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 VOL 7: Chapter 62 - "Zerox's Hunting Expedition"

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VOL 7: Chapter 62 - "Zerox's Hunting Expedition" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 7: Chapter 62 - "Zerox's Hunting Expedition"   VOL 7: Chapter 62 - "Zerox's Hunting Expedition" I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2016 2:27 pm

Squashing the grass underneath his feet as he walked, Zerox's entire body was covered with the red cloak he picked up from his ship, his entire body was covered with the exception of his feet when he took steps, a dark shadow was cast over his face making it hard for anyone to recognize him.

'It's wise of me to waste as little power as possible by walking, this way I can find the Son of Shishito and his comrades without wasting my energy by flying over this god forsaken planet..' Zerox thought to himself as he walked into a ruined village in the middle of a large valley. Zerox's feet stopped squishing the grass once he entered the village, his feet made tiny 'thuds' against the concrete with each step.

Upon walking further through the village, Zerox noticed yellow bodies with grey spots scattered all over, laying on the ground, thrown through buildings that were destroyed, and resting in tiny water fountains. All of the bodies were resting in puddles of blue blood, whether it was their own or each others was unknown.

'Hmm.. Guess those MetalMen actually knew how to purge afterall..' Zerox thought, grinning at the massacre he was walking through, the sunlight shined onto the lower half of his face and his sharp teeth shimmered for a split second before he closed his mouth and heard footsteps behind him.

Turning his body to glare at the person who dared walk up to him, Zerox noticed a little alien boy with yellow skin and grey spots running towards him, a slab of cement in his hands. The little boy had tears streaming down his face and blue blood running down his arms. This Xerivonian Village had a survivor..

"You and your robots killed my mommy!!!" The little boy shouted in anger as he threw the slab of concrete at Zerox. Zerox was surprised that the little boy knew who he was, but he figured it wouldn't be hard to tell if his legs weren't so unique.

"Er'gav, no!" A voice shouted, Zerox turned his head and noticed a bigger alien with the same skin color and grey spots as the little boy laid on the ground, the alien stretched his arm out and aimed it at the little boy, he was the alien's father. The concrete that the little boy named Er'gav had thrown at Zerox shattered into dozens of pieces, Zerox remained unfazed as the little Xerivonian boy stopped running and stared up at Zerox in fear.

"Is this your child?" Zerox asked the bigger alien as he walked closer to the little boy, who stepped back in fear with his eyes glued into the shadow drenched over Zerox's face. Er'gav's father picked himself from the ground and rushed over to the little boy, wrapping him in his arms as Zerox stopped walking, the tyrant stood four feet away from the father and his son.

"Yes, now leave us alone! We're the only survivors left in this village, leave us alone!" Er'gav's father shouted as tears started forming in his eyes, his arms wrapped around his son's head.

"So you felt that playing dead would save you?" Zerox questioned, lifting his head as the setting sun illuminated his nose and mouth. "Very foolish.. But I may let you live if you tell me something."

"Anything! What do you wish to know?!" Er'gav's father was playing along, hoping to keep his son safe.

"Have you by chance, seen a brown, spiky haired Saiyan wearing orange and blue clothing? Or perhaps, have you seen a black haired Saiyan female wearing red clothing?" Zerox questioned, looking down at the two Xerivonians.

"I-I think so!" Er'gav's father replied. "I saw the black haired Saiyan here not too long ago, she, now leave us please!"

"Oh, but would you be so kind and tell me what direction you saw her heading?" Zerox continued. Er'gav pointed up in the sky behind the tyrant.

"I remember seeing her go flying that way, the planet's capital city is over in that direction, she's probably there." The Xerivonian replied.

"Thank you for your assistance." Zerox muttered as he lifted his hand and pointed a finger at Er'gav, a grey finger beam shot from his fingertip and pierced the boy's chest. Blood spurt from the would and soaked his father's clothes as the father looked at his son in horror.

"Y-You monster... You said you would spare us if I told you where the Saiyans were..!" Er'gav's father turned his head towards Zerox in anger, but realized another finger beam was pointed at him.

"I said I 'may' let you live. Turns out, I didn't really need to let you live. You and your son will reunite with his mother soon enough." Zerox chuckled as the finger beam shot into Er'gav's father's skull, the alien fell forward onto the ground as the tyrant turned around and headed off in the direction the Xerivonian pointed.

'Planet's capital, hmm?' Zerox thought to himself as he exited the village and began his trek through the grassy landscape. 'I'm sure I'll know it when I see it..'

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VOL 7: Chapter 62 - "Zerox's Hunting Expedition"
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