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 VOL 7: Chapter 64 - "Start to a Long Night"

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VOL 7: Chapter 64 - "Start to a Long Night"  Empty
PostSubject: VOL 7: Chapter 64 - "Start to a Long Night"    VOL 7: Chapter 64 - "Start to a Long Night"  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2016 5:00 pm

All was silent with the exception of the wind softly blowing through the Capital City known as Alryne. Seiyogi and Kyuti's bodies trembled in fear as the figure in the red cloak walked closer and closer towards them.

Konno clenched his fists and Taisuka handed Lizz's body back to the same muscular alien who was holding onto Lori.

"I have no clue who that is... but it's energy feels evil.." Konno muttered, Violouh stood in front of him and grit his teeth as his antennae twitched rapidly.

"The power in that being is... incredible.." Violouh added as Taisuka walked up and stood next to Violouh, the two of them and Konno struck fighting poses as Seiyogi and Kyuti remained silent up front. Konno glanced down at his belt and was thankful that he still had the Senzu Bean bag.

"All of you get back! We don't want to risk any lives if we run into trouble!" Violouh shouted back at the group of aliens, who scooted back about thirty yards away from the heroes. The figure in the red cloak was now about 100 yards away from Seiyogi and Kyuti, the two of them recognized the figure's light blue legs.

"I'll be damned, that Xerivonian was actually right!" The figure laughed as he lifted his hand and removed the cloak, tossing it into the air. The wind blew into the cloak and it flew through the air. Seiyogi grit his teeth in fear and Kyuti widened her eyes even further as Zerox stood in front of them. (Of course, we all knew who it was however.)

"Z-Zerox...!!! Seiyogi spoke through his teeth loud enough for Konno, Taisuka, and Violouh to overhear him, their jaws dropped in shock and sweat started beading