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 VOL 5: Chapter 47 - "Prelude to Conflict"

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VOL 5: Chapter 47 - "Prelude to Conflict" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 47 - "Prelude to Conflict"   VOL 5: Chapter 47 - "Prelude to Conflict" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2016 6:13 pm

With life returning to the area one by one as each structure that penetrated the landscape slowly started to corrode after Kyuti destroyed the generator pipeline that connected to this area. Konno turned his attention away from the large structures and searched for Violouh, who was busy calming the joyous aliens.

"Hey, Violouh." Konno called out, causing Violouh to turn around. "We appreciate your help, how'd things go here, everyone safe and sound?"

"Indeed. It was no trouble at all." Violouh replied. "I have been keeping everyone under control while your friend tinkers on the MetalMan."

"So that's what they're called, huh?" Lizz remarked as she knelt down next to Lori and looked at the parts. "You figure anything out, Lori?"

"Aside from me tinkering around with the robotic parts, I stumbled upon something pretty disturbing... take a look." Lori replied as she tapped the robot's head, which immediately rolled off of it's metallic shoulders and began rolling across the ground. Violouh placed his foot on top of the head to keep it from moving any further. "Violouh, would you do the honors?" Lori asked.

Violouh nodded and bent down, ripping off the top half of the robotic skull, he reached inside of the head and pulled out a small device as purple liquid squirted from the opening of the head before solidifying on the ground. The device was small enough to fit in the palm of Violouh's hand and had a mass amount of buttons that beeped and started pulsating with lights. Tapping one of the buttons, Violouh dropped the device on the ground as a holographic map shot up into the air and covered a large portion of the sky directly above the group of heroes and aliens. Red dots appeared all over the map, one of them had a green ring around it.

"What... does this mean?" Seiyogi questioned, staring up at the map.

"I've taken the time to study this map and I realized the red dots are other concentration camps around the planet, much like this one, the dot with the green ring around it is the camp we are currently located." Lori replied.

"What?! There are easily a hundred of those camps on this planet!" Konno shouted in shock as he and the others stared up at the map.

"So this is how Zerox manages to keep control of his robotic minions." Seiyogi remarked as he hovered in the air and flew closer to the map. "You stated we are located in this camp, correct?" Seiyogi questioned as he pointed at the red dot with the green ring around it. Lori nodded. "Hmm.. That must mean my Saiyan Pod is located somewhere around... here..." Seiyogi shifted his finger down the map and pointed at a random portion of land a few miles South-West of the camp's location.

Seiyogi dropped to the ground and lifted his hand up to his chin.

"So what does that mean? We found your pod earlier but it was in the middle of nowhere." Konno questioned.

"Exactly. I have a feeling if Zerox knows of us disposing of his robots, he'll send his Armored Squadron after us, especially if he knows I'm alive." Seiyogi retorted.

"If we lead all of these aliens over to your pod and let's say, we find a place to hide, we can safely rescue all of the slaves without notifying this Zerox guy, right?" Lori continued.

"Correct, but we have to move quickly. I fear Zerox has already sent someone to check on this camp. We'll have to confront him and his men eventually so it's best to stowaway and prepare." Seiyogi replied.

"Now that you mention it, I feel a large power coming this way. We should get moving." Taisuka added in as he looked off in the North-Eastern direction of the camp.

"You heard the Saiyans, everyone stick together and follow Seiyogi!" Violouh began ordering everyone as the spiky haired Saiyan levitated in the air and slowly escorted the aliens out of the camp.

"You really think this will work?" Konno looked down at Lori as the aliens rushed past him so they could quickly escape the campsite. "I doubt we'll be able to keep a whole planet full of slaves in one small area for long..."

"We have to trust Seiyogi on this, he's the one who knows the most about that guy so let's just go with the flow for now." Lori replied as she picked up the holographic map device and tapped a button, causing the map to disappear back into it. She looked up in the sky and noticed it turning from a slightly grey color to a bright orange color signifying that the sun was setting. "We can use this to locate the other camps and rescue more aliens."

"I can't believe Jaduko got us into all of this and had the audacity to get himself taken into captivity..." Konno muttered as he and Lori abandoned the robot and began following the long line of aliens. Seiyogi, Violouh, Taisuka, and Lizz were leading the pack towards the Saiyan Pod.

