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 VOL 6: Chapter 58 - "Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal King"

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PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 58 - "Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal King"   Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:15 pm

Kyuti slowly opened her eyes, her vision was blurry and she could see blob-like people standing over her.

"Kyuti!" A voice shouted, it belong to Seiyogi. Kyuti blinked and her vision cleared, she sat up and shook her head, a jolt of pain shot through her neck causing her to lift her hands up to her neck. Her spandex was torn and her armor was cracked and broken, she was missing a shoulder plate. Taisuka opened up the Senzu Bean bag and ran over to Kyuti, he pulled out one of the two remaining beans and handed it to her.

"Eat it, you'll regain your strength." Taisuka urged as Kyuti put the bean in her mouth and began to chew it. She swallowed the bean and the pain in her neck vanished, her brown aura flared around her body.

Before Kyuti could thank Taisuka, Seiyogi wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight, something he had never done before. Kyuti widened her eyes in surprise and she lifted her arms up, hugging him back.

"I'm glad you're safe.." Seiyogi muttered as he unwrapped his arms around Kyuti and helped her to her feet. "I haven't seen you in days, I thought you were dead."

"I'm fine." Kyuti replied, dusting off her armor, she looked around Seiyogi and noticed Violouh picking Lizz and Lori's dead bodies up from the ground. "I'm sorry... I was too late.." Kyuti muttered as she looked at Taisuka and Konno, her head dropped and she stared at the ground.

"Don't worry about it, we took care of the guys who caused their... you know what. We can just wish them back with the Dragon Balls once we return to Earth." Konno replied. Kyuti lifted her head in surprise.

"You beat Rif and Sono?" Kyuti questioned, looking around at the group. Everyone smirked and chuckled, indicating that they did.

"Say, why'd you come here by yourself? Jaduko was with you, wasn't he?" Taisuka questioned as he closed the Senzu Bean bag and tossed it back towards Konno, who hooked the bag around his belt. Kyuti didn't respond, she just frowned and shifted her eyes towards the ground.

"Don't tell me..." Konno muttered. "They got him too...?"

"No, no." Kyuti shook her hands. "I just am ashamed with myself, I shouldn't have left him alone."

"Leave him alone?" Seiyogi questioned.

"We ran into Shad.." Kyuti replied, causing everyone to raise their eyebrows except for Seiyogi, who opened his mouth in shock.

"You left him alone with the leader of the Armored Squadron?!" Seiyogi shouted, the others blinked and their eyes went wide in shock.

"He said he could handle him, or at least serve as a distraction... He told me to come and find you guys so we could leave the planet." Kyuti muttered, her voice sank in tone as she talked.

"What?! We're not leaving without him, he's crazy to think we'd leave him!" Konno shouted.

"If I judge your ally based on how highly you all talk about him," Violouh spoke up, causing the others to turn their heads towards him. "And if I recall how his father acted, Jaduko believes he can beat the leader of the Armored Squadron.. He wants us to leave the planet and return safely on Earth before Zerox is alerted of us taking out his soldiers."

"You... knew Shishito..?" Seiyogi muttered in shock, the others widened their eyes as they watched Violouh nod.

"I may have not met your ally, Jaduko, but if he's anything like his father, he can handle himself and he's doing it for our benefit. We must return to the campsite and march the former captive aliens to a ship where we can escape from this planet." Violouh was still holding onto the bodies of Lizz and Lori as he floated up in the air.

"Zerox is stationed in his ship, if Jaduko managed to draw him out of it, we could overtake it from his forces and safely escape." Kyuti chimed in.

"Tch... All I know is that he better win.." Konno muttered as he floated up in the air alongside Taisuka, Seiyogi and Kyuti following. "Violouh, let Taisuka and I carry Lori and Lizz. It's our duties to protect them at all costs, even in death." Konno floated over to the Namekian and grabbed Lori's body out of his arms, Taisuka grabbed onto Lizz and the two Earthlings nodded at each other.

