Black hair? Did he look like you guys? White skin?"

"Yeah, you seen him?" Konno asked, turning around to face the red skinned female who spoke out.

"Yuh huh, he showed up here with a smaller girl with the same color of hair just a few minutes before your group showed up, the two looked beat up badly but they began fighting with the man who was in command of all of these robots. I think they went over that way." The girl replied as she pointed off in the distance. As soon as she finished talking, a massive explosion erupted in the distance, the explosion was at least five miles away but was strong enough to send gusts of winds careening towards the concentration camp where everyone was located, the wind slammed against our heroes and the aliens forcing everyone to hold their arms up to their faces, but the wind quickly vanished.

"Taisuka, come with me! Lori, you and Violouh stay here and keep everyone safe, make sure nothing gets in or out of this camp until the two of us get back!" Konno shouted back towards Lori, who was now standing near the robot she was once investigating, Lori nodded and watched as Taisuka and Konno burst off into the sky and head towards the explosion.

"You think it's Jaduko and Lizz? Did they find Seiyogi?" Taisuka questioned as the wind pushed against his face. Konno didn't turn around to face the young boy.

"Yeah, but I have a bad feeling about that explosion.." Konno replied.

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VOL 5: Chapter 43 - "Hidden Link"
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