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 VOL 5: Chapter 48 - "Freedom vs. Control"

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VOL 5: Chapter 48 - "Freedom vs. Control" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 48 - "Freedom vs. Control"   VOL 5: Chapter 48 - "Freedom vs. Control" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2016 9:17 pm

"You know, it's a hell of a lot faster to fly." Konno panted as he walked behind the group of alien refugees alongside Lori, making sure none of the aliens were left behind.

"Quit complaining, we're almost there." Lori jokingly punched Konno in the arm and the two laughed with one another, they had been walking for over an hour and a half trying to cover the Xerivonian Landscape in a hurry to try and outrun Zerox's men.

"We're almost there!" Seiyogi shouted back towards Konno and Lori, Konno lifted a thumbs up and continued walking. The group would walk for another half an hour before Taisuka perked his ears up.

"Everyone stop!" He shouted, the aliens beneath her stopped walking, some bumped into each other. Seiyogi, Violouh, and Lizz all turned around and gave him a funny look.

"If you need to take a bathroom break, just go behind some rocks and catch up." Lizz was concerned with Taisuka's sudden outburst, but Taisuka shook his head.

"I feel something.." He closed his eyes and pointed off in the distance, towards Seiyogi's space pod which was at least another mile and a half away. "I can sense nearly a dozen power levels gathered together. We should approach with caution."

'This kid's energy sensing is astounding!' Seiyogi thought to himself as he carefully looked at Taisuka and stared off in the direction of where he was pointing. 'Could Zerox know we're already heading to my pod, did he plan an ambush...? Or were some of his men just lucky to stumble upon it... I'm not sure.'

"We shall approach with caution from here forth." Violouh shouted over the group of aliens, they would walk for another twenty minutes before reaching the mountain range that Seiyogi's pod crash landed in. Violouh and Lizz led the group towards the nearby mountains to find a safe hiding place while Taisuka and Seiyogi stealthily made their way towards the crater.

"Can you sense how many people there are?" Seiyogi asked as the two crept towards the crater, they could hear talking down by the pod.

"There are about eight people down there, all of them are very weak so they shouldn't be an issue." Taisuka spoke as the two kneeled down and peered into the crater, he was right, there were eight men in Saiyan armor investigating the inside of the pod and the blood around it.

"You're pretty good at that power sensing thing kid, you should teach me it sometime." Seiyogi joked, Taisuka cringed when Seiyogi let out a chuckle as he stood up. "FOOLS!" Seiyogi shouted down into the crater causing Taisuka to scramble to his feet next to him. The men inside of the crater fell as they looked up at Seiyogi in fear.

"You dare look through my Saiyan pod?!" Seiyogi shouted as the men looked at each other.

"Is that the Saiyan that Zerox warned us about?" One of them said, the others nodded and they all readied their blasters up at Seiyogi. Without any warning, beams shot up towards the two Saiyans which forced Seiyogi and Taisuka to jump backwards out of the way. Zerox's soldiers rushed out of the crater and onto solid land as they readied their blasters again.

"You all made a mistake by coming out of that crater, now I don't need to worry about busting my pod." Seiyogi chuckled as he lifted his arms up in the air and held both them at his sides. His fists began glowing red as orbs of lights started pulsating from them.

"Stand your ground, men!" One of the soldiers shouted as their blasters began to charge power for another beam.

"FLASH BANG!" Seiyogi shouted as he thrust his arms forward and moved his hands together, upon touching one another, his hands exploded with blinding power and shot out a massive red beam that shot forward, hitting into all of the soldiers, their screams of pain slowly vanished in the beam's energy pulsating sounds until everything went silent. Taisuka blinked as the attack nearly blinded him, guess the name of the attack means something after all.

"Well... now that that's taken care of, I guess we should regroup with the rest, I can sense them this way." Taisuka tried coaxing Seiyogi along, glad that he didn't use that devastating attack on Jaduko back on Earth. Seiyogi levitated into the air and followed Taisuka off towards the nearby mountain range.

