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 VOL 6: Chapter 59 - "Duel of Light and Darkness"

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VOL 6: Chapter 59 - "Duel of Light and Darkness" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 59 - "Duel of Light and Darkness"   VOL 6: Chapter 59 - "Duel of Light and Darkness" I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2016 10:15 pm

"Any tips for fighting this guy?" Jaduko turned his head and looked at Kyuti, who was confidently standing next to him. Kyuti shook her head. "Well, looks like we just gotta wing it!" Jaduko roared as he lunged towards Shad, the Saiyan threw a punch aimed directly at the alien's chest.

Upon making contact, Shad's body turned into a large shadow and traveled up Jaduko's arm and around his back. The Saiyan widened his eyes in shock as Shad's body manifested and kicked Jaduko in the back. Stumbling forward, Jaduko placed his hand on the ground and twisted his body, thrusting a kick up towards Shad's chin, the foot managed to connect and it sent the alien flying up in the air.

Kyuti flew into the air above Shad, she placed her hands together and interlocked her fingers as she raised her fists in the air. Slamming them down towards Shad's head, the alien's body turned into a shadow once more and traveled around Kyuti's arms, manifesting behind her back and punching her in the back. Spit flew out of Kyuti's mouth as her eyes dilated in pain and her armor started to crack from the force behind Shad's punch. Grabbing Kyuti by her shoulder plates, Shad did a flip in the air and threw the Saiyan down towards Jaduko.

Jaduko lunged in the air and caught Kyuti as he continued moving up towards the alien. Kyuti got out of Jaduko's arms and the two rapidly threw punches and kicks at Shad. Quickly dodging all of the punches and kicks, Shad's body transformed into a shadow and he quickly swerved in between Jaduko and Kyuti's punches. The two Saiyans quickly turned around to face Shad as his body manifested, but the alien was too quick, grabbing the two by the heads and slamming their foreheads together.

"Grah!" Jaduko and Kyuti shouted in unison as they lifted their hands up to rub their foreheads.

Shad quickly dropped from the sky to the ground and looked up at the two Saiyans with a blank stare on his face. He noticed their bodies fizz out of the sky and he quickly shifted his eyes, trying to get a read on their presence. Shad quickly noticed Jaduko appear in front of him, the Saiyan threw a punch directly towards the alien's nose, but Shad quickly ducked and noticed Kyuti's body fizz into view behind him. Sweeping her leg, Kyuti tried tripping Shad, but was surprised when he jumped at the same time as he ducked. The two Saiyans continued their barrage of attacks as Shad swiftly dodged each of them, jumping, ducking, and swinging his hips, he dodged all of the attacks as gusts of wind picked up from the fighting, smacking into houses and cracking the stone that they were made out of.

Shad lifted his hands and placed his palms on Jaduko and Kyuti's faces, blasting them with a dark ki blast sending the two flying in opposite directions.

"This guy's tough. I'm really enjoying this!" Jaduko shouted through pants, he widened his eyes as he watched Shad lift his arms up and fire two beams directly at the two Saiyans, the beams were as fast as light, which was ironic considering he was a shadow. Jaduko managed to twist his body and duck underneath the beam, the beam passed over his nose as it smacked into a house behind him. Kyuti shifted to the right as the beam tore through her left shoulder plate, cracking her armor down the front of her chest, but at least it didn't rip a hole in her.

"Kyuti!" Jaduko shouted as Shad turned his attention towards him. "Go and fight the others, I'll handle him myself!"

"What?! Are you crazy?!" Kyuti shouted, Shad didn't move, he let the two have their little chat.

"Just trust me! Find the others and try to get them off of the planet, I'll distract this guy long enough for you to find them."

"It wouldn't be much of a distraction if I knew about it." Shad retorted.

"But.. I can't leave you, he'll kill you!" Kyuti shouted in between pants as she floated into the air and hovered above the village houses. She noticed Jaduko look up at her and grinned, he chuckled before he continued to talk.

"Remember we trained with each other, that means we're both strong enough to defeat these guys, Seiyogi needs your help!" Jaduko lifted a thumbs up. Kyuti gulped as she gave Jaduko one last look.

"You better not die on me!" She shouted, and with that her brown aura engulfed her body as she burst into the sky to find Seiyogi and the others.

"You better not die on me either, I'm counting on you." Jaduko muttered as he turned his attention towards Shad. The two warriors lunged at each other as Kyuti's story ended.

"That sounds just like him." Konno smirked as he followed Violouh through the sky towards the alien campsite, Taisuka at his side, Kyuti and Seiyogi were behind the two of them.

"I'm sorry that I arrived later than I should have.. I was too late and it cost you guys your friend's lives.." Kyuti remarked.

"Hey don't sweat it, we're all in this together now, aren't we?" Taisuka shouted back, Kyuti lifted her head and thought of Jaduko.

"Let's get going, we have to get off of this planet by nightfall." Seiyogi shouted over the winds as the group of warriors flew through the sky.

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VOL 6: Chapter 59 - "Duel of Light and Darkness"
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