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 VOL 6: Chapter 53 - "Her Life Devoted to His"

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VOL 6: Chapter 53 - "Her Life Devoted to His" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 53 - "Her Life Devoted to His"   VOL 6: Chapter 53 - "Her Life Devoted to His" I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2016 4:33 pm

Both Konno and Taisuka's face scrunched up in pain as soon as they approached Sono, their bodies went limp as they tumbled to the ground and slid past Sono, who looked up and watched Lizz. Lifting his hands up and waving her down, Sono taunted the girl, oblivious to the fact that Konno and Taisuka were already on their feet, preparing an attack.

"FLASH CANNON!" Konno shouted with his hands in front of his body, his palms facing towards Sono. His hands began glowing white.

"DEMOLITION BARRAGE!" Taisuka shouted alongside Konno as he helds his hands in the same exact position. A white ball of energy started forming in front of his hands.

In an instant, an explosive beam of bright energy shot out of Konno's hands as it completely enveloped Sono in it's light. A barrage of energy blasts shot from Taisuka's hands, the blasts fired directly into Konno's attack as the beam grew bigger and bigger. The attack was devastating and all Lizz could do was watch from above, but something caught her attention causing her to look upwards in the sky, she saw a figure quickly shoot into the sky and hover above the two energy attacks as they slowly faded. It was Sono.

'So his shtick is that he can move at incredible speeds....' Lizz thought to herself. 'But I felt his energy before I saw his body move.. what does this mean?' Her eye twitched as she tried thinking of what was going on.

Smoke erupted from the ground as the two energy attacks faded, Taisuka and Konno both panted as they lowered their hands and watched as the smoke cleared, Sono was no longer there.

"Heh.. Think we did it?" Konno muttered through pants. Taisuka nodded.

"He was all talk, I gues-" Konno was cut off by Lizz, who began shouting up above the battlefield.

"DON'T DROP YOUR GUARD, HE'S UP HERE!" Lizz shouted, but was immediately kicked in the face by Sono with enough force to send her flying through the air into a nearby cliff. Konno and Taisuka opened their mouths in shock as they watched Sono move at an incredible speed to attack Lizz.

"What exactly is this guy?!" Konno questioned as he noticed Sono quickly turn his attention towards him. Without any hesitation, Konno lifted his arms up and held them in an 'x' position in front of his chest. Something smacked into his arms and he was sent sliding across the ground, when he came to a halt, Konno looked up and saw Sono standing in front of him with his fist facing towards him.

Taisuka turned his head and noticed Sono standing where Konno once was, but he was too slow to react. Sono quickly threw his fist up towards Taisuka's chin, making contact with it, sending the little boy flying up into the air. The alien quickly flew into the air and kicked Taisuka in the side, sending him flying back towards the ground all within a few seconds.

'That's it!' Lizz thought to herself as she watched the fight go down, Konno and Taisuka were being tossed around like ragdolls, but Sono was moving so quick that it was as if he wasn't there at all. 'He must be using his energy to determine where to attack, but because he's so fast, his energy moves faster than his physical body does... but how can we track it?' She remained silent in the crater that she made in the side of the cliff from when Sono attacked her.

"You call yourselves Saiyans? I've met trees with faster reflexes than you." Sono taunted as his body appeared on the ground as Konno and Taisuka landed on the ground around him, their clothes were torn and their bodies were heavily bruised and scratched from Sono's quick and unrelenting attacks.

"Heh.." Konno muttered as he stood to his feet and wiped blood from his chin, Sono twisted his body and looked at Konno who stumbled to get his footing. "Don't underestimate warriors from Planet Earth.."

"Planet Earth? I thought Saiyans were from Kuristrak?" Sono seemed confused as he heard Taisuka getting to his feet behind him, twisting his body once more, he watched the young boy get to his feet.

"Not us!" Taisuka shouted as he lunged forward towards Sono, the alien's body disappeared from sight as Taisuka felt something spark in his head, he turned his head and watched as Sono's body fizzed into view. Sono's foot began glowing blue as he thrust it into Taisuka's hip, sending the Saiyan skidding across the ground into a nearby tent, knocking it over.

Konno lunged forward and threw a punch at Sono, who fizzed out of view and chopped the back of the Earthling's neck. Konno's pupils dilated and he coughed out blood before flying to the ground. Sono was about to throw his fingers through the back of Konno's skull before a pink ki blast flew past his head and hit the ground next to Konno. Sono looked up towards the cliff where Lizz was standing and noticed her hands stretched out and smoking from the blast.

"TAISUKA!" Lizz shouted, the young Saiyan lifted himself from the tent on the ground and looked up at Lizz. "You're the one that has to beat this guy, his energy moves faster than his body!" She yelped as Sono's body fizzed into view and kicked her in the side of the neck, sending her flying through the air and down into the campsite, her body tumbled through several tents as Taisuka got to his feet.

"You have to sense his energy and attack it in order to keep up with this guy!" Lizz continued to shout as Sono flew over to her and started kicking her through the campsite, her body went flying like a ragdoll in the air until she went skidding across the ground and ended up next to Taisuka, her gi was torn and her body was bloody and scratched up. "Believe... in yourself, Taisuka... do what you did.. back at Seiyogi's space pod.. sense for his energy."

"I.. I don't think I can, I'm too scared to focus on his energy!" Taisuka looked over at Lizz, who slowly got to her feet, blood dripped from her wounds. Sono hovered in the air on the opposing side of the campsite, letting the two chat.

"I.. know you can do it.. You've had all of this potential all along.." Lizz muttered with a smile. Taisuka closed his eyes and clenched his fists, his body shook as he tried to focus on Sono's energy. The area was silent for a few moments before Taisuka's eyes immediately opened up after feeling a mass spike in the alien's power level.

Looking up at Sono, Taisuka was staring straight into a massive, blue energy beam, Sono was gathering energy the entire time and aiming it at the little boy, who was frozen in fear.

"Guess you just didn't have what it takes to stand up to me, kid!" Sono shouted as the beam grew bigger with each passing second. "SOUND BARRIER!" Sono shouted as the blue beam exploded from his hand and was heading directly towards Taisuka, the boy couldn't move, his eyes were widened in fear and his mouth wide open in shock.

Lizz widened her eyes as time seemed to slow down, she watched the beam slowly approach Taisuka and she struggled to fight against her wounds to stand. A voice rang off in the back of her head. It was Master Krillin's voice.

'You're the only student in my school who isn't completely devoted to Martial Arts, you don't like to fight and I understand that... But you know how to care for others, and that's exactly what little Taisuka needs.' Krillin's voice echoed in Lizz's mind as she took a step forward towards Taisuka. Lizz remembered back to her younger years, watching Yui die on television, her fear of fighting growing with each passing day, until she was eventually freed by this fear with the help of her friends, and Taisuka the boy that she spent the last ten years raising despite him not being her child.

'You love him.' Lizz's own voice started speaking in her mind. 'Taisuka is the reason you stand and fight, he's the source for your power, you took it upon yourself to raise him and give him a life that would make him happy. Give him that life that you worked so hard to create for him.' Lizz's body seemed to power up as time seemed to return to normal, she sprinted towards Taisuka.

Feeling something push against his body, Taisuka was sent flying out of the beam's collision course. He turned his head and realized Lizz had pushed him out of the way, a grin was plastered on her face and Taisuka could see a tear fly into the air as the bright beam enveloped her body before she could say any last words to Taisuka.

Everything went silent for Taisuka as he fell to the ground, he opened his mouth and screamed as tears flew from his eyes and into the air. Tears streamed down his face as he watched the beam slowly fade away and Lizz's body was laying motionless on the ground in a pool of blood where he once stood. Taisuka crawled along the ground and stumbled over to her body, her gi was torn and in shambles, Taisuka noticed blood was splattered across the ground from the force of the beam as he slowly turned her body over so he could stare at her in the face, her grin was still plastered on her face, but her eyes were closed.

"L-Lizz.... Lizz wake up.. please!" Taisuka muttered as tears streamed down his cheeks and fell onto her corpse's open wounds. Konno lifted his head from the ground and looked over at the two of them, his eyes widening and his mouth opening as he stared at the corpse of his deceased friend. Tears were forming in his eyes as he grit his teeth and stared up at Sono, who was casually watching the event.

"Mom, wake up!" Taisuka shouted, images of his childhood flashed in his mind, images of the time from when Lizz would take care of him, raising him to be the boy he was today. Taisuka always knew that Lizz wasn't his true mom, but the two shared a close enough bond like a regular mother and son would. "DON'T DO THIS, NOT HERE, NOT NOW!"

Taisuka lowered his head and placed it on Lizz's stomach, he clenched his fists and closed his eyes as he shot up and screamed at the top of his lungs, tears flying into the air. He opened his eyes and twisted his neck to look up at Sono, who had his arms crossed. Taisuka shot the alien a death glare and a growl, but the alien simply laughed and returned the glare.

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VOL 6: Chapter 53 - "Her Life Devoted to His"
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