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 VOL 6: Chapter 60 - "Consequence"

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PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 60 - "Consequence"   VOL 6: Chapter 60 - "Consequence" I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2016 10:49 pm

While Violouh led the heroes towards the campsite, Jaduko was still in the midst of battle with Shad, the leader of Ender's Armored Squadron who were stationed on Xerivon underneath Zerox's rule. Jaduko's gi was now torn in shambles as his orange top was torn in shreds, part of it was still sticking out of his belt and around his waist, but his black undershirt remained unscathed. His blue pants and boots were slightly scratched up and torn.

"You got some fight in ya, I'll give you that." Jaduko said through pants as he lifted his arm up and wiped blood from his mouth with the back of his wristband. Shad had slight scratches on him, but aside from that, he remained unscathed.

"I'm impressed, no ordinary mortal is able to withstand my attacks like you.." Shad stated as he crossed his arms. The battle between he and Jaduko seemed intense, as rocks were scattered all around the village they were in, supposedly ripped up from the ground and torn off of buildings.

"Heh.. I guess I should consider that a compliment, but if I'm a mortal, what are you?" Jaduko questioned, clenching his fists.

"A King of his own Planet, I am the equivalent of a God." Shad replied.

"Really? The King on my planet is just a dog, cat, thing, does that mean you two are on par with each other?" Jaduko taunted, he watched as Shad grit his teeth, they were the same yellow color as his eyes. The alien lunged forward in anger, Jaduko lifted his arms and blocked a punch with his forearm, he quickly spun around and thrust his foot into Shad's neck, who flipped and threw a punch into Jaduko's hip. The two pushed off of each other and slid across the ground.

Bursting off into a run, Jaduko ran clockwise around in a circle while Shad ran the same way, the two glared at each other as they kept running in circles, trying to study each other and see who would attack first.

Shad's body evaporated into a shadow as it flew towards Jaduko with incredible speed. Jaduko's body fizzed out of view as he hopped backwards, trying to avoid the shadow. Rocks flew into the air as Jaduko hopped around the area, his body fizzing in and out of view as the shadow swerved through the air. It eventually managed to get behind Jaduko and Shad manifested into his physical form, he kicked the Saiyan in the neck and sent him skidding across the ground.

Jaduko's head smacked into the side of the fountain in the center of the village, he was laying face down in the rubble as he heard Shad come running up behind him. Time seemed to slow down as Jaduko lifted his hands up, placed them on the side of the fountain, and push himself into the air as Shad slammed his foot down where Jaduko's head used to be. Flipping in the air, Jaduko's hands began glowing blue as he slammed his fists onto Shad's head. Shad winced in pain as his feet caused the ground beneath him to crack from the force of the attack.

Jaduko flipped through the air and slid across the ground, but before he could get stable footing, he felt Shad's foot smack into his cheek. Blood flew from Jaduko's mouth as he went flying into a nearby house. Closing his eyes and crossing his arms in front of his head as he crashed through the wall, Jaduko rolled on the floor of the inside of the house and quickly jumped in the air as he felt Shad's body fly underneath his, the Saiyan quickly hopped out of the house and into the open as Shad burst through the roof, sending debris flying everywhere.

Blocking the debris, Jaduko watched as a shadow flew through the air towards him. Shad manifested his physical body and swiftly kicked Jaduko in the throat, sending the Saiyan flying. Tumbling across the ground, Jaduko ended up face down as he heard Shad slowly walk towards him. With his body trembling, Jaduko reached his hand forward and tried to crawl along the ground, he grabbed onto a small piece of rubble and lifted himself up as Shad lifted his foot and kicked the back of Jaduko's head, the Saiyan slid across the ground and rolled onto his back, getting onto his knees.

"Give it up. You are not in a state where you can beat me." Shad muttered, standing in place.

"I'm not able to beat you in hand-to-hand combat... but I know a certain attack that can do some damage!" Jaduko shouted, stumbling to get to his feet. He put his hands together and threw them in front of his body, his palms facing Shad.

"What are you doing?" Shad asked, a black aura pulsated around his body.

"A technique that I've spent years mastering, taught to me by my friends and master alike.. It'll be the end for you!" Jaduko shouted as he moved his arms to the right side of his body.

"What a petty last choice of words, heroic speeches are quite common for my victims." Shad muttered, shaking his head.

"Ka...." Jaduko's voice echoed throughout the area as a small blue orb began forming inbetween his palms. Shad rose an eyebrow and stared into the light.

"Meee...." The orb began circling in Jaduko's hands as the light burst through his fingers and pulsated throughout the village.

"Haaameee..." His voice echoed even louder as Shad uncrossed his arms and prepared to block or deflect the attack.

"HAAAAA!" Jaduko's low tone voice echoed as he thrust his hands forward, a massive blue beam burst from his hands and shot towards Shad with immense speed and power. Shad widened his eyes as the beam engulfed his body, sending him flying through the air. Shad tried to fight against the wave as it carried him through the air, but he couldn't do a single thing.

The Kamehameha wave blasted through the village and went flying across the Xerivonian landscape, it pulsated through the air. On the other side of the planet, Taisuka turned his head and felt the Kamehameha's power, so did Konno.

"You feel that?" Konno questioned.

"Yeah! It's Jaduko!" Taisuka shouted, but the two continued flying towards the campsite.

With the scene transitioning back to Jaduko, the Saiyan huffed as he lowered his hands and stared at the massive line he dug in the ground thanks to the beam. He had finally mastered the Kamehameha after training with Kyuti and this was the first time he used it in a real battle. Jaduko smiled as he closed one eye and stumbled forward. But his victory was short lived as he heard a laugh behind him.

"Nice job, you actually had me there for a second.. I think I'm leaking a few drops of blood for the first time in a long time.." Shad was close enough to Jaduko that it was like he was whispering in the Saiyan's ear.

With one swift punch to the back, Jaduko was sent flying through the air and sent sliding along the ground as Shad, now with half of his armor torn off, stood where Jaduko once stood.

"I'll admit, you're the first one to cause me harm in over one hundred years. Consider yourself honored, you'll be one of my best meals yet!" Shad's body turned completely black and he started walking towards Jaduko, his entire body was a shadow and he intended to suck Jaduko into it, where he would steal the Saiyan's power and make it his own.

Jaduko tried crawling away as Shad walked towards him, but the alien was just too quick, he was getting faster and faster with each passing second. Was this where it all ends?

As Jaduko closed his eyes, he heard Shad scream behind him and the sound of electricity crackling and exploding. Opening his eyes, Jaduko turned his head and saw red electricity envelop Shad's body as the shadow tried to fight against it. With one massive explosion, the electricity sent Shad flying into a nearby house and a figure landed on the ground in front of Jaduko from out of nowhere. Looking up, Jaduko could see someone wearing greyish-blue spandex and white armor with silver pating, a grey and gold hood was cast over the figure's head as he turned around to look at Jaduko.

Lowering his hand and offering Jaduko help to his feet, Drivu's face was colored blue as the coding on his face was neatly organized as it duplicated itself in straight lines.

Continue Onto Chapter 61:
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VOL 6: Chapter 60 - "Consequence"
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