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 VOL 6: Chapter 51 - "Outlaws"

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PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 51 - "Outlaws"    VOL 6: Chapter 51 - "Outlaws"  I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2016 1:30 am

Jaduko yawned and stretched his arms into the air as he exited from the cave that he and Kyuti had been staying in ever since their escape from Zerox's ship. Looking up into the grey colored sky, Jaduko could see a small ball of light shining down towards the planet, it was the sun. It was a miracle that both he and Kyuti were still alive, after escaping from Zerox's captivity, the two stowed away in the cave they stumbled upon, days turned into nights as the two trained and sparred with each other within the cave.

Jaduko and his friends had been stranded on this planet nearly a week, 6 days to be exact, but it felt like an eternity with Zerox and his men frequently roaming the planet in search of the Saiyans who dared to destroy the Etheran Fluid that was the key component in Zerox's Enslavement Process of a planet. Figuring it was best that he stayed away from his friends and remained with Kyuti until the two were strong enough to take down Zerox himself, Jaduko hadn't come into contact with his friends for fear that his presence would attract Zerox to the group. Turning around, Jaduko could see Kyuti stirring in her sleep as she rested against the wall of the cave, her spandex was still torn up, but she managed to steal a new armor piece from one of Zerox's men.

'Man.. I'm really digging this planet so far, with that purple liquid no longer harming the planet, I can truly see what it's true beauty is like.' Jaduko thought to himself as he took sniffed and took in the fresh aroma emitting from the bright jade grass growing out of the ground. It was a slow process but the grass was making it's way through the soil, the world was healing from the nutrients taken away due to the Etheran Fluid, but luckily the planet would expect to see all of it's nutrients return after a few weeks.

Jaduko reached in his gi's belt and pulled out a single Senzu Bean, it was his last one as he used the rest when training with Kyuti. It may be a loss but hopefully Konno still had his Beans, they would need them if they came into conflict with Zerox. Jaduko slid the bean back into his belt and clenched his fist, he felt power coursing through his body, he felt way stronger than he did several days ago, when fighting with Drivu, Zerox better have prepared himself if he planned on taking him down.

'I wish Kyuti would have come to Earth sooner, training with someone from the Saiyan Race is amazing, no wonder we're considered one of the toughest races in the universe.' Jaduko clenched his fists and thought of Seiyogi. 'I'm counting on you, Seiyogi... you're the only one who can protect my friends if Zerox finds out where they are..' Jaduko's thought was cut off as he saw three small orbs dropping out of the sky in the horizon, Jaduko realized the orbs were dropping in the direction of Zerox's ship.

'Falling stars?' Jaduko jokingly imagined as he scratched the back of his head, but once the orbs slowly descended in the air and were closer to the planet's surface, a spark seemed to shoot through Jaduko's head as he started feeling the power emitting from the three falling objects. 'Those power levels... they're incredible...' Jaduko's eyes were wide and his mouth was open in shock as the objects collided with the planet's surface, upon making impact the ground started to shake and wind blew past Jaduko's face into the cave, Kyuti opened her eyes and looked towards Jaduko, without saying a word she sense the power levels and her eyes widened in fear.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, Konno scanned the campsite that he and his friends set up several days earlier, the amount of aliens had exponentially grew ever since their first day on this planet. The two groups that Lori divided up and sent off on their missions had managed to free a large portion of the concentration camps on the planet. Making good progress within a couple of days, a good 75% of the map was covered in green checkmarks, indicating that freeing the camp was successful, 10% of the map was still portrayed in red dots, indicating that these camps hadn't been saved yet. Unfortunately, the remaining 15% of the map was covered in red x's, meaning these camps were unable to be saved and the slaves were either killed or successfully transported off of the planet.

Taisuka was standing next to Konno as the two studied the map above their heads, the two of them along with Lizz were all taking breaks as they decided what camps to tackle next, the other group was already on their mission.

"We've done well, little man." Konno mentioned as he patted Taisuka on the shoulder.

"Yeah, Jaduko would be prou-" Taisuka was cut off as he felt a spark of energy shoot through his head, his eyes widened and the ground began to shake, the same way it did around Jaduko and Kyuti. "Did you... Do you feel that power...?" Taisuka asked in fear as his eyes were glued to the map, he couldn't move.

"Yeah..." Konno replied, he grabbed Taisuka by the back of his gi and the two floated up in the air. Lizz looked over at the two and floated up as well, the three looked down at the camp and watched the campsite slowly stop shaking as the ground settled to a halt.

"What was that?" Lizz asked, looking over at Konno. "Do you think it was Lori's crew?"

"No." Konno muttered, looking into the sky. "We should hurry up and find more camps to free, I have a bad feeling about those power levels..." Konno burst into the sky, letting go of Taisuka.

"You alright?" Lizz floated over to Taisuka and looked down at him.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Taisuka remarked, he burst off into the sky after Konno, Lizz frowned and followed after as well.

The scene quickly transitions over to Lori, Seiyogi, and Violouh who were in the middle of freeing one of the concentration camps. MetalMen were littered across the ground and aliens stumbled around, trying to regain their balance after the tremor that just struck the planet.

