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 VOL 6: Chapter 61 - "Rebooted"

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PostSubject: VOL 6: Chapter 61 - "Rebooted"   VOL 6: Chapter 61 - "Rebooted" I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 05, 2016 11:56 pm

Jaduko lifted his arm up towards Drivu and gripped onto the robot's forearm, Drivu's grip tightened on Jaduko's forearm as well and he helped the Saiyan stand to his feet.

"Drivu...?" Jaduko asked, he was slowly regaining the energy he lost from firing the power Kamehameha Wave. "How are you... Why are you... you saved me?" He seemed confused.

"Do not stress your mind on the matter, I am simply repaying my debt." Drivu's robotic voice remarked as he turned his body and noticed Shad's shadowy body stepping out of the house he was thrown into. Jaduko raised an eyebrow, confused as to what Drivu could mean. The robot continued to speak.

"Your act of mercy was something my sensory systems had never detected before, living in the vacuum of space where I was ruled by space pirates and beings mightier than I could ever compute.. I was treated with disrespect, for I was only a simple machine who couldn't feel emotion, I could only take orders." Drivu lifted his hand and orange electricity shot from his hand, he aimed it at Shad who had lunged towards the Saiyan and the robot, the electricity sparked around Shad's body and sent him flying through the air.

"I was a robot, forced to work under terrible people, it's what I was programmed to do.. But when you and your female companion freed my power source from the Etheran Fluid back on Zerox's ship.. I was able to sit down for a little while and think about what I was doing with myself, I was able to listen to myself for a change." Drivu continued, turning his head towards Jaduko, who was taking all of this in.

"You mean... just because we destroyed that purple liquid and stopped it from harming the planet... we saved you?" Jaduko questioned. "But why save me now? I thought Kyuti and I left you there, it was wrong of us to leave you there, dismantled and broken.."

"You two did leave me but I understand it was to save your own lives, but like I said, I was finally able to listen to myself, my own programming. You could have easily shut me down for good back in the generator room... but you didn't. When the two of you escaped from captivity, I was left sitting in the generator room, taking in the new human emotion that has been void in my life. Darkness and despair is all I had known until the moment you spared my life.. something not even my comrades would do for me after a defeat.. that's when I learned what it meant to be a human.. beings who care for one another and love each other to the best of their abilities. Despite being a machine without a beating heart or soul I could call my own, I wasn't looked at as a simple machine by you, my... my opponent, my enemy. You treasured my life and kept me alive. For that, I spent the last several Xerivon Days reprogramming all of my systems that were shut down back in the generator room on Zerox's ship, and I am here to save your life. Like you did with mine." Drivu's face turned yellow as he looked forward, Shad was back on his feet and walking towards the two.

Jaduko blinked, he seemed to have zoned out for some of Drivu's speech, but he grinned and looked at the robot who was once his enemy.

"That's just who I am, pal. You were a living thing in my eyes, I'm glad you were able to see through your faults and make yourself a better person. You'll get used to the feeling." Jaduko replied, Drivu began walking forward towards Shad.

"Stay back, your physical body won't be able to take on Shad in this state, if you get close, he will suck you in and absorb your life source for his own personal gain." Drivu began sprinting towards his former leader, who was displeased with his comrade's traitorous behavior. "It's a surprise you were able to stand toe-to-toe with him!"

"Wait! What are you doing?!" Jaduko shouted, he took a step forward and extended his hand towards his newfound ally. Multicolored electricity started sparking around Drivu's face as his body picked up speed, with one quick lunge, the robot dived into the dark void that was Shad's body, the electricity sparked as Shad stumbled to get his footing, but everything slowly went silent.

"Heh.. I guess Rif and Sono were right about him always being a tool.." Shad chuckled as he took a step forward towards Jaduko, who was in shock as he watched Drivu risk his life. But then something miraculous happened.

A chunk of Shad's body seemed to rip off and evaporate in the air, light shined through the chunk as other pieces slowly started to break off of his body. Shad lifted his hands and looked at them as light started shining through every crack that was forming. Jaduko opened his mouth in shock and quickly lifted his arm to cover his eyes as light burst from Shad's body, the alien screamed in pain as his body slowly levitated in the air. Jaduko's undershirt began ripping from the immense power emitting from Shad's body until half of it was completely torn. Multicolored lightning sparked around the alien's body as if Drivu was still alive on the inside, he seemed to be using all of his remaining power to overload Shad's power absorption.

With one last scream that echoed throughout the village, Shad's body exploded and a pillar of light shot into the sky, causing the clouds to quickly move around it. Jaduko opened his eyes and gazed over towards the spot where Shad's body once stood, electricity slowly sparked in the air until it slowly disappeared without a trace, Shad and Drivu were gone. Jaduko softly smiled as he lifted himself from the ground, his strength and energy was depleted almost completely, but he was able to stand. Looking up into the sky, Jaduko could see small, multicolored sparkles gravitate towards the ground as if snow was falling.

"You did good Drivu, you may have just been a robot forced to abide commands by others, but after your deed today, it looks like you were truly able to go to the afterlife like the rest of us... hope to see you there someday." Jaduko continued to stare at the sky as it slowly turned orange, indicating that the sun was setting.

Meanwhile, back on Zerox's ship. One of the aliens working the panels in the throne room quickly looked up towards his boss and started trembling.

"Sir.. the generator for the ship just powered down, and we've lost connection with Drivu along with the rest of the Armored Squadron... They're gone sir.." The alien said, but was immediately shot in the heart as Zerox stood from his throne and looked down at the rest of the aliens in anger.

"It appears I have underestimated those Saiyans, not only are my men useless in battle, but the Armored Squadron succumbed to the might of those monkeys.." Zerox sighed as he closed his eyes and slashed his arm in the air, a beam of energy shot across the room, shooting into all of the aliens working the panels. Screams escaped their bodies as blood spurt from the wounds, they were all dead.

"Looks like I'll have to take matters into my own hands, it appears I'm the only one who can get a job done nowadays.." Zerox muttered as he walked around his throne and down the stairs towards the doorway leading out of the room. Upon exiting from the throne room, Zerox kneeled down and grabbed onto a red carpet that blanketed the hallway's metallic floor, he wrapped it around himself like a cloak as he began walking towards the ship's hatch that led to the outside world. Every soldier he encountered was immediately shot down in a fit of anger.

Zerox eventually made it to the ship's escape, he tapped a button and the wall slowly pushed away from the ship, creating a ramp down towards the Xerivonian Ground. The tyrant walked down the ramp and stepped on the cool grass as he began his trek to find the Saiyans..

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VOL 6: Chapter 61 - "Rebooted"
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