"While we return to camp, would you mind telling us about what you and Jaduko had done over the past few days?" Konno asked. Kyuti nodded and the group started flying through the air, she began to shout over the wind.

"Well I'm sure you're all aware of the two of us being captured by Zerox and his men..." Kyuti began as she told the group how the two of them were held up in Zerox's spaceship, escaped from captivity, battled against Drivu, destroyed the Etheran Fluid and saved the planet from the purple liquid that would cause it's destruction, and managed to escape from the ship with ease. She even talked about how the two trained in preparation for Zerox. However after that, she began explaining to the group about their run in with Shad...

Jaduko and Kyuti were flying close to the ground side by side, the lush grass blew in the wind as they quickly travelled via the air.

"You sure those guys are stronger than Drivu?" Jaduko spoke without turning his head, he was talking about the three meteors that had fallen to the ground earlier that morning which we later found out to be the Armored Squadron. Kyuti nodded her head, despite Jaduko not noticing.

"Yeah, there's no mistaking it. We need to keep ourselves on guard if we plan to stand a chance with them on this planet." Kyuti replied as she stared forward, the two of them could see a village rising from the horizon as the passed over hills.

"I'm sure they'll be a piece of cake, we did train for five days straight didn't we? We can easily them on, and then we'll head for Zerox!" Jaduko chuckled as he turned his head and grinned at Kyuti, who blushed and nodded her head.

The two eventually made it to the Xerivonian Village they spotted, landing on the ground as their feet made quick 'pat-pat' sounds as they landed on the grass. Jaduko lifted his hand and motioned for Kyuti to follow him, the two slowly walked through the village trying to find any survivors. After several minutes of looking for the Xerivonians who lived in this village and having no luck, the two ended up in the center of the village in front of a beautiful fountain that rested in the middle of houses as if this were a town square. Kyuti had noticed Jaduko was awkwardly silent during the entire search, something she wasn't used to.

"Something wrong? I know we couldn't find anybody, but hopefully they all got the memo that Zerox was here, so they probably went and hid somewhere." Kyuti shrugged, but saw Jaduko shake his head and close his eyes.

"Over the past ten minutes, I felt two power levels disappear completely... they belonged to Lizz and Lori, I'd know the two of their power levels anywhere..." Jaduko had a low tone in his voice, he clenched his fists in anger. Kyuti walked over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder, she was about to say something comforting when the two heard footsteps walking up behind them.

Jaduko swiftly turned his body and Kyuti clenched her fists as the two saw a dark silhouette approaching them until it stopped walking. Kyuti widened her eyes as she recognized the pure yellow eyes and black armor.

"Who are you?" Jaduko shouted, raising his fists as he sensed the immense power emitting from the shadow's body. Kyuti didn't move or say anything as she tried to be as confident as Jaduko.

"So.. you're the Son of Shishito that Zerox wishes for me to deliver to him... correct?" The shadow spoke up, his voice was grizzly and seemed to echo throughout his own throat as if two voices were speaking at once. Jaduko noticed the name 'Shad' written on the shadow's armor.

"Shad huh? I don't think I've ever seen such a literal name before." He grinned and confidently stared down the black alien in front of him. "You're the leader of Zerox's Armored Squadron, right?"

"The technical name is Ender's Armored Squadron, but you are correct." Shad retorted, his arms were at his sides.

"Whatever, I don't care who your boss is. All I know is that you're my enemy!" Jaduko shouted, striking his signature fighting stance as Kyuti raised her fists alongside him.

"You dare challenge the leader of Ender's Armored Squadron and the prodigal king of Planet Shadon?" Shad questioned, his arms remained at his sides.

"King of your own planet huh? That must mean you're pretty tough, show me your strength!" Jaduko shouted.

"As you wish, Son of Shishito." Shad replied, he didn't raise his arms to strike a fighting stance, he instead waited for Jaduko to strike first.

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VOL 6: Chapter 58 - "Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal King"
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