Upon searching through the mountains, the two Saiyans found the aliens already setting up a camp in an open passageway between the mountains, a perfect hiding place when hiding from people who can't sense energy. Taisuka dropped to the ground with Seiyogi following closely behind. Konno walked up to the two of them as the aliens chatted behind them, setting up tents gathered from the previous campsite and seeming to have a fun time.

"I could hear your attack from all the way over here. Sounded powerful." Konno smirked as he lifted up a hand towards Seiyogi. "I got to thinking while the two of you showed those chumps what a Saiyan is capable of, and I know I've been rough on you recently, but..."

"Stop right there." Seiyogi interrupted, I know exactly how you feel, and I apologize for what my brother did to yours." He lifted his hand and firmly grasped onto Konno's, shaking it up and down. "I promise I will aid you return your brother to the living world." Seiyogi nodded as Konno smiled and nodded as well, the two men seemed to be getting along after all.

"Get a room already, you two." Lori joked as she walked up to the two of them. She seemed to be getting accustomed to Seiyogi's company, Taisuka laughed at her joke. "We have business to attend to." She reached in her gi's belt and pulled out the device containing the holographic map, she tapped a button and threw it on the ground as the map shot up into the sky. Serving as a holographic canopy over the empty area as it fit perfectly between the mountains. Lori floated up in the air so she was above everyone.

"Alright everyone, listen up!" Lori shouted, getting everyone's attention. She floated over to the top right of the map and pointed towards a huge cluster of red dots. "I assume Zerox's base is located somewhere around here, due to the mass amount of camps located here it would be easier for him to watch over them all from a certain place of interest." She then floated over towards the green ring, which was now in the middle of no where, a green checkmark replaced the red dot that represented the concentration camp where the heroes were just located. "I figured out how to edit this map to my liking, so I managed to make the green ring move wherever we move, I also managed to change the red dots into green checkmarks to show which camps have already been freed." She paused for a moment before continuing. "Unfortunately, I also programmed red x's into the device indicating what camps we were unable to save."

"I think she's having a little too much fun with this alien technology stuff." Konno bent over and whispered in Taisuka's ear, who nodded.

"Back to Zerox's base however, I assume Jaduko and Kyuti are being held captive there, but knowing the two of them, I'm sure they can handle themselves and take care of the camps on that end of the planet, for us however, we will split into two groups and slowly move from camp to camp, freeing as many slaves as possible and bringing them back here. The group that heads North-East towards Zerox's base will consist of Konno, Lizz, and Taisuka."

"Alright, I get to take the fight straight to Zerox!" Konno clenched his fist. Taisuka cheered alongside him.

"No, you fool, we aren't heading to Zerox immediately.." Seiyogi retorted, listening to Lori.

"The second group will consist of Violouh, Seiyogi, and I. We will be heading South-West and taking care of those camps." She flew back and forth across the map indicating who would go where and who would do what, but she found herself back at the green ring.

"Our reason for splitting up into two teams is to increase our speed and distance in freeing these people from their enslavement while avoiding Zerox's men. I believe if we save as many camps as we can and slowly make our way towards Zerox's base, Jaduko and Kyuti can take him out from the inside while we are their reinforcements. Since I will not be here to protect you all, I enlisted a group of the strongest aliens here to protect each other incase of an emergency, no one is allowed to leave this base of operations without permission from myself. Understand?"

"YEEAH!!" Everyone shouted in confidence, the aliens were glad they were being saved and treated as people rather than objects. The groups of aliens that were assigned to protect the rest stood up, they were all buff and knew how to fight, they chanted with the rest of the aliens.

"Alright, then break!" Lori shouted as she tapped the button on the device, the map sucked itself back into the device and the two teams flew up into the air, splitting apart and heading towards their assigned destinations.

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VOL 5: Chapter 48 - "Freedom vs. Control"
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