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 VOL 6: Chapter 54 - "Saiyan Vendetta"

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VOL 6: Chapter 54 - "Saiyan Vendetta" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 54 - "Saiyan Vendetta"   VOL 6: Chapter 54 - "Saiyan Vendetta" I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2016 8:19 pm

Taisuka slowly lifted himself up from the ground, giving one last look at Lizz, she was dead on the ground next to him, the young boy began walking towards Sono who slowly floated towards the ground, his boots made a soft 'ploof' sound once they landed on the grass.

"Taisuka! I'm just as angry as you, but you can't fight him!" Konno shouted as he pushed himself off of the ground and got to his feet, wiping the tears from his eyes, he watched the young Saiyan slowly walk towards the blue alien, a look of death in the young boy's eyes.

"No, you don't understand. She wasn't your mother." Taisuka retorted without removing his eyes off of Sono.

"We can wish her back with the Dragon Balls once we return to Earth!" Konno replied as he turned his attention towards Sono. The alien's body fizzed out of view and Konno grit his teeth in anger.

"How do you plan on returning to Earth if these bastards kill us first!" Taisuka shouted back, the young boy shouted as he turned around and threw a punch into the air, Sono's body fizzed into view with Taisuka's fist planted firmly into the alien's face where his nose should have been. Sono was sent flying back, skidding across the ground. Konno widened his eyes in awe and blinked, making sure he wasn't dreaming.

'How did... How did he do that?' Konno thought to himself, he watched Sono get to his feet and rub his face. 'That was insanely quick!'

"Apparently I have a stronger sense of awareness when it comes to sensing energy. Lizz knew this before she died, that's why she said I was the only one who could beat you." Taisuka muttered as his white aura flared around his body, rocks started floating in the air around his body.

"So you're telling me, you can sense where I'm heading?!" Sono sounded surprised as he stumbled to his feet, his blue aura flared up as well. Taisuka nodded. "But that doesn't make sense, how can you move as fast as I can?!" Sono shouted.

"Because I am a Saiyan! Taught the ways of Martial Arts by the Turtle School and raised on Earth by the woman you just murdered in cold blood!" Taisuka roared as Sono's body fizzed out of view. The young Saiyan quickly thrust his body around, a white orb forming in his hand. Taisuka lifted his hand into the air and fired the orb as soon as Sono's body came into view, the orb carried Sono through the air and smashed him into a nearby cliff.

'You really raised an amazing kid, Lizz.' Konno thought to himself as he looked over at Lizz's corpse in sorrow. 'If only I could have thrown you a Senzu Bean in time.. I doubt anything I do now will be of use, Taisuka's the only one who can sense this guy's power, I just gotta watch in the meantime.'

"So this is the true speed of a Saiyan?!" Sono shouted as he lifted himself from the side of the cliff and his body fizzed out of view. Taisuka's body disappeared as well. Konno heard loud and repetitive 'booming' sounds echo from the air above him, clear gusts of wind sparked in the air as Konno concentrated his energy, after a few seconds of concentrating, he was able to see the two warriors duking it out in the air at incredible, lightning-fast speed.

Taisuka threw a punch directly towards Sono's face, but the alien was quick and thrust his arm up, blocking the punch with his forearm. Sono quickly ducked as Taisuka's foot swept over his head, but the alien lifted his opposing arm and pushed off of Taisuka's leg. Sono countered the attack by elbowing Taisuka in the jaw, the Saiyan hopped backwards in the air and dashed forward, spinning in the air and throwing his leg out towards Sono, the kick made contact and pushed the blue alien back in the air.

Sono rushed forward, sucker punching Taisuka in the cheek, but Taisuka was quick and recoiled, throwing a punch directly into Sono's cheek as well. The two warriors pushed off of each other and thrust their heads at each other, the two foreheads collided. Taisuka threw a punch up into Sono's stomach causing the alien to spit out blood. The Saiyan followed up with another attack, leaning back and thrusting his foot into the air and slamming it down onto Sono's neck. Sono's body fizzed out of view and appeared behind Taisuka, where he kneed the Saiyan in the back and sent him flying up into the air.

Taisuka gasped as the wind was knocked out of him, he flipped in the air and rolled back as he watched Sono rise up to his level, the two were several hundred feet above the campsite.

'Holy shit!' Konno thought as his eyes twitched from watching the action. 'Has he had this much speed and power this whole time?!' He noticed that the two warriors didn't attack each other, they simply floated and began talking, but since he was back on the ground, Konno couldn't hear a word they were saying.

"Tch.." Sono wiped blood from his face, he looked down at it and his body shook in anger. "A Saiyan can't keep up with my speed, what are you?!"

Taisuka didn't reply, his gi was torn in several places from the battle and his skin was scratched with a few open wounds, blood leaked down his face alongside the stain from his tears.

"My name is Taisuka." He muttered as he lifted his hand up slowly, he formed his fingers into the shape of a gun and pointed it at Sono, who watched curiously as he saw a white beam of light start to emit from the tip of Taisuka's index finger. "Remember it..." He didn't smile or show any emotion like he usually would, instead he just opened his mouth and said one word. "Bang!"

The light shot from Taisuka's finger in the form of a beam and quickly penetrated through Sono's chest at an immense speed, it was able to strike through one of the fastest moving creatures in the universe, stumping him in his tracks. Blood spurt from Sono's mouth as he widened his pure red eyes. Looking down at his wound, Sono grit his teeth and lunged forwards towards Taisuka as he threw a punch towards the Saiyan's face, he was significantly slower now. Taisuka swiftly moved to the side, letting Sono's punch slide in front of his chest. Sono turned his head as he watched Taisuka lift his hand and swiftly chop the back of his neck. Sono lost all feeling in his body as he fell towards the ground, falling hundreds of feet until his body slammed into the ground and dust rose from the small hole he made in the ground upon impact.

Konno's mouth opened in shock as he watched the smoke clear around Sono's body, the alien was still alive but barely able to move. Blood leaked from his open wound as Taisuka dropped from the sky and softly landed on the ground. Konno ran over to Taisuka and wrapped his arms around the young boy. Taisuka, feeling the embrace of loving arms, hugged Konno back, his white aura slowly fading as he closed his eyes and tears leaked out of them.

"You did good, Taisuka." Konno muttered. "Lizz would be proud."

"Such anger... Such.. speed.." Sono muttered, causing Konno and Taisuka to turn their attention towards him. Konno unwrapped his arms from Taisuka and held them in front of the boy, he stood in between his friend and his enemy incase the one on the ground tried getting back up.

"I can't believe... you're a Saiyan.." Sono chuckled as anger refueled itself in Taisuka's eyes. "Hopefully Rif is having better luck.."

"What?" Konno asked, raising an eyebrow. "Rif who?"

"My ally, a member of Ender's Armored Squadron. He stumbled upon Seiyogi and your little group of friends a couple of minutes ago.. heh.." Sono lifted his arm and tapped the side of his head, a small chip was placed in his ear... or ear hole, indicating that he was keeping in touch with the rest of his Squadron. "If I know Rif, your friends will be dead within the next ten minutes.." Sono continued to chuckle as he lifted himself up and sat in the hole he was laying on.

"Where are they..?" Konno asked, a hint of anger in his voice.

"I don't have the authority to tell you.." Sono replied, he watched as Taisuka stepped out from behind Konno, his fingers formed a gun once more and a light was emitting from his fingertip, he planned on shooting his gun beam one more time. This time... it was to kill Sono.

"Nuh uh uh, don't waste your energy kid." Sono replied, he smirked and lifted his hand up to his head, he formed his fingers into a gun and he pointed his fingers directly into the side of his head. "There's no way in hell I'd die to a Saiyan, or a kid. Being beat by you just sealed my fate." With that, Sono shot a blast directly into his brain. Blood spurt from the wound and he laid back down, he was dead.

Konno grit his teeth as Taisuka lowered his hand, the light disappeared from his fingers. Konno floated up into the air and grabbed Taisuka by the back of his gi.

"Come on, we have to hurry and find Lori!" Konno instructed, he let go of Taisuka's gi and burst off into the sky, heading back towards the campsite, where he would continue heading South-West in order to find Lori's group. There was no way he'd let her die, not like Lizz.

Taisuka quickly ran off of the battlefield and picked up Lizz's corpse, that way she wouldn't be left alone on this planet. He frowned and wiped the blood and tears from his face as he burst off into the sky after Konno. He knew that once he returned to Earth, he'd wish for Lizz to come back to life, he just had to.

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VOL 6: Chapter 54 - "Saiyan Vendetta"
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