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 VOL 6: Chapter 57 - "Broken Heart vs. Broken Mind"

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VOL 6: Chapter 57 - "Broken Heart vs. Broken Mind" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 57 - "Broken Heart vs. Broken Mind"   VOL 6: Chapter 57 - "Broken Heart vs. Broken Mind" I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2016 2:05 am

Wiping the tears from his eyes, Konno stumbled as he got to his feet, he looked down at Lori's body with the wind picking up, her hair softly rustled as the wind passed over her. Reaching down to his belt and unhooking the Senzu Bean Bag, Konno turned his body and tossed the bag towards Taisuka, the young boy caught it and looked up at Konno in surprise.

"Hold onto it. I don't want to risk harming them." Konno sternly spoke as he turned his back to Taisuka and floated up in the air.

"Won't you need them?" Taisuka asked, wiping his tears as well, he'd seen a lot of death go down in the past few hours, he didn't want Konno risking his life either. Konno shook his head as he moved closer towards Rif and dropped on the ground in front of the bubblegum alien.

"Another Earthling huh?" Rif asked, placing his fists on his hips as he stared down Konno. "I like your hair, it's pretty rad." He lifted his arm and pointed at Konno's black and red hair.

"Shut up." Konno muttered as he began walking towards the homicidal alien. He could see Seiyogi and Violouh slowly getting to their feet out of the corner of his eyes.

"Hey, that's a little rude, I was giving you a compliment, but now that you hurt my feelings, I guess I'll just have to dye your hair in blood so it's all red." Rif laughed as his tongue slipped out of his mouth and dragged along his chin.

"Except it won't be my blood." Konno retored, clenching his fists as he stood five feet away from Rif.

"Oh? Getting creative with your threats huh?" Rif peered down at Konno. "You wouldn't be acting so mighty if your friend was still alive to see you."

"Exactly. Now that you've taken her from me, She won't have to witness what I do to you." Konno threatened as he lunged forward with incredible speed, his right hand began glowing white as he thrust his fist into Rif's stomach. But the bubblegum alien laughed as his stomach flesh grabbed hold of the Earthling's fist and began pulling it in.

"Bad move." Rif remarked, but was quickly shut off when he looked down and realized he could see a white light emitting from his stomach where Konno's fist was.

"You picked the wrong day to mess with me!" Konno shouted, his hair started to flutter as the air around the two started to flutter around rapidly. Rif widened his eyes and grit his teeth as he stared into Konno's angry eyes.

"RUAAHHH!" Konno yelled as the light inside of Rif's stomach grew brighter and exploded out of his back, the beam that Konno fired flew into the air along with pieces of Rif's pink flesh as the bubblegum alien groaned in pain. Seiyogi and Violouh opened their mouths in shock as they watched the beam slowly fade away.

Konno's fist was now freed from Rif's stomach, he stepped back and noticed that he had blown a massive hole in the alien's stomach. Rif grit his teeth as the flesh around the wound started to wiggle and squrim as his stomach rebuilt itself.

"Move!" Seiyogi shouted, he and Violouh had managed to get on opposing sides of Rif, lifting their hands up, the two warriors fired beams towards the alien. Konno jumped back and watched as the two beams smacked into the sides of Rif, he held his hands in front of him and shouted as he fired a white beam towards the front of Rif's body, the three warriors pushed with all of their might as the beams grew bigger and stronger, smoke erupted from Rif's body and the ground began to shake.

Taisuka widened his eyes as he tightened his grip around the Senzu Bean bag. He watched as the beams fired by the three warriors of three different races continued their attack, Taisuka winced as he could feel the heat emitting from the beams.

Eventually, the three warriors dropped their hands and the beams slowly disappeared, dense smoke rose into the sky preventing them from seeing if the alien was destroyed or not. Konno panted as he noticed a silhouette begin moving in the smoke, the figure quickly rushed from the smoke and lunged at Konno, holes in the alien's body seemed to release smoke as if he was angry. Konno realized he wouldn't be able to react quick enough and just watched as the alien flew in the air to strike his prey.

"SHIMMERING ARROWS" Konno heard Violouh's voice shout and in an instant, a barrage of purple, arrow-like beams flew into Rif's side, the beams tore through the alien's body cutting him in half. Konno watched as the top half of Rif's body flew above his head and the lower half came to a rolling halt on the ground in front of him.

