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 VOL 5: Chapter 46 - "Technological Terror"

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VOL 5: Chapter 46 - "Technological Terror"  Empty
PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 46 - "Technological Terror"    VOL 5: Chapter 46 - "Technological Terror"  I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2016 4:22 pm

Jaduko remained still as he stared down Drivu, all was silent except for the sounds of electricity travelling through the metallic walls and the coding in Drivu's face making quiet beeping noises.

"So who are you?" Jaduko asked, he was curious as to why Kyuti was shocked to see this man, or in this case machine.

"I am Drivu." His robotic voice rang out towards Jaduko. "I am a member of Ender's Armored Squadron, however my Squadron is currently under the command of Zerox as he plans to enslave this planet and trade it off." Drivu's face was blue as the coding began to copy itself faster and faster.

"Oh yeah? Well, we aren't gonna let that slide. Right Kyuti?" Jaduko asked, looking over at Kyuti, who was no longer stunned in fear.

"Don't treat this man like a child, Son of Shishito." Kyuti barked. "He is one of highest ranking soldiers in the Planet Trade Organization and like their Squadron name suggests, he is commandeered by one of the Four Lords of the Universe.."

"But he's not a man, he's a machine." Jaduko retorted.

Drivu's blue face turned red as the beeping sound in his head started to blare like a siren, he seemed upset at Jaduko calling him a machine. Lifting his hand up and pointing his palm at the Saiyan who insulted him, red electricity sparked from his palm and exploded out towards Jaduko. Kyuti lunged in front of him and held her hands up as a brown dome surrounded the two of them.

"You idiot! You tripped his sensors!" Kyuti shouted back as she struggled to hold the barrier against the devastating electricity.

"Was... Was that a joke?" Jaduko asked, blinking. Kyuti ignored him as the electricity dissolved around the two of them. Dropping her barrier, Kyuti shot from her position towards Drivu, throwing a punch towards his stomach.

With lightning fast speed, Drivu lifted his arms up and blocked the punch with both of his wrists, but the force of the punch sent him skidding backwards across the metallic ground. Drivu looked up and noticed Kyuti lunging at him once again. Her face was several inches away from his as she grit her teeth and glared at him. Her fist reeled up behind her as she thrust it forward and started punching the robot with intense speed. Jaduko blinked as he watched Kyuti's astounding speed, it was as if she had a dozen fists, all flailing at the robot at once.

However none of her punches were successful, Drivu was too quick for her as he lifted his hands up and blocked every single one of her punches in his palms. After a few moments of Kyuti trying to penetrate his forces, Drivu threw his arms to the side, hitting into both of Kyuti's arms causing her to go off balance. She dropped to the ground and placed her hands on the metallic floor, kicking upwards towards Drivu's head. Catching Kyuti's foot, Drivu twisted his body and threw Kyuti threw a wall as electricty exploded from it. Drivu stepped into the hole in the wall and followed after Kyuti.

'Their speed was amazing.' Jaduko thought as he levitated above the ground and flew after the two. 'I can't sense that guy's energy, but I can sense Kyuti's dropping fast. I have to hurry!' He flew into the hole and realized it led into a huge airshaft that dropped nearly 50 feet. 'Kyuti's down this airshaft, she can't handle this guy alone.'

With that, Jaduko dropped down the airshaft, the walls seemed to get closer and closer as he fell until he landed perfectly on the ground with a 'THUD'.

"KYUTI!" Jaduko shouted as he looked around, he realized he was in a huge and open room with a generator with purple liquid spinning around inside of it in the center of the room, pipes connected to the generator and traveled along the ceiling and down the walls until they penetrated the ground of the generator room, where the pipes led was unknown.

Upon noticing the generator, Jaduko could see Kyuti's body go flying up in the air as yellow electricity smacked into her armor, she let out a scream and her body was sent flying towards the ground. The yellow electricity turned orange and flew around the air, smacking her in the back and knocking her into a nearby wall. Kyuti's back hit the surface and she slid down the smooth surface until she landed on the ground. Jaduko noticed the liquid in the generator change color along with the electricity that was attacking Kyuti.

"Kyuti, don't bother attacking that guy head on, since he's a machine he can't feel pain!" Jaduko shouted towards Kyuti, who lifted her head to stare at Jaduko. Upon hearing Jaduko say the word 'machine' the lightning that was about to attack Kyuti began to transform, with a blinding explosion of light, Drivu revealed himself once again as he stared at Jaduko in anger.

