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 Season 1: Episode 5 - "Fear and Loathing"

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Season 1: Episode 5 - "Fear and Loathing" Empty
PostSubject: Season 1: Episode 5 - "Fear and Loathing"   Season 1: Episode 5 - "Fear and Loathing" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2016 4:20 am

[The scene opens on a distant shot of a distant castle with millions of bowing reptilian like aliens, in front of them stands a slender but muscular figure with Saiyan armor, a cape attached to one of the shoulder pads, a scar across his right eye and black hair, with a smirk across his face]

The tall figure chuckles too himself as the hundreds of thousands of aliens bow before him as he turns around and enters a decayed castle as the screen turns black

[The scene re-opens to the same figure from before sitting on the throne with his legs crossed and his head resting on one of his hands as an Arcosian walks into the scene] "Prince Seda" said the Arcosian, with gray armor plating, blue skin and a purple shell just below his chest, as he spoke with an erratic and sadistic demeanor. "I have captured the last of the kings of this planet, my apologies in advance, I think I had too much fun with him" the King in his hand was noticeably battered and beaten, cuts and bruises all across his body. "It matters not what you've done as long he dies in front of his people by my hands, Juzo" Seda replied, with a confident and cunning voice. "As you wish my Prince" Juzo said as he dropped the king before Seda's feet. Seda then stands from the throne, picking up the king at his feet by the back of the neck. Seda then walks out of the castle, in front of the hundreds of enslaved aliens.
    Seda then yells "Let this be a lesson to you pathetic whelps when you try to resist The Planetary Trade Organization!" As Seda pulled back one of his arms, opening his palm slowly, as the king seemingly struggled to escape his grasp, before suddenly stopping as a hand punched through his chest, causing the crowd to scream in horror, while a few of the aliens started running towards Seda, with the intent to avenge the death of their king.
    "Juzo, deal with them how you please" Seda said as he tossed the corpse of the king into the crowd and walks back towards the castle "Heheh, with pleasure my Prince" Juzo said as he closed his hands and began running towards the small crowd with bloodlust running through his body. Suddenly,the crowd was hit by a Ki blast and disintegrated almost instantly. This caused Juzo to look in the direction of the Ki blast, only to see a muscular person with long white and black hair, with green strands scattered about, shirtless and  wearing large white Gauntlets around his fists, with his arms crossed. Suddenly he spoke "Can't let you have all the fun Juzo" he said before laughing. "Tox! You bastard that was my blood to spill!" Making Tox only laugh more.
        "Didn't have enough fun with the king so you wanted to do some more torturing I see. Nothing ever changes with you does it? ever since you joined the squadron." Tox said as he floated down and stood on the ground next to Juzo. "I ought to make you bleed for spoiling my fun" Juzo said in an angered tone, forming a fist in his hand ."I don't think you wanna go down that road there Juzo, still, if it's an ass kicking you want, by all means I'd like to see you try and hurt me" Tox replied with his arms still crossed and a smirk across his face. The two seemed ready to fight eachother, shouting before leaping towards one another, only to get stopped after hearing"Enough!"Come from Seda.
     Juzo pulled back his fist and uncurled it "M-My Apologies my Prince" Juzo responded. "Tox, thank you for dealing with them, Juzo, I don't want to see you fighting anyone on our team anymore!" Juzo looked down "Yes sir", "Just doing what gets me up in the morning is all" Tox said, having a carefree attitude. "Have you found any new planets that we can take over and sell?" Seda asked. "Yes actually, this planet sells for the most, it's a planet called Earth, apparently it's home to the largest amount of wildlife." Tox says as he pulls up a Hologram of it from his Gauntlet with the press of a button. "Earth huh? Sounds familiar, what kind of defense does it have?" Seda asked. "Seems like their is a small group of fighters that are apparently the strongest on the planet, however they're inferior compared to us, it'd be easy to take it over with just the three of us this time. Juzo picked up "Strong fighters, eh? Sounds like this could be fun" Juzo said as a disturbing smile grew across his face "It should be a few weeks before we'd arrive if we went for a direct route" Tox said to Seda as Seda leaned back in the throne, "I think it's time we paid them a visit, wouldn't you agree you two?" Seda replied as Juzo  chuckled too himself and nodded his head. Tox shrugged,
"Whenever you two are ready" before the three of them left the planet in Saiyan pods, after leaving the surviving populace to be taken in by the Saiyan Brigade "so, these fighters you mentioned" Juzo said to Tox through his scouter. "How strong did you say they were?" Tox replied "Apparently the worlds strongest, nowhere near as strong as us, but just enough to give us some fun for a while"

    [The scene ends on the Saiyan pods flying off into space towards Earth]

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Season 1: Episode 5 - "Fear and Loathing"
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