"Whoa!" Lori shouted as she escorted the aliens across the landscape towards the campsite. "Did you two feel that?" Violouh nodded as he slowly looked into the sky and scanned it, he could sense something was wrong. Lori looked behind the Namekian and realized Seiyogi floating in the sky behind the pack of aliens, he seemed to be frozen in fear as he stared off in the distance. He had new Saiyan armor replacing his previous armor due to it being damaged like Kyuti's, seeming to have taken it from one of Zerox's men as well.

"What's wrong, Seiyogi? A little tremor got you scared?" Lori asked as Seiyogi didn't move. Violouh turned his head and stared the Saiyan down. Seiyogi's left eye began to twitch as he twisted his head to look at his two allies.

"It's them...." He muttered.

"Who is it?" Violouh questioned.

"Zerox has done it... he called for the rest of Ender's Armored Squadron... and they have arrived..." Seiyogi replied with his voice shaking. Lori winced as she listened to Seiyogi, her body began to shake as she realized he was fearful of this 'Ender's Armored Squadron'...

With the scene transitioning once more, we see Zerox out of his throne for the first time in this series. Being guided down one of the metallic hallways on his spaceship by his bodyguards. The tyrant and his men eventually reached the opening hatch of the ship, upon having the bodyguards tap a few buttons, Zerox watched as the hatch opened itself up, slowly moving away from the ship and creating a ramp down towards the planet's surface. Zerox slowly walked down it until his feet placed themselves on the Xerivon ground, which was now covered in grass. Three craters were scattered around the area in front of Zerox's ship as smoke rose from each of them.

"Sir, should we check to see if the Armored Squadron arrived safely?" One of the bodyguards asked. Zerox lifted his hand and shushed the guard as he watched three figures slowly float out of the craters, rising with the smoke. The bodyguards were amazed when the three figures landed on the ground in front of Zerox, all of them kneeling in front of him. Two of the figures were wearing the exact same armor and spandex that Drivu was wearing, revealing they were apart of the same Squadron.

"You may rise." Zerox stated, the three figures stood straight up and stood at least 3 feet taller than the evil tyrant, causing Zerox to look up at them. "Although I wish you could have made it to this planet several days prior to now.. I am glad you three could make it. I apologize for the loss of your comrade." He was mentioning Drivu, who was still laying in the generator room, unable to move.

"No need to apologize, Chief Zerox." The figure in the middle spoke up with a prestigious tone of voice. His skin was pure black, as well as his spiky hair. His pure, yellow eyes stared down at Zerox as they blinked. This man was wearing quite similar to the ones as his two companions, but instead of being white with silver plating, his armor was pure black to match his skin, but it still had silver plating. One one of his chest pieces, the name 'Shad' was displayed in white letters. Around Shad's waist, there was a red belt displaying all of the medals he had earned over the years, serving as the technical leader of Ender's Armored Squadron. Underneath his armor, he wore black, gi-like pants that were tucked into black boots with red lining.

"The guy was a tool anyway, wouldn't to listen to any of Shad's orders without having them programmed into his brain." The figure on the right of Shad laughed as he stuck his tongue out like a punk would. He was wearing the exact same armor that Drivu was wearing, except the name 'Rif' (pronounced 'Reef') was written in black letters on his chest plate. Rif's skin was pink and appeared like it was made out of bubble gum, he had a long, tentacle like tendril extended out of the top of his head and dropped down behind his neck. His eyes were pure black, except unlike Shad's eyes which were a single color, Rif's eyes had red pupils.

"Let's just cut to the chase, what'd you call us here for, sir?" The third member spoke out quickly as if he wanted to get the job done right away. He was wearing the same armor as Rif, except the name 'Sono' was plastered on his chest plate in black letters. Sono's skin was blue and the top of his head was covered in golden scales. His eyes were a piercing red color as he appeared to be of the same race as Burter from Dragon Ball Z. He stood alongside his fellow Squadron Members, as Zerox scanned the three of them carefully.

"Well, now that you three are here, I have no more use for these insects." Zerox happily spoke up as he turned around and lifted his hand up, slicing horizontally through the air, a grey beam sliced through the air like a knife and sliced Zerox's bodyguards in half, they all screamed as their bodies were cut in two and they fell to the ground. Shad watched the bodies fall, but he didn't seem amused, unlike Rif who stuck his tongue out and laughed as he watched the bodies fall. Zerox turned around and stared at the three aliens in front of him.

"You three may start by exploring this planet's surface, venture wherever you like, but if any of you find a Saiyan on this planet. Kill it. Those filthy excuses for a warrior race have killed your comrade in battle and have humiliated me by destroying my Etheran Fluid." Zerox glared into Shad's eyes as he thought of Jaduko.

"However... if you find a Saiyan with brown spiky hair, bring him to me. I wish to kill him with my own hands." He smiled as the Armored Squadron nodded. Shad lifted his arm into the air and the three burst up into the sky, their aura colors were all white. Zerox watched as the three of them split off in three separate directions and began to search the planet for our heroes.

Zerox turned around and stepped over the bodies of his bodyguards as he walked up the ramp leading into his ship. A shadow covered his body as the ramp lifted itself up and closed against the ship, sealing the entrance.

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VOL 6: Chapter 51 - "Outlaws"
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