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 VOL 6: Chapter 52 - "Time is Ticking"

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VOL 6: Chapter 52 - "Time is Ticking" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 52 - "Time is Ticking"   VOL 6: Chapter 52 - "Time is Ticking" I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 03, 2016 11:38 pm

Watching the Xerivonian Landscape quickly pass underneath her as she flew through the air, Lizz smiled when she saw the grass regrowing. Lifting her head, Lizz looked straight ahead as the wind quickly brushed against her face, Taisuka and Konno were in front of her and the three of them were on their way to find another concentration camp to free.

'You've grown up so much, Taisuka..' Lizz thought to herself as she peered up towards the young boy, who was keeping pace with Konno as they quickly flew through the a. The sound of a baby crying was heard in the back of Lizz's mind as she closed her eyes and followed the two by sensing their energy.

In her mind, Lizz thought back to a time long ago, Lizz remembered herself first meeting Taisuka on Kame Island. A younger version of Lori held her hands out towards Master Krillin, who still looked fairly old despite this being a flashback. The Master handed the little girl a small baby with brown, spiky hair, he was wrapped in a yellow blanket from neck to toe as his head was the only visible body part sticking out of the blanket.

'Are you sure you want me to take care of him, Master?' The young Lizz questioned as she held the sleeping baby in her arms. Master Krillin nodded and looked down at the baby.

'I'm a busy man, Lizz, a busy man who has students to teach, I don't have the spare time to raise a baby like I used to.' Krillin muttered as he reached down and stroked the baby's hair. 'You're the only student in my school who isn't completely devoted to Martial Arts, you don't like to fight and I understand that... But you know how to care for others, and that's exactly what little Taisuka needs.'

'But why aren't his parents around to take care of him?' Little Lizz questioned.

'In my younger years, I was very close with Taisuka's parents, the two of them trusted me with their issues. It was a shame when I heard what had happened to his father..' Master Krillin seemed to be in a trance as he talked. Lizz rose an eyebrow as Krillin continued speaking. 'His father risked his life to protect his child... and his mother couldn't handle raising a child on her own.. so she left him in my care.' Lizz widened her eyes in shock and peered down at the baby, the rest of Lizz's memory seemed to fade as she remembered that it was from that day forward, she made sure Taisuka would know what it would be like to have a family who loved and cared for him deeply. Lizz would devote the rest of her life to being a motherly figure towards Taisuka, raising him and teaching him all of the essentials he would need in life. That is until Jaduko came around.

Lizz had another flashback as she remembered the night she and the rest of the Turtle School met Jaduko, she could see herself sitting on the front porch of Kame House next to Jaduko, telling him about what had happened to Taisuka's parents.

'You really grew up to look up to him.' Lizz thought as images flashed in her mind of Taisuka growing up, him growing alongside Jaduko as the two worked together and trained with one another over their time at the Turtle School. 'I guess it was for the best that you had another Saiyan to interact with, and now that you're old enough to handle yourself, you won't need me anymore.' Lizz's thought was cut off as an explosion rang in her ears and she quickly opened her eyes.

Upon opening her eyes, Lizz halted in the air as she, along with Konno and Taisuka, looked down at a concentration camp, the three of them could see massive explosions lighting up the camp as the screams of alien slaves being slaughtered rang through the air. Gritting his teeth, Konno dropped to the ground with Taisuka, Lizz followed the two as they landed on a small cliff overlooking the camp. The three of them could see slaves scrambling for their lives and robotic parts flying randomly through the air, whatever was attacking this village seemed to ruthlessly be killing everything in it's path. Scanning the area, a blue figure caught Taisuka's attention, causing him to turn his head and see a tall, blue alien firing energy blasts randomly throughout the camp.

"We have to help!" Lizz shouted as she noticed Konno reached down and unhooked the Senzu Bean bag from his belt, he opened it up and dumped the remaining beans into his hand, there were only 8 beans left. It was a good thing that none of the concentration camps were really harmed aside from the one that captured Violouh, most of the aliens the heroes have saved would be better after a day of resting. It was a rare case for them to give one of the aliens a Senzu Bean.

"We have to hold onto the beans, we're running low.. I shouldn't have given them out like it was a free buffet.." Konno grit his teeth as he put the beans back into the back and tied it back up, sliding it onto his belt.

"Over there!" Taisuka shouted, pointing towards the alien. He floated up in the air and flew at the alien attacker as Konno and Lizz followed after him. Taisuka lifted his hand up and a white ball of energy started to form in his palm, throwing the attack towards the alien, Taisuka watched in shock as the figure appeared to stay in place but the attack traveled through him. Konno landed on the ground in front of the attacker and realized the word 'Sono' was plastered on the front of his armor.

"Stay back Taisuka, do you feel the power emitting from this guy?" Konno shouted as Taisuka dropped to the ground next to him, Lizz lifted her fists as she stood behind the two. Sono stopped firing blasts around the camp as he turned his head towards the three Turtle School members. The screams coming from the alien slaves still echoed in the background as they slowly disappeared, bodies were littered around the camp with robot parts being sprawled out next to the puddles of blood leaking out of the corpses.

"Brown spiky hair...." Sono muttered as he scanned Taisuka up and down. "You must be the Saiyan that Chief Zerox wishes for me to capture.."

Konno widened his eyes in shock, he knew that Zerox had captured Jaduko and Kyuti, meaning that he must have come into conflict with the two of them. Does this mean Jaduko was alive?

"You must be talking about our friend, Jaduko. You can't find him here!" Taisuka shouted at the alien. "But if you're here for a brown haired Saiyan... I can fill the part." Taisuka remarked, much to Lizz's dismay.

"You have good humor, kid." Sono laughed as he looked at Taisuka. "If you are not the Saiyan that Chief Zerox seeks, but now that you mention about him being your friend, are you Saiyans yourselves?" He looked at Konno and Lizz.

The wind softly picked up it softly blew around the campsite, all was silent.

"Of course we're Saiyans, what are you gonna do about it?" Konno sneered as he lifted his thumb up and pointed at himself. "If you wanna get to our brown, spiky haired friend, you gotta get through us first." Lizz looked at Konno in fear and anger, she couldn't believe he was threatening someone with as much bloodlust and power as this guy.

"Hmph. As you wish." Sono retorted as he lifted his fists into the air and remained still... or so it appeared. Konno, Taisuka, and Lizz all flew up into the air after feeling fists slam into their chins, which sent them skyrocketing towards the sky. The three of them flipped in the air and rubbed their chins as they levitated and stared down at Sono, who hadn't moved.

"What's the big idea?!" Taisuka shouted down at Sono, who lifted his head to look up at the three.

"That was just a simple taste of my speed and accuracy. Do you wish to continue this meaningless fight, or do you wish to lie down on the ground and play dead before I have to make you play dead?" Sono taunted.

Taisuka grit his teeth and looked over at Konno, the two nodded at each other and shouted as they burst through the air towards Sono. Lizz watched in shock as the two lifted their fists and thrust them towards the blue skinned member of Ender's Armored Squadron.

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VOL 6: Chapter 52 - "Time is Ticking"
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