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 VOL 5: Chapter 50 - "Deploy Ender's Armored Squadron"

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VOL 5: Chapter 50 - "Deploy Ender's Armored Squadron" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 5: Chapter 50 - "Deploy Ender's Armored Squadron"   VOL 5: Chapter 50 - "Deploy Ender's Armored Squadron" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2016 12:16 am

Jaduko slowly flew threw the air as he carried Kyuti across the Xerivonian landscape, the two had flown far enough that they had secured a safe distance between themselves and Zerox's ship. Looking around the sky, Jaduko realized it had gotten a little darker, looking up in the sky, he noticed three moons plastered across the sky.

"Oh... this planet has... three moons huh...? Or... am I just hallucinating from all this blood loss...?" Jaduko mumbled to himself, he softly chuckled as he closed his eyes and let go of Kyuti, the two began plummeting towards the ground when Kyuti shook herself from the fear that took over her back at the ship, she realized the two of them were falling and instead of letting out a scream, she quickly dove for Jaduko and scooped him into her arms. Managing to catch him and burst off into the sky inches before making impact with the ground, Kyuti let out a sigh as she looked down at the unconscious Jaduko who was resting in her arms.

'You better not die on me..' Kyuti thought to herself as she burst through the sky, as she looked down at Jaduko, her heart skipped a beat. Was she starting to respect this man, or was it something more than respect? She shook her head as she continued flying through the air.

Dropping to the ground in front of a cave on the far corner of the planet, Kyuti walked inside and realized it was awfully cozy to be considered a cave, she walked further into the cave and laid Jaduko down on the ground so he was resting against the wall. The 5 Senzu Beans he took from the bag before he separated himself from the rest of his friends dropped onto the ground next to him as she set him down.

'Have those been in his belt the whole time?!' Kyuti thought as she scooped the beans up in one hand, and picked one up with her other. 'Insane, he's had these on him the whole time but they only drop out of his belt when I drop him on the ground?!' She rolled her eyes as she plopped one into her mouth, she remembered these beans being such a big deal when she and Seiyogi arrived on Earth, but she didn't think they did much. In almost an instant, she could feel herself powering up, the bean actually worked!

'Wow, incredible!' Kyuti clenched her fists and watched as her brown aura overcame her body and quickly vanished. She was refreshed for the first time ever since she first arrived on Planet Earth. Looking down at Jaduko, she looked down at the 4 remaining beans and clenched her fist. 'He must have been holding onto those to give to Seiyogi and I when we had a free moment, but unfortunately for him, he either forgot about the beans or didn't have enough time to give them to us.' She then remembered Jaduko fighting with Drivu, his incredible speed, incredible strength, and his incredible durability as he managed to survive electricity running through his veins. Kyuti could still smell a slight burning smell emitting from Jaduko's gi, due to the electricity.

'He did all of this... for my family...' Kyuti thought as she sat down next to Jaduko, his back was resting up against the cave wall. Kyuti couldn't help but smile. What was going on? She was raised by Yamu to be a cold hearted killer, a Saiyan who purged planets of their species, why was she smiling? Maybe this is what Seiyogi was trying to be his whole life... Someone who respected life.. Kyuti looked up towards  Jaduko and watched as he silently opened his mouth and closed it, he was snoring. 'You really respect life, don't you Jaduko?' Kyuti thought as she opened up her fist one last time and looked at the beans inside of it as if she wanted to give him one of the beans to make him strong again, but decided against it she closed her fist once more. 'I'll let you get a full night's rest, then I'll give you one in the morning.. I'm sorry for what my family did to your brother, I'll make up for it, I promise..'

And with that, Kyuti closed her eyes and softly drifted into a deep sleep, her head bobbed back and forth until it softly landed on Jaduko's shoulder, the two quietly snored in the cave as the three moons illuminated the Planet of Xerivon..

It wouldn't be until sunrise when Zerox heard back from his servant, Blast. The blue skinned and red haired alien quickly rushed into the chief officer's throne room and knelt in front of the stairs leading up to the throne.

"Sir, you called for me?" Blast spoke up inbetween pants, he hadn't slept all night since the first thing he did when he returned from Quadrant 86-A was rush to the throne room.

"Ah, Blast, you made it!" Zerox turned his throne around and stared down at his loyal servant, who lifted his head and returned the gaze. "I am glad to see you return safe and sound, I was afraid you wouldn't make it back after your broadcast, whatever destroyed those robots could have easily gotten you." Zerox was bluffing, he knew about Jaduko and his friend's presence on the planet..

"I'm surprised you care, sir! But why is that you called me?" Blast questioned.

"Well, while you were out goofing around all night, I managed to track down the people who destroyed the Etheran Fluid..." Zerox's tone drastically changed as he glared down at Blast. "It's a shame I don't have power soldiers stationed on this planet, isn't it?"

"But sir, you have Drivu don't you?" Blast questioned.

"A Saiyan dispatched of Drivu late last night.. it was the Son of Shishito." Zerox remarked.

"What?! T-The legends were true?" Blast was shocked. "You called me here because you want me to track down the Son of Shishito and slaughter him, is that it, sir?"

"No, I actually called you here to tell you that you have been replaced.." Zerox retorted, Blast widened his eyes and stared at the ground. "You see, with Drivu dispatched, I figured it would be the right thing to call his allies to this planet so they can give him a proper funeral... and maybe kill the bastard who did it, don't you think?"

"Y-Yes, sir..." Blast muttered. "Shad, Rif, and Sono are all on their way to this planet?"

"Indeed, the three of them should be arriving in their space pods later on this afternoon." Zerox replied, Blast let out a sigh of relief, thinking he was spared until later on in the day. "However..." Zerox muttered, "I believe I won't need any assistance until then, I thank you for your assistance all these years, Blast."

"But sir! I've been one of your most loyal subjects for years, don't let me go without any forewarning!" Blast got to his feet and pleaded with Zerox.

"I won't repeat myself again." Zerox's red eyes glistened from the lights on the ceiling in the throne room. He lifted his hand and pointed his finger at Blast, who was sweating furiously. "I promised you a paycheck earlier last night, I believe it's your payday.." With that line, a grey beam shot from Zerox's fingertip and pierced through Blast's neck, creating a solid hole from front to back. Blast's pupils dilated and completely disappeared as blood spurt from his wound, he fell forward and his head slammed onto the steps leading up to Zerox's throne.

"Someone get him out of here." Zerox waved as he turned his throne around. Aliens who were working the panels below quickly rushed over and picked Blast up, they carried him out of the throne room and wiped up the blood from the floor, it was almost as if nothing happened.

"Let's just hope Shad and his Squadron don't fail me.." Zerox muttered as he stared forward from his throne, crossing his arms. There were no screens displayed directly in front of him, instead, Zerox just stared out of a window that overlooked the Xerivon horizon..

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VOL 5: Chapter 50 - "Deploy Ender's Armored Squadron"
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