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 VOL 6: Chapter 55 - "Fire with Fire"

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PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 55 - "Fire with Fire"   Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:15 pm

"Bastard!" Seiyogi shouted, clenching his fists and looking up into the air, a pink figure wearing white and silver armor floated in the sky above him, laughing. It was Rif. "Of course you made it here before we did, it's always you!" Lori and Violouh stood behind Seiyogi as he shouted up at Rif. The three had arrived at a concentration camp South-West of the campsite where they were keeping the freed slaves safe, but upon arriving in this certain concentration camp, our heroes had already found the MetalMen torn apart and all of the slaves killed, there was not a single survivor.

"Not even surprised to see me? I'm hurt, Seiyogi." Rif lifted his arm and pretended to wipe away a tear. "Captain Shad knew you would arrive at this camp eventually, so while I waited for you and your friends to show, I just figured I would have some fun with the slaves." He widened one of his eyes and stared down at the three, his tongue slowly drooped out of his mouth as he talked. "But I might've been a little too rough on all of them, no wonder my parents wouldn't let me keep an animal when I was younger." He laughed psychotically.

"This guy's crazy.." Lori muttered with her fists clenched.

"You don't even know the half of it.." Seiyogi muttered. "He's considered the most dangerous out of his Squadron due to his unpredictable actions.. I've heard stories about him destroying planets on his own, but I doubt they're true.." This caused Lori to shake in fear, but she held her ground.

"Oh?" Rif questioned, raising an eyebrow as he stared at Lori. "She a Saiyan? Her black hair looks almost exactly like your good sister Kyuti, except not as spiky."

"No, I'm an Earthling!" Lori shouted back, Rif began laughing and holding his stomach.

"So not only do you have a Namekian standing next to you, you dare insult me by trying to fight me with an Earthling on your side? Not even you can be this stupid, Seiyogi!" Rif continued laughing, but was cut off by Violouh.

"Do not underestimate the Earthling's power. Their people are capable of extraordinary things. The intelligent mind this girl possesses outclasses yours in every way." Violouh remarked, he looked over at Lori and raised his mouth into a smile. Lori returned the smile, Seiyogi continued to talk.

"I agree, the Earthlings I have met in the past few weeks have taught me that Earth isn't a planet you should mess with, it houses outstanding warriors who are able to keep up with elite class Saiyans." Seiyogi smirked as he lifted his thumb and pointed it at himself. "They are the reason why I'm strong enough to take you on!"

Rif raised an eyebrow. "You receive another one of those Zenkai Boosts or whatever?" He shook his head. "When will you ever learn, little Seiyogi, Ender's Armored Squadron isn't something you should mess with, no matter how strong you get, you'll never be able to beat me."

"If your Squadron is so powerful, then why is it being commandeered by someone in a low position such as Zerox rather than Ender?" Seiyogi taunted. Rif grit his teeth and burst through the air towards Seiyogi, his pink aura flared up around his body.

"I have no clue what you two were talking about, but MOVE!" Lori shouted, jumping in the air. Seiyogi and Violouh hopped into the air as well as Rif swiftly passed underneath their feet, dust flying up from the ground as he skid across the ground.

The pink tendril on top of Rif's head extended and wrapped itself around Violouh's ankles, surprising the Namekian. With one quick jolt, Rif thrust his head forward and the tendril pulled Violouh through the air, slamming him into the ground in front of Rif.

"Violouh!" Lori shouted, but immediately regretted calling out for her friend as Rif swung his head around and the tendril swung in the air, causing Violouh to hit into Lori, sending her flying. Violouh's ankle was still trapped in the tendril's grasp.

Seiyogi extended his hands and placed his palms together and spread his fingers as 10 small beams started glowing at the end of his fingertips, it was the attack he used to slice through Taisuka's Oozaru Tail back on Earth. He aimed his hands towards the tendril, which was now whipping Violouh randomly throughout the air, smacking him into the ground and throwing him around in the air. Seiyogi fired the attack just as soon as Rif swung Violouh into the Saiyan's arms, causing the beams to fire around rapidly, each of them hitting random pieces of the ground which sent rocks flying all over the place.

Violohu grit his teeth and thrust his arm towards Rif who was still standing on the ground, unfazed by any attack thrown at him. Violouh's arm rapidly stretched towards the pink bubble gum alien and he wrapped his hand around Rif's ankle once it was close enough. Rif was surprised as he looked down and realized he was caught. The two warriors, now in each other's grasp, starting rapidly spinning in the air like a cyclone as they battled for dominance.

Lori picked herself up from the ground and rubbed her head, she noticed the two spinning in the air and gave a slight chuckle, despite being in the middle of a battle.

"Guess that's his way of fighting fire with fire, huh Seiyogi?" Lori called out, but Seiyogi quickly retorted.

"Don't joke around, we have to finish Rif off! Try to slice through the pink tendril!" The Saiyan shouted, Lori stopped chuckling and lifted her hands up, aiming them at  the spinning warriors.

'Sorry if I hit you, Vio..' Lori thought to herself as a green light started emitting from her hands, she closed one eye and stuck her tongue out, waiting for the right time to attack.

"NOW!" Seiyogi shouted as he charged up his 10 finger beam once more. "HAA!" He yelled.

"Kamesurai!" Lori shouted as a green beam shot from her hands, the end of the beam formed a knife-like structure as it pierced through Rif's tendril next to Seiyogi's finger beam attack. Rif roared in pain as his grasp on Violouh loosened. Violouh let go of Rif's ankle, but the momentum that the two built up sent both of them flying towards the Earth in random directions. The end of Rif's tendril wiggled until it slowly dissolved into the ground.

Rif grit his teeth and growled as the tendril quickly grew back onto his head, good as new. Violouh got to his feet and glared at the bubblegum creature.

"You all are playing me, aren't you?!" Rif shouted in anger. "Well no more fun and games. I'll kill you!" He screamed as he threw his arms in the air and his pink aura flared around his body. Rocks flew up in the air as the planet seemed to shake from the power emitting from his body.

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VOL 6: Chapter 55 - "Fire with Fire"
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