"Oh sorry, did I short one of your circuits?" Jaduko taunted with a laugh. Kyuti groaned as she got to her feet, whether it was from pain or from Jaduko's joke, no one knew. Drivu turned his body and looked at Jaduko, the coding in his face was duplicating itself as fast as lightning.

"What would you do if I snipped one of the wires on your precious generator? You'd like that.. wouldn't you?" Jaduko glared at Drivu. Kyuti, who was impressed with Jaduko's serious tone, turned her head and noticed the liquid powering the generator was changing colors alongside the color coding in Drivu's face.

"Jaduko, I'll handle the generator, you hold him off!" Kyuti shouted as she got to her feet.

"She called me by my name? How sweet, I think she's starting to like me." Jaduko grinned as he watched Drivu lunge towards him. Jaduko yelled as he lifted up an arm and blocked Drivu's punch, electricity exploded around the two of them as Jaduko's hair flared from the power surge around him. The scene changes once more..

"Gah!" Lori shouted as she lifted herself from the ground, she was still studying the robot that Violouh managed to tear through back at the concentration camp. "This damn thing shocked me! I've never had that happen before..." She went silent as Violouh and the other slaves watched her work in awe. "Alien technology is so cool!" She beamed as she continued digging through the parts, dissecting the robot and laying the parts out on the ground next to her.

Violouh lifted his hand and placed it on his forehead as he watched Lori work, he heard shouting come from the sky which caused him to look up. He watched as Taisuka drop to the ground a few yards away, Seiyogi, Konno, and Lizz followed him as the group reunited. Lori lifted her head from the robot and noticed her friends dropping to the ground.

"You guys are alright, thank god!" Lori shouted as she dropped the robot parts and ran over to them. "I'm glad you guys managed to find Seiyogi." She continued but noticed the blood on Lizz's arms and clothing.

"Don't worry about the blood," Lizz spoke up. "In return for Seiyogi, we lost Jaduko and Kyuti, we were ambushed and the two of them were taken away, we don't know where they could have gone."

"And even if we did, Seiyogi said we shouldn't follow after them." Konno chimed in. Seiyogi nodded as he watched Lori walk up to him.

"I hope you know that Jaduko risked his life to come here and protect you." Lori shot a death glare into Seiyogi's eyes, who returned the glance. "You better be appreciative of what he does."

"Of course. He is my ally for now after all." Seiyogi replied, Lori broke her glare and turned around, bending down to continue messing with the robot parts on the ground.

"Hey guys, remember those buildings we saw earlier?" Taisuka piped up, causing everyone to look at him. "Look over at them, something happened to the purple liquid!"

Lori turned her head away from the robot parts and looked up at the huge rectangular structure from earlier, everyone else looked up as well and they all noticed the purple liquid that used to be seeping into the ground was now stopping it's flow as the liquid slowly hardened and turned from purple liquid to grey stone. The ground around the rectangular structure was once dead due to the nutrients being extracted through the liquid, but upon turning to stone, the liquid released the nutrients back into the soil as grass quickly re-grew around the structure, the grass had a nice, bright jade coloring to it to match the planet's water color, which was dark jade.

"Wow, it stopped!" Lizz shouted in awe as she saw life start to replenish around the structure. The slaves rejoiced and shouted in glee.

Little did the group know that this was due to Kyuti destroying one of the generator pipes during her and Jaduko's fight with Drivu. The liquid in the generator stirred faster as the pipe was destroyed, but the liquid quickly hardened over the holes to stop liquid from leaking onto the ground. Kyuti watched the liquid harden as she turned around to see Jaduko fighting Drivu.

Jaduko kicked Drivu in the chest and sent him flying back, sparks of electricity exploded from him as Kyuti destroyed the pipe, it was as if it hurt him in some way.

"Keep destroying the generator Kyuti! I have no clue what it's doing but it's working!" Jaduko shouted as he lunged towards Drivu. The liquid in the generator seemed to be the power source of the liquid that was killing the planet, and each pipeline lead to a certain location.. sadly there were dozens of more pipes left to be destroyed.

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VOL 5: Chapter 46 - "Technological Terror"
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