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 VOL 5: Chapter 45 - "Officer of Trade"

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VOL 5: Chapter 45 - "Officer of Trade" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 45 - "Officer of Trade"   VOL 5: Chapter 45 - "Officer of Trade" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2016 2:23 pm

The sounds of footsteps clanking against metal echoed through a massive hallway as an alien with blue skin and spiky red hair wearing black spandex and black Saiyan armor with gold plating quickly rushed into a massive throne room. Looking upwards, the alien could see other aliens working at technology panels scattered throughout the room, lights beeping on each panel as video played on screens showing different concentration camps, where slaves were shackled in chains and being transported by robots. In the center of the room, there were stairs that lead upwards to a huge throne that was floating in the air above the stairs as it overlooked the aliens working on the panels. The alien kneeled in front of the stairs and looked up at the throne.

"Chief Zerox! I have urgent news to report." The alien's voice echoed throughout the throne room as the beeping sounds on the panels continued to beep.

"What is it, Blast?" A chilling voice replied to the alien from the floating throne, the voice sent chills down Blast's spine. The throne slowly spun around in the air as the person sitting on it looked down at his servant.

"We have just been informed that the MetalMen in Quadrant 86-A were compromised, all of them were destroyed by an unknown force, the slaves were freed." Blast gulped as he delivered the news, he heard aliens working towards his right as they tried to get video footage of Quadrant 86-A, but the footage would not show up, as if something was cutting the signal. Aliens working at different panels rushed over and tapped multiple different buttons in anxious speed, trying to get the footage to calibrate itself.

"My, my..." The chilling voice spoke out as he stared at the broken video footage. "I should have enlisted flesh and blood to guard over these camps rather than the spare parts that Drivu dares consider 'functioning machinery'." With that, the figure lifted up a finger and pointed it at the aliens working at the panel, a grey light started to glow from his fingertip as a beam rapidly shot towards the workers, piercing one through the heart and hitting the panel, causing it to malfunction and explode. This knocked the other workers away from the panel.

"Whoops, looks like you all must work harder on trying to restore the video footage. But much like Quadrant 86-A, I no longer have any use for it." The figure stood up from his throne and the lights from the throne room's ceiling shined down over his body, revealing that the alien chief officer had a slim build. His feet, legs, hands, arms, and head were a light blue color while grey body parts were cuffed around his wrists, ankles, and chest as if they served as pieces of armor. On the gray portions, there were purple, glass-like spots that glistened in the light. "Hopefully whoever decided to tear up those pieces of scrap metal know that is is not wise to cross Zerox." The tyrant appeared to be the same race as Frieza, an evil overlord who ruled the galaxy for several centuries. (If you want to see what he looks like, just go look at Zerox' character sheet since it's hard to describe.)

"We believe the Saiyans are responsible for the purge of the MetalMen and the release of the slaves." Blast continued as he was still kneeling on the ground. He watched as Zerox's throne spun to face him and the tyrant leaned forward, his piercing red eyes stared deep into Blast's own eyes. "Er.. uh.. But we managed to capture two of them. Drivu is in charge of keeping them captive in the holding chambers."

"Good.." Zerox leaned back in his throne and Blast could feel the piercing sensation lift from his body. "I was afraid King Nunber had bitten off more than he could chew. It would not be wise to challenge the might of Ender's Armored Squadron under my rule."

"Drivu and I had ran into Seiyogi and his sister, Kyuti, in the middle of one of the Xerivonian Villages, they were aided by two other people who Drivu and I assume were Saiyan. We managed to wound Seiyogi and one of his allies who was a female, leaving them for dead while we captured Kyuti and the other ally, who seemed to give himself in to us." Blast informed Zerox of what happened.

"Seiyogi? Oh how I remember that sweet little boy, I can still feel his tail in my grasp." Zerox clenched a fist and yanked it upward as he chuckled to himself, recalling the time he tore the tail from Seiyogi's flesh. "It's a shame he was put down by someone other than myself, but I assume it's best that I don't dirty my hands on someone so little." Zerox turned his throne around so he was no longer facing Blast.

"I want to assign you a special task, Blast." Zerox continued to speak despite not looking at his servant.

"Yes, sir?" Blast questioned, he was still kneeling.

"I want you to head to the location of Quadrant 86-A, hopefully you can find the remainder of those slaves that were freed.. either capture them or put them down, whichever is easier for you to accomplish." Zerox snapped a finger and one of the aliens working on the panels threw a small device at Blast, who caught it and noticed it had small buttons on it. "Calibrate the coordinates for Quadrant 86-A so these oafs can get it's video footage back online. Is my order clear?"

"Yes, sir!" Blast shouted as he stood up and saluted the back of the throne. He held the small device in his hand as it beeped with lights.

"Dismissed." Zerox waved Blast off, the sound of Blast's footsteps echoed throughout the throne room as he left the room. Zerox peered forward at one of the screens that displayed one of the concentration camps, but the footage caught something out of the corner of Zerox's eye. He noticed four beams of light flying across the sky, one was pink, two were white, and one was red. Recognizing the red beam of light, Zerox began thinking to himself.

'Drivu and Blast failed me... Seiyogi is still alive...' Zerox thought as he watched the beams of light disappear from the screen. 'Good...' A sadistic smile spread across his face as the scene changes to a different location.

Meanwhile in the holding chambers, Jaduko slowly opened his eyes, his vision was blurry and he couldn't stare straight. Trying to lift his hands up to rub his eyes, Jaduko realized his wrists were shackled to someone else behind his back as he sat on the ground, someone else was behind him.

"Stop moving, I'm shackled to you so I feel everything, it's annoying!" Kyuti muttered, trying to be quiet. The two were in a metallic jail cell, nothing was in the room except for the two and their shackles that were attached to the floor, restricting the two from standing up and moving.

"Oh, sorry, where are we?" Jaduko asked, Kyuti bumped him in the shoulder using one of her arms and she tilted her head to the right. Jaduko looked to his left and noticed four different guards standing in front of their cell with their backs turned. "Oooh, that's why we're being quiet." The two of them had dried blood on their skin and their outfits were torn, in several places, Jaduko's gi had a few cuts but nothing too major and Kyuti's spandex was cut as well, her armor was completely destroyed with the exception of her left chest plate and shoulder plate.

"Help me break free from these chains, but be quiet." Kyuti instructed as she struggled lifting her arms up against the chains in the floor. Jaduko quietly did the same and with their combined strength, the two silently ripped the chains from the ground, leaving a gaping hole in the center of the room.

"Not bad, we make a pretty good team huh?" Jaduko joked with his back turned to Kyuti. He couldn't see her roll her eyes as she continued to struggle with the chains.

"Pull away from me, let's rip through these chains." Kyuti ordered as she moved forward, pushing away from Jaduko. The two pushed away from each other and the chains eventually broke due to their Saiyan strength. Now free, Jaduko and Kyuti looked at each other but as a result of freeing themselves, the shackles dropped to the ground, causing a loud 'CLANG'.

Turning around after hearing the clang, the guards noticed Jaduko and Kyuti standing up, rubbing their wrists. One of the guards lifted up a machine and blew into it, a loud and high pitched sound rang through the holding chambers as sirens began blaring.

"Space whistle?" Jaduko joked, looking at Kyuti in approval. Kyuti ignored Jaduko's joke and lifted her hand up, it began glowing brown as a beam charged up in her hand. With a shout, she punched through the jail cell and knocked the guards into a nearby wall, knocking them all unconscious with a huge explosion. Jaduko whistled as he watched the guards drop to the ground.

"Nice shot." Jaduko gave Kyuti a thumbs up but was cut off.

"We can't waste our time with useless flirting, follow me so we can escape." Kyuti instructed as she began running off. Jaduko exited the cell and started chasing after her. Reinforcements were charging to the holding cells as the two Saiyans burst through each of them as if they were bowling pins.

"You know the way out?" Jaduko questioned as he kept running past the now unconscious guards. But he now had an uneasy feeling as he sensed something coming.

Kyuti was about to reply when Jaduko quickly grabbed onto her arm and pulled her back as the two fell to the ground, electricity erupted from the ground where she once stood as a single bolt of electricity moved through the metallic floor and walls. A figure dropped from the ceiling out of no where and looked at the two Saiyans who quickly got to their feet. The figure was wearing blueish-grey spandex and had white Saiyan gloves, boots, and armor on that had silver plating instead of gold. On the armor's stomach plating, a red circle with grey lines extending out from it was displayed. Jaduko studied the figure's appearance but was shocked when he noticed it wasn't human, nor any kind of alien he'd met today. It seemed to be pure machine as the figure's face had the structure of a human, but instead of facial features, coding and electricity surged through like it was just one large screen. A grey hood with gold plating extended from the back of the figure's Saiyan armor and covered the figure's technological head.

"I know a way out." The figure retorted in a robotic voice. Jaduko turned his head to see what Kyuti's reaction was and was shocked to see her standing in utter fear. Jaduko turned his head and noticed the name 'Drivu' plastered on the left chest plate of the armor.

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VOL 5: Chapter 45 - "Officer of Trade"
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