"You know how strong and intelligent Jaduko is, he may act like a child sometimes, but I have a feeling he let himself get captured so he could get a picture on what's going on here." Lori replied. "Either he'll come up with a plan, or hold Zerox and his front forces off long enough for us to rescue all of the slaves."

"Yeah, well..." Konno muttered as everyone made it out of the camp and began their trek across the Xerivonian Landscape. "I'm worried about him. What if these guys are too much and he ends up dead?"

"He'll come through and protect us all like he usually does, just you wait." Lori assured as the sun continued to set.

Several hours would pass and the sun would completely drop behind the horizon, turning the orange sky into a pitch black drape that covered the entire planet, stars weren't visible from this planet but to make up for light from the stars, this planet had three moons orbiting around it.

Blast flew over the Xerivonian Landscape, scanning it with the device that device that Zerox had bestowed upon him. He stopped flying once he arrived over Quadrant 86-A, but he quickly realized something was wrong. Dropping to the ground, Blast landed in a patch of bright jade colored grass, he bent down and ripped some of the grass leaves from the ground, lifting it up to his nose. Taking a sniff and realizing how fresh it smelt, Blast dropped the leaves on the ground and lifted up his device, he tapped a few buttons and twisted a few dials until beeping was heard from the device.

Back in Zerox's throne room, Zerox who was unaware of the fight ensuing in the generator room between Jaduko and Drivu, was busy watching over the multiple different screens as he watched slaves cry and trip in line, he seemed to be amused at the different reactions coming out of the hundreds upon hundreds of slaves he had scattered throughout the planet. One of the alien servants called up to Zerox.

"Chief Zerox, we have an incoming transmission from Blast! He made it to Quadrant 86-A!" The alien called.

"Put him on the screen." Zerox instructed, a few of the aliens twisted a few dials and tapped buttons on their panels and a massive screen appeared in front of Zerox's throne, on the screen there was footage of Blast, the footage seemed to be coming from the device he was holding. "Mission report?"

"Chief Zerox, I have located Quadrant 86-A and have calibrated it's coordinates as per request." Blast spoke through the device in his hand, he could see footage of Zerox inside of a small screen on his device, it's like the two were chatting on video.

"Yes, I can see that, Blast. Thank you for your hard work, I'll make sure it goes into your paycheck." Zerox remarked, but Blast wasn't finished.

"I have bad news for you, sir. Take a look." Blast lifted up his device and pointed it at one of the rectangular structures sticking out of the ground, grass could be seen growing around it Zerox could see that the purple liquid was now completely solidified inside of the structure.

"What?!" Zerox shouted. "Who is responsible for halting the Etheran Fluid?!" He was calling the purple liquid by it's scientific name.

"I am not sure who, sir, but there's more. All of the robots have been destroyed, except for one, which appears to have been dissected and torn apart." Blast moved the device so Zerox could see around the area, not a slave or robot was in site except for one laying on the ground, the one Lori was tinkering with. "It's head has been torn off and ripped open, the Coordination Map device appears to have been taken."

Zerox grit his teeth as he stared at the torn apart robot. "I will need to have a word with Drivu about these robots.. your assistance has been noted, Blast, finish up there and return to the ship." Revealing that the throne room was part of a space ship, meaning Jaduko and Kyuti were in the generator room for the entire ship.

"Yes, sir." Blast replied as Zerox waved at the screen and the footage disappeared.

"Chief Zerox, we have urgent news. The two Saiyans captured from the Xerivonian Village have escaped their holding cells and currently in the generator room. Drivu is currently trying to apprehend the two of them." One of the aliens called up to Zerox as footage of the fight between Jaduko and Drivu displayed on the screen in front of Zerox from one of the security cameras in the room. "Shall we send reinforcements to capture them?"

"No, no..." Zerox remarked, waving the alien off as he kept his eyes glued towards the screen. "Drivu can handle those insects. I wish to watch and see what transpires." He watched as Jaduko and Drivu exchanged blows with one another, electricity flying around the room. But what caught his eye was the Saiyan girl sneaking around the generator, destroying the pipes connecting to the walls, it was Kyuti.

'So Seiyogi's sibling is destroying the pipes containing the Etheran Fluid so it can no longer infect the planet, hmm?' Zerox thought to himself as he sadistically smiled while watching the screen. 'It appears I have underestimated Seiyogi and his allies..' He chuckled.

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VOL 5: Chapter 47 - "Prelude to Conflict"
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