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 VOL 5: Chapter 44 - "Reliance"

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PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 44 - "Reliance"   VOL 5: Chapter 44 - "Reliance" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2016 1:32 am

Konno and Taisuka quickly arrived at the scene of the explosion, the two were shocked at what they saw. The two were hovering above a tiny village located in the middle of an empty wasteland, the village was in ruins as smoke rose from the destroyed houses and fires were burning away the brick and stone that once made up this beautiful village. Konno dropped to the ground with Taisuka following close behind, the two stared around in awe as nothing was heard but the faint sound of sizzling from the fires.

"JADUKO!" Konno shouted with his hands up to his mouth.

"LIZZ!" Taisuka yelled as well, the two began walking through the ruined village until suddenly stopping. Konno turned around and lifted his hand up to shush Taisuka.

"You feel that power?" Konno asked as he shifted his eyes.

"Yeah.. It's feint, but I feel it." Taisuka replied, he noticed Konno begin running causing the little boy to chase after him. The two sprinted through the ruined village as fast as they could towards the person who was emitting the power they felt. Upon arriving, they realized they felt Seiyogi's power as it softly drained from his body, along with the blood that was quickly leaking from his body, the Saiyan was laying several feet away from a severely wounded and bloody Lizz who was face down on the ground.

"LIZZ!" Konno shouted as he rushed over towards his fallen friend, he quickly grabbed Lizz's body and flipped her over, her eyes were closed as he reached down for the Senzu Bean Bag tied around his belt. Upon opening up the bag, the beans spilled onto the ground and Konno quickly picked one up and put one into her mouth, there were now only 10 Beans left. Taisuka had tears in his eyes as he watched Lizz struggle for her life. He scanned the area and noticed several alien bodies scattered across the ground, all of them dead. They weren't wearing brown clothing like the ones he and the rest saved, meaning these were aliens who lived on this planet.

"K-Konno...?" Lizz muttered as she slowly opened her eyes, her wounds quickly closed and healed themselves as she noticed her black and red haired friend standing above her. "Konno! Thank god you're here!" She had a hint of anxiety in her voice.

"Where's Jaduko?!" Konno remarked as he helped Lizz to her feet, the two of them could hear Seiyogi rustling on the ground nearby as he laid in his own puddle of blood.

"They.... t-took him... along with Kyuti..." Seiyogi's voice was raspy and his stare was blank as he stared directly into the sky, his spandex was torn in several places and his armor was completely busted. Lizz moved away from Konno and ran over to Seiyogi, kneeling down next to him.

"Seiyogi, you're gonna be alright, we can help!" Lizz shouted, much to Konno's surprise as he opened his mouth in shock. What could have happened that made Lizz want to help this guy? "Konno! Give him a Senzu Bean!"

Konno bent down and picked up all of the beans he spilled and put all but one back into the bag, he closed the bag filled with 9 Senzu Beans and his fist tightened around it. In his other hand, he clenched the bean into another fist as he looked over at the beaten Seiyogi. He didn't move to give the Saiyan the Senzu Bean.

"His family killed Klio..." Konno muttered as he firmly held onto the bean and the bag in his hands.

"Konno! He's dying!" Lizz shouted back as she felt Seiyogi reach his hand up and place it on her forearm. Lizz turned her head to stare down at Seiyogi who had tears in his eyes.

"It... d-does not ma-matter... if I live or die.." The Saiyan muttered with a raspy voice. "Just... please s-save Kyuti..." Lizz could feel his grip weakening as the life drained from his body.

Konno closed his eyes and remembered himself arriving on this planet with Jaduko and the rest of their friends, he remembered the argument he had and what Jaduko had said to him:
'Seiyogi is a brother, just like Rukiro and Klio were.' Jaduko's voice spoke out in Konno's mind as he continued his thought. 'During our fight on Earth, I learned more about him by his actions and his feelings, he's simply a caring brother who is wanting to take care of his family like Rukiro and Klio did. He risked his life to serve the Saiyan Kingdom who shaped and molded him into someone he wasn't intended to be. He only wanted a family, and his family is dead except for Kyuti... Imagine what it's like to be like him. Raised to be someone you're not and forced to do horrific acts simply because you try to fit in with your people, who have put you down your entire life. When all you want to do is protect your family!'
Konno grit his teeth as he realized he was in the wrong. "No wonder why you're always the hero.." He muttered, thinking about Jaduko.

"Take the damn bean." Konno groaned as he tossed the bean towards Lizz, who caught it and placed it inside of Seiyogi's mouth, who was still breathing.

"Chew it and swallow it, it will restore your energy." Lizz muttered as she watched Seiyogi's wounds heal themselves and his red aura started to flare around his body. Lizz helped the Saiyan stand as the two got to their feet.

"Thank you.." Seiyogi spoke up, looking at Konno who was busy looking at the ground. Konno nodded and immediately lifted his head when he heard Taisuka come running up to the group.

"Lizz, what happened here?!" Taisuka asked as he pointed around at the bodies scattered around the ruined village. Konno stared in shock as he didn't notice them before, the bodies had yellow skin color and grey spots on them, this species wasn't part of the slaveline they saved earlier. Lizz was about to open her mouth with Seiyogi spoke up.

"Zerox, he and his men are stationed on this planet." Seiyogi replied.

"Zerox? Who's that?" Konno asked as he tied the Senzu Bean bag around his belt.

"He's a fearsome space pirate and one of the commanding officers in the Planet Trade Organization. He specializes in the transportation and trading of goods such as food, money, weapons, and enslaved aliens between planets." Seiyogi continued, Konno widened his eyes along with Lizz and Taisuka, all of their mouths were open in shock as they took in this information. "He is one of the most respected officers in the organization, as he has been able to conquer multiple planets throughout the universe with the aid of his men, making it possible for him to commence in the trading."

"That's... horrible.." Konno remarked as he looked around at the corpses who were unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire. "I get it now, that's why those robots were forcing those slaves to relocate.."

"That must mean, he's the one who took Jaduko and your sister, huh?" Taisuka asked with a hint of fear in his voice. "They must have been strong if they could have captured Jaduko."

"Correct. Except it wasn't him directly, one of the members from his armored squadron was sent here to take out the village, but ran into Kyuti and I who were easily outmatched. That's when your friends came to aid us." He lifted his hand up and placed it on Lizz's shoulder, causing her to blush. "I thank you greatly, if it was not for you two, Kyuti and I would have quickly been killed."

"I think I understand now." Taisuka piped up as the others looked at him. "You dragged Kyuti to this village after crash landing on this planet in hopes of finding a place to heal up, right?" Seiyogi nodded.

"How did you know where to locate us?" Seiyogi questioned.

"Jaduko thought he would be a hero by teleporting himself to you and Kyuti because the two of you talked about a war or something." Konno chimed in, Seiyogi nodded his head.

"I understand. That means the black haired girl is here with you as well?" Seiyogi asked, Konno nodded.

"We should regroup with Lori and tell her that we found Seiyogi, we should come up with a plan to track down and save Jaduko and Kyuti." Lizz spoke up, but Seiyogi quickly shut her down.

"I agree that we should regroup, but if Zerox as employed the Armored Squadron to aid him in taking over this planet, we can't risk saving the two of them, they're unfortunately going to have to free themselves.." Seiyogi had a low tone in his voice as he looked at the ground, he knew Jaduko would be able to protect his sister. Lizz and Taisuka were confused and were about to speak up when Konno cut them off.

"He's right. If these guys are as powerful as he says they are, we gotta strategize, and no one else is better at coming up with battle plans than Lori. Let's head back." Konno floated up in the air along with the others. Taisuka burst off into the sky towards the camp where Lori and Violouh were stated with Seiyogi following close behind, Konno grabbed onto Lizz's shoulder before she could leave as well.

"Why were you so concerned with saving his hide?" Konno asked as he stared into Lizz's eyes. She had a soft gaze.

"During our fight, the four of us were severely beaten and outmatched, and me being the only human, I went down quickly. I would have been killed if..." She stopped.

"If?" Konno asked, putting the picture of her laying face down in the dirt.

"If he didn't step in front of the blast that would have hit me, I would have been a goner, he took the blast for me and the two of us were left there, wounded and left to die as Jaduko and Kyuti were taken away.. I owed him." Lizz replied.

"Well, I'm glad you're alright." Konno replied, giving Lizz a hug as he looked off towards the camp, he could see a white aura and a red aura as Taisuka and Seiyogi flew. "Guess Jaduko was right about him, he's not quite like the guys who killed Klio or Rukiro." With that, the two of them flew up into the sky and burst off towards the camp.

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VOL 5: Chapter 44 - "Reliance"
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