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 VOL 5: Chapter 49 - "The Etheran Fluid - Shutdown Drivu!"

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VOL 5: Chapter 49 - "The Etheran Fluid - Shutdown Drivu!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 49 - "The Etheran Fluid - Shutdown Drivu!"   VOL 5: Chapter 49 - "The Etheran Fluid - Shutdown Drivu!" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 02, 2016 10:50 pm

"ATOMIC SLICER!" Kyuti yelled as her right arm was engulfed in a brown aura, the aura formed a knife-like beam as she sliced her arm down and chopped a few of the generator's pipes. Purple liquid (which we now know that it's called 'Etheran Fluid') exploded from the pipes, but immediately solidified itself upon touching the air.

With each pipe that Kyuti destroyed, Drivu was significantly weakened, allowing him to be pushed around by Jaduko with ease. The Saiyan seemed to be enjoying himself as electricity was now filling the entire room. Jaduko spun in the air and delivered a kick onto Drivu's neck, sending him flying across the room where he smacked head first into a wall.

"You better put up more of a fight, this is getting boring!" Jaduko taunted as he scratched his nose, he shouldn't have opened his mouth because as soon as he stopped talking, the electricity in the room shot towards Jaduko, hitting his body at full force and shocking him in the process. "RUAGHH!" Jaduko groaned in pain as he felt electricity course through his veins, the sheer power began ripping at his gi, slightly tearing it in random places. Kyuti turned her attention towards Jaduko and watched as he screamed in pain.

"Jaduko!" She shouted, her experience in battle alongside Jaduko made her see him as a different person, someone she could respect rather than something to aid her people in war. She sliced through another one of the generator's pipelines as Etheran Fluid spurt out from the hole, solidifying like it usually did. Drivu roared in pain as the electricity around Jaduko disappeared, he dropped to the ground and panted as blood dripped onto the floor. He looked over at Kyuti who returned a glance and he gave her a thumbs up.

"Looks like... we found your weakness, huh?" Jaduko remarked as he watched Drivu get to his feet. "Guess we gotta save a few of those pipes to keep you at bay, you're strong." Jaduko complimented his enemy as he got to his feet, he wiped blood from his mouth and clenched his fists as Drivu lunged forward for an attack.

"You dare destroy-troy-troy my own creation?" Drivu's robotic voice seemed to be malfunctioning from the loss of power as he threw a punch towards Jaduko's face, the Saiyan quickly blocked the punch and recoiled from the attack, slamming his forehead into Drivu's 'head'. The screen that replaced his face transitioned from an orange color to a bright green color.

"Your creation? So you're the one who created those robots?" Jaduko asked as he remembered Lori blasting one through the chest and purple liquid flying out from it's circuits.

"Of course-se-se-se" Drivu replied as his hand began to morph into a metallic spike, he thrust the spike into Jaduko's leg. Jaduko roared from the pain as the electricity in the room gravitated towards the spike, shooting into his leg. Jaduko screamed even louder as Kyuti took initiative and destroyed another one of the generator's pipelines. Drivu's hand reverted back to normal and Jaduko kicked him away as the electricity dispersed from the two of them.

"Y-You're also the one.... responsible f-for those huge structures stuck in the ground...." Jaduko spoke through pants as he held onto his leg, which was leaking blood. Drivu's green face was now back to his original blue color as the coding on his face was messy and no longer coordinated, just a bunch of random numbers and patterns glitching rapidly. The machine nodded. Jaduko grit his teeth as he seemed to be over the pain in his leg, he slowly started walking forward towards Drivu as he continued to speak. Smoke slowly floated upwards from Jaduko's clothes and body due to the mass amount of electricity pouring into his body.

"This planet... it's dying because of you, you and your irresponsible excuse for a leader are killing this planet, murdering it's people, and enslaving innocent civilians from separate planets for your own personal gain!" Jaduko roared over the electricity causing Drivu to stumble backwards. "I'LL RIP YOU APART! SHOW YOU HOW IT FEELS!" Jaduko lunged forward and held his hand out, a blue light emitted from his palm as he shot an incredibly powerful barrage of ki blasts into Drivu's body, smoke erupted from the robot as he went flying back into the wall behind him. Jaduko kept laying into Drivu with the blasts for a few seconds as Kyuti watched in shock.

Once the smoke cleared, Jaduko wasn't surprised to see Drivu standing perfectly fine.

"You expec-pec-pected that to harm me?" Drivu taunted as his blue face was now a bright shade of yellow.

"No, but I know something that will. Kyuti!" Jaduko turned his head and looked over at Kyuti, who nodded and destroyed another pipeline, there were only three more pipes and the generator itself remaining. Drivu moaned in pain and dropped to the ground. Jaduko continued walking towards him.

"I came to this planet for one purpose, that purpose was to help my friends." Jaduko had a serious glare on his face as he walked towards the robot. Kyuti widened her eyes as she heard the word 'friends'. Jaduko continued to speak. "You, your boss, and those slave camps just gave me another reason to kick your ass!" Jaduko shouted as he grabbed Drivu by the neck and lifted him up. Kyuti destroyed two more of the pipes, harming Drivu to the point where he could no longer move. His face slowly transitioned from yellow to purple, his face began to blink like a siren but didn't make any noise.

"I could kill you and feel no remorse, you're just a machine, forced to do what your leader tells you to do.." Jaduko glared at Drivu's lifeless face as it's purple color blinked rapidly. Kyuti was ready to slice the last pipe before Jaduko continued to speak.

"Those pipes contain the liquid that controls you, your robots, and those large structures killing the planet, right?" Jaduko asked. Drivu couldn't speak, instead words appeared on his face, the words read 'Yes'.

"So I'm assuming that generator is what's keeping you alive, huh? It's what's powering the ship and the purple liquid flowing through the planet?" Jaduko continued, the word 'Yes' flashed onto Drivu's face once more. "I could end your life by destroying that generator..." Jaduko's voice slowly lowered in tone as he dropped Drivu on the ground.

"But I'm not going to." Jaduko turned around and looked at Kyuti, who took the hint and destroyed the last pipeline connecting the generator to the ship's Etheran Fluid. "Your purple liquid is no more, meaning this planet will no longer die."

Drivu's face stopped blinking and it turned completely blue once more, but he was no longer able to move or speak due to the massive decrease in Etheran Fluid in his systems. Jaduko turned his head towards the generator and noticed the purple liquid was completely gone from the glass over the top of the generator, nothing but blue electricity sparked around. It was Drivu's life force. Zerox was using the Etheran Fluid to control Drivu and persuade him to create those robots and structures that brought harm to this planet.

"I'll let you live, I'd like to fight you again, you were pretty fun!" Jaduko grinned and scratched the back of his head as he looked down at Drivu. Kyuti's arm blade faded as she looked up at the generator and back at Jaduko, she was amazed at his actions. He let this machine live just like he did with herself and Seiyogi, he couldn't want to be friends with this machine could he? Or was he just a good person who disliked death and cherished life, no matter who or what the person was? She noticed Jaduko look at her and give her a thumbs up. Instead of ignoring him, she returned the thumbs up and gave him a smile.

However the two Saiyan's victory was quickly cut short as a voice came on over the loud speaker in the generator room. The two could hear slow clapping echo throughout the room. Jaduko clenched his fists and looked around the room, Kyuti did the same.

"What a hero you are, Son of Shishito!" The chilling voice echoed throughout the room. Jaduko rose an eyebrow after hearing that name but Kyuti widened her eyes and opened her mouth in shock, she recognized the voice.

"My name is Zerox, I'm sure you have heard of me, cause I've heard plenty of you, hero!" Zerox taunted through the loudspeaker.

"How do you know who my father is?!" Jaduko shouted up at the ceiling. The voice laughed and continued to speak.

"You're the messiah of the Saiyans, are you not? Surely you've been informed about this little war that my Planet Trade Organization has been having against the Saiyans, oh what a massacre it's been after all of these years!" Zerox laughed as he continued to taunt Jaduko. "I've heard stories about Shishito, the legendary Super Saiyan returning from the grave and saving the Saiyans in their time of need against us, but after nearly a century of being gone, he hasn't shown up! So what do the Saiyans do? They pass the legend onto his children, and I happen to have his child in my grasp, what a treat!"

"Super Saiyan huh? That's a new one." Jaduko grit his teeth as he looked over at Kyuti, who was frozen in fear. "Why can't you and the Saiyans make peace?!"

"It's not my decision to make kid." Zerox replied. "But trust me, the war will end soon enough as I crush you with my own hands. The Saiyans will no longer have a hero who will rise up from the ashes and save them, blah blah heroic speeches are boring."

"'re even more of a child than I am." Jaduko was surprised.

"You and your girlfriend have exactly 30 seconds to leave my ship before my men destroy you like one of my ancestors destroyed your planet centuries ago." Jaduko widened his eyes and opened his mouth in shock after hearing that. "I'll give you a head start, but be warned, you and your friends aren't allowed to leave this planet without me blowing you out of the sky. You Saiyans have called out war on this planet, and war is what you'll get."

"He knows... the others are here?" Jaduko muttered to himself as red lights started pulsating throughout the ship and alarms started blaring. "Kyuti, we gotta go!" Jaduko shouted, she was frozen in fear, unable to move. Without waiting another second, Jaduko lunged for her and scooped her off of her feet. He levitated into the air and bursted up the airshaft that the two fell down during their fight with Drivu, Jaduko began running through the hallways of Zerox's ship as the alarms blared louder and louder. He anxiously tried to to find an exit as 30 seconds began counting down in the back of his head.

Luckily, Jaduko managed to find an escape hatch leading outside, he kicked it open and flew out of the ship, breathing the Xerivon air for the first time in hours. He could hear the alarms stop blaring as he held the frozen-in-fear Kyuti in his arms and flew as far away from the ship as he could.

Meanwhile back in Zerox's throne room, Zerox watched Jaduko fly away on one of the screens. His alien servants who worked the panels down below him watched as well.

"Should we shoot that insect down?" One of them asked.

"No." Zerox replied. "I want the Son of Shishito to live long enough to know what he's gotten he and his friends into..." A sadistic smile spread across his face as the screen disappeared.

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VOL 5: Chapter 49 - "The Etheran Fluid - Shutdown Drivu!"
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