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 VOL 6: Chapter 56 - "Three Words Not Spoken"

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VOL 6: Chapter 56 - "Three Words Not Spoken" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 56 - "Three Words Not Spoken"   VOL 6: Chapter 56 - "Three Words Not Spoken" I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2016 12:58 am

"Oh, you can do that too, huh?" Violouh questioned as his arm slithered across the ground and reduced itself back to it's normal size. He flexed his muscles and clenched his fist trying to regain feeling in the arm as he glared at Rif, who was showing his teeth in anger. The alien's aura stopped flaring and the ground stopped shaking, rocks fell to the ground and once the final rock shattered upon impact, Rif burst from his position to strike Violouh.

"You're a dead slug!" Rif shouted, he was about to throw a punch when Seiyogi's body fizzed into view. Grabbing onto Rif's fist, Seiyogi glared into Rif's black eyes and watched as his red pupils began to dilate in shock. "How did you... get so fast...?" Rif questioned.

"Zenkai Boost, or whatever it's called." Seiyogi replied, taunting what the bubblegum alien had spouted before the fight began. Twisting his wrist, Seiyogi spun Rif onto his back and kicked the alien's spine. Instead of gasping like any other of his allies would, Rif smiled as Seiyogi's foot started to sink into his back as if he was stepping in quicksand.

"What?!" Seiyogi shouted. "I'm surprised your armor is compatible with your abilities!" He continued as his foot continued to sink into Rif's back. Violouh lunged forward and grabbed onto Seiyogi's waist, using his weight to pull the Saiyan out of the bubblegum alien's back. The two stumbled back as Rif's body twisted itself and he got to his feet.

"Caught you by surprise, huh Seiyogi?" Rif's tongue slithered it's way in between his teeth as he grinned. "Guess you could say, I was unpredictab-" He was cut off as a barrage of green ki blasts shot him in the back.

Turning around, Rif glared at Lori, she was holding her hands up. With a cocky smirk, she continued firing the ki blast barrage, smoke slowly erupted from Rif's body. Rif turned his attention away from Seiyogi and Violouh. With the blasts hardly doing any damage, Rif began walking towards Lori, who wouldn't let up from her attack.

"I guess if I beat you, this means I can technically bust planets, right?" Lori shouted as she watched Rif emerge from the smoke, he was directly in front of her and easily stood three feet taller than she did.

"No." Rif simply remarked as he grabbed both of Lori's wrists, the blasts stopped firing and Rif picked her up. With all of his might, Rif let out a shout as he slammed Lori down onto the ground, over and over again, rocks tore at her gi as she groaned and moaned in pain, blood spurting from her body, she struggled to get free but couldn't. Rif was just too strong.

Seiyogi lunged forward and threw a kick into the side of Rif's head, his leg cleanly swept through the alien's neck, his head completely detaching from his neck. Rif dropped Lori and kicked her away, she was sent skidding across the ground.

Quickly lifting his arms up and grabbing hold of his head, the flesh connecting his head and his neck started to wiggle as the two connected once more and reattached itself. Rif turned around and held his hand out, blasting a creeped out Seiyogi in the stomach, the Saiyan went flying in the air with a moan of pain. Violouh hopped in the air above Seiyogi and placed his hand on the Saiyan's chest, he pushed himself off of Seiyogi and plummeted towards Rif with immense speed. The Namekian extended his foot as he prepared to attack the alien.

Rif's pink aura flared around his body as he watched Violouh's foot crash into his stomach, the bubblegum alien's flesh grabbed onto the Namekian's foot and slowly pulled him in. Violouh's body was engulfed in his purple aura as the two aura colors clashed with one another. Sweeping his free leg, Violouh attempted to kick Rif's head off of it's shoulders like Seiyogi did, but Rif didn't fall for the same trick twice. His neck extended back like an elasic band, allowing Violouh's foot to cleanly slide underneath Rif's chin, Violouh opened his mouth in shock.

Rif's neck shot forward and smacked into Violouh's chest, his stomach also let go of the Namekian's foot allowing him to go flying in the air.

Lori struggled to get to her feet after having herself smashed into the ground several times, but her rustling caught Rif's attention, he slowly turned around and glared at the Earthling as she lifted her head and smirked at the alien, blood ran down her forehead and down her left cheek.

"You shouldn't.. have messed with us.." Lori taunted as Rif slowly walked towards her, standing over her. "I can feel.. them coming.. they'll be here.." She muttered as Rif's tendril extended itself and wrapped itself around her neck. She began to choke and gasp for air as she pried at the tendril.

"Who? Who is coming?" Rif questioned, letting the tendril loosen up a bit so Lori could speak.

"Konno... and Taisuka.. I can feel their power levels approaching... I can even sense Jaduko not too far away from here.. he's with Kyuti.." Lori continued, she didn't seem to feel any fear as she stared deep into Rif's eyes, no one else could have ever said the same.

'They're alive?!' Seiyogi thought to himself after hearing Lori mention Jaduko and Kyuti. 'I knew I could trust her in his care... but.. I failed him..' He cringed as he watched Lori struggle for air.

"Jaduko?" Rif raised an eyebrow. "You wouldn't be talking about the Son of Shishito, would you?"

"You can bet your ass that I am... but he's my friend.. and he'll kill your boss once he knows what you've done to me." Lori started losing strength.

"Tch.." Rif muttered. "Like he'll ever beat Captain Shad, he won't be able to hold a candle to Zerox." His grip tightened around Lori's neck.

"Lori!" Seiyogi and Violouh shouted, the two of them struggled to get to their feet but were immediately shot down by two more blasts fired by Rif.

"I'll make sure your friends join you in the afterlife, and those friends that you said were coming, they'll wish they had gotten here sooner." Rif threatened.

"Too late... they're already here." Lori chuckled and pointed upwards, Rif looked up and noticed two figures slowly flying towards the camp where the battle was taking place.

"LORI!" Konno shouted, his white aura flared up as he started gaining speed, Taisuka wasn't far behind.

"It was fun, but I gotta dispose of you quick." Rif continued as he swung his head and tossed Lori up into the air towards Konno and Taisuka. Konno opened his arms as he prepared to catch Lori. The two exchanged glances but Rif had other plans for Lori. Holding his hand up, Rif pointed his palm towards Lori and fired a devastating, pink explosive blast that shot up towards Lori. Once the blast made contact, a massive explosion erupted from her body and all Konno could see was smoke, he widened his eyes and opened his mouth in shock as he watched Lori plummet to the ground.

"LORI!!!" Konno shouted as he quickly dove for her body, which was quickly plummeting towards the ground.

Taisuka widened his eyes as images of Lizz pushing him out of the way of Sono's blast flashed in his mind. He grit his teeth. Seiyogi and Violouh both gasped and opened their mouths in shock as well, their eyes twitched as they watched Konno dive for his friend's body.

Konno managed to grab hold of Lori's body before it hit the ground and he quickly laid her down on the ground in front of him. "Lori, LORI SPEAK TO ME!" He shouted, her eyes slowly opened as blood leaked out of her body, there were massive burn marks on her skin and open wounds all over her body.

"Konno... y-you guys made... it.." She spoke through her teeth and winced, it appeared that it hurt to talk. She noticed Taisuka holding onto Lizz's body. "Don't tell me... they got her too..."

"Lori, listen to me, you're gonna be okay, just hang in there!" Konno shouted. "Don't die on me, please!" Tears started forming in his eyes.

"It's.. over for me.." Lori muttered, tears were in her eyes as well.

"Don't say that! Don't leave me like Klio did, I don't want you to die, I need you!" Konno couldn't hold back his tears as he held Lori's head in his left hand and held onto her scorched hands in the other.

"Konno... we're dealing... with people out of our league.. Saiyans.. Namekians... bubblegum assholes... it's a miracle you survived." Lori winced as tears rolled down her cheeks, they stung like hell. "I'm glad... I'm glad you lived.. please live for me.. I need you to use my death as a tool.. for your anger..."

"Lori hang in there, I have Senzu Beans right here! Just let me get you one and we can get you healed up quic-" He reached down for his belt and struggled to unhook the Senzu Bean bag, but as soon as he was about to unhook it from his belt, he felt Lori's hands on his.

"D-Don't waste your energy... you can wish Lizz and I.. b-back with the D-Dragon Balls... but, Konno.. there was always something... I wanted to tell you... I was always too s-shy to tell you but... but, I guess now is the time.." She smiled up at him and Konno stopped struggling for the Senzu Bean bag as he stared into Lori's eyes.

"Lori, don't be telling me this, I know you can still live.. Please don't die, I love you!" Konno shouted, and with that, his eyes widened as he realized what he had said. Tears streamed down his face as he felt Lori's hand slowly reach up towards his face, but stop halfway in the air.

"I love.. you too... kick his ass.." Lori replied with a smile, her eyes softly closed and her head tilted to the side as Konno held onto her hand, he couldn't feel her pulse anymore.

"Lori?! LORI!!!" Konno shouted, he tried to hold back the tears, but they slowly crept out of his eyes. Taisuka, dropping to the ground, watched from afar, tears started streaming down his face as he watched another one of his closest friends be killed. He was still holding Lizz in his arms. Seiyogi and Violouh closed their eyes and dropped their heads to respect the death of their comrade.

Konno fought through the tears and grit his teeth as he looked up from Lori's corpse and straight at Rif, who chuckled as he grasped onto his tongue with his sharp teeth. The two exchanged glares, glares of men who would fight to their dying breath, one out of pure anger and vengeance, and the other because it was his way of having fun..

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VOL 6: Chapter 56 - "Three Words Not Spoken"
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