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 VOL 7: Chapter 63 - "Capital City Alryne"

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VOL 7: Chapter 63 - "Capital City Alryne"  Empty
PostSubject: VOL 7: Chapter 63 - "Capital City Alryne"    VOL 7: Chapter 63 - "Capital City Alryne"  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2016 4:25 pm

"Everyone remain calm, we'll do our best to keep you safe on our trek to find Zerox's ship so we can leave this hellhole of a planet!" Konno shouted as he floated in the air above the alien safezone, he could see hundreds upon hundreds of multicolored faces stare up at him. Konno's group along with Seiyogi's had easily rescued over 800 slaves over the course of the past week, which would make it tough to escort them all across the planet even if they were willing to cooperate. But now that the aliens had seen the dead bodies of Lizz and Lori, a mass majority of the aliens were freaking out, wondering how they were going to get off of this planet alive. Konno and Taisuka were unsuccessful in keeping them calm, but Seiyogi knew exactly what to do.

Lifting his hand and pointing it at a nearby mountain, Seiyogi fired a red beam into the mountain, causing rocks to tumble into the camp, the aliens stopped causing chaos in the crowd and looked up at the Saiyan.

"Listen to the Earthling when he's talking to you, those of you that wish to leave this planet alive will do so if you comply, the rest of you that continue to ensue in the chaos will be left here to die!" Kyuti shouted over the crowd, each of the aliens turned their heads towards Konno and Taisuka.

"Thank you, Seiyogi and Kyuti." Konno remarked as he smirked into the crowd, he enjoyed having a leading role. "I know things may seem sketchy now that Lori and Lizz are gone, the two of them really knew how to keep a handle on things here and keep everything calm. But now that the two of them are deceased, we must take it upon ourselves to take the initiative and march right up to Zerox's ship and take it from him!" Konno shouted, most of the aliens were silent, but some of the muscular aliens that were left to guard the camp shouted in agreement.

"We know it may be tough, but we've come too far just to give up and die here!" Taisuka chimed in, the aliens turned their attention towards him. "Our friend Jaduko is most likely holding Zerox and his men off right now, which gives us a perfect chance to sneak onto his ship and safely leave the planet!" Some of the aliens turned towards each other and talked with one another as sweat beaded off of Konno and Taisuka's heads.

"None of you have a choice." Seiyogi shouted into the crowd. "You all know what Zerox and his men are capable of considering you were part of his trade system.. You all would have been dead days ago or already sold off if it weren't for these Earthlings halting Zerox's plans. It's best you listen to them, you owe it to them!" Some of the aliens cowered in fear of Seiyogi's voice, but turned their attention back towards Konno.

"Pack everything you want to carry, we leave in half an hour. If you want to return home, you'll stand up and fight with us, for your rights and freedom!" Konno shouted into the air and he was pleased to hear the aliens roar along with him.

With half an hour passing, Kyuti and Seiyogi lead the mass amount of aliens out of their safezone and started leading the group through the Xerivonian Landscape, Kyuti directed them on where to go since she knew where Zerox's ship was located. Taisuka, Konno, and Violouh were in the back of the camp, making sure every single alien was safely in their care as they began following the aliens. Taisuka was carrying Lizz's body in his arms and Konno was carrying Lori, the two of them hoped that if they brought their bodies back to Earth, it would be easier to revive them there with the Dragon Balls.

Hours would pass as the heroes and aliens passed ruined villages and destroyed concentration camps. The sun was now set and the orange sky transitioned into a pitch black blanket, the planet's three moons were scattered throughout the sky.

Talking amongst themselves, the aliens were oblivious to the fact that Kyuti and Seiyogi led the pack towards a large city, surrounded by mountains on one side, and a massive ocean on the other side.

"Xerivonians had more than simple little villages?" Seiyogi questioned, looking up at the buildings. They were made out of the same concrete material as the houses from the villages, but were as tall as the Etheran Fluid structures that were stuck in the ground earlier in the story. Kyuti shrugged her shoulders.

"They're always full of surprises, I guess." Kyuti replied, the two Saiyans led the aliens through the wide city streets, upon walking further into the city, our heroes could see that the buildings were destroyed as well, some of them were tipped over and had gigantic holes torn through their concrete, it's as if a war had taken place within the city walls.

Dropping to the ground with their feet making little 'pat-pat' sounds on the ground, Seiyogi and Kyuti scanned around the area and realized they were in a huge open area in the center of the city, no doubt the city square where Xerivonians would gather for special events. The two Saiyans were about to continue walking when they heard Taisuka shout from the back of the alien crowd.

"STOP!" Taisuka shouted, Seiyogi and Kyuti turned around and they saw the little boy flying over the alien's heads with Konno and Violouh following close behind, the two of them dropped to the ground at the front of the pack.

"What's wrong?" Kyuti asked.

"We... we felt something terrible." Taisuka muttered, Seiyogi noticed Violouh's antennae twitching.

Konno handed Lori's body to the purple skinned, muscular alien at the front of the crowd and he quickly pointed off in the distance, causing everyone to look. Seiyogi and Kyuti's eyes widened as they saw a figure in a red cloak in the distance, it walked into the city and appeared to be walking towards them..

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VOL 7: Chapter 63 - "Capital City Alryne"
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