Turning his head, Konno could see Violouh lower his hands as the Namekian began to pant, he was out of energy.

"FINISH HIM OFF!" Seiyogi shouted on the opposite end of the smoke. Konno hopped in the air and watched Seiyogi fire a beam towards the dismembered Rif. The beam was strong and fast enough to completely destroy the bottom half of Rif's body, but the top half went flying in the air.

Konno dropped to the ground once Seiyogi's beam faded and he walked over to Rif's top half, picking the alien up by his pink tendril and holding him in the air. He noticed that the flesh on Rif's stomach was wiggling, trying to recreate his second half. Giving a shout, Konno punched the back of Rif's head, the flesh stopped wiggling. It was as if Rif couldn't concentrate on creating a new body part when he was being attacked.

"You bastard!" Konno shouted as he tightened his grip on Rif's tendril, the alien was scratched and bruised. "Beg for your life all you want. I will take it like you took hers!" He slammed his hands down and Rif's body cracked the ground as it made impact, Rif gasped for air as Konno began slamming him on the ground repeatedly, over and over, the ground cracking further with every slam.

"You don't like heat huh? Can your bubblegum body not handle it?" Konno questioned as he let go of Rif's tendril and began punching the alien in the face, his hands began glowing white as he powered up his punches. Seiyogi and Violouh slowly walked over to Konno and watched him pummel the alien into the ground, pieces of Rif's flesh flying off in every direction.

"Konno, calm yourself." Seiyogi muttered as he leaned forward and grabbed onto Konno's shoulder. Konno pushed Seiyogi off of him and continued pummeling the alien, tears flying from his eyes as he grit his teeth and watched Rif slowly smile through the punches. The alien began laughing as if he hadn't felt any pain.

Violouh stretched his arm and grabbed onto the back of Konno's gi, pulling the Earthling off of the alien. Konno flailed his arms trying to break free of Violouh's grasp, but it was no use.

"I'll kill him!" Konno shouted, but was immediately shut off by Seiyogi, who lifted his hand and pointed his palm at Rif's body, his flesh began wiggling as he tried to regrow his legs.

"Heh.. you pack quite a punch for an Earthling..." Rif laughed, Seiyig's red beam began expanding as it powered up and became brighter. "Enjoy it, that's the last time you'll ever feel power again!" Rif burst into a laugher, his tongue slipping out of his mouth as Seiyogi fired his beam, the light slowly enveloped Rif's body and the laughing slowly stopped. All went silent as Seiyogi's beam disappeared and the alien's body was completely dissolved.

"It's odd, I found it rather easy to dispose of him when you came along." Seiyogi turned his attention towards Konno, who dropped to his knees. Violouh kneeled down and placed his hand on top of Konno's head, the Earthling stared at the ground, no tears left to cry.

"Seiyogi, catch!" Taisuka shouted, catching Seiyogi's attention. The little boy hovered in the air and tossed a Senzu Bean towards the Saiyan, who caught it and put it in his mouth. Taisuka landed on the ground and tossed another Senzu Bean towards Violouh. The Namekian caught it and placed it in his mouth as he lifted Konno to his feet.

"Thanks, kid.." Konno muttered as he watched the little boy pull out two Senzu Beans and gave one to him. Taisuka put the remaining Senzu Bean in his mouth and looked inside of the bag, there were now only two more Senzu Beans left.

"We can't stay here." Violouh spoke as he looked up into the sky, his antennae twitched.

"What's wrong?" Konno asked in a calm tone. He had to remain calm for the rest of this trip for Lori's sake, he knew he could revive her once they returned to Earth, but he had to survive long enough to get there.

Violouh pointed in the sky and the four warriors noticed a single figure quickly flying towards them. Seiyogi winced as he tried to get a closer look at the figure, but his eyes quickly widened as he recognized who it was.

"KYUTI!" Seiyogi shouted, his little sister dropped to the ground and quickly ran towards the group of fighters, she panted as the four other heroes ran towards her. Sweat ran down her forehead as she stopped running and looked up towards Seiyogi and the others, she closed her eyes and her body fell face first into the dirt.

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VOL 6: Chapter 57 - "Broken Heart vs. Broken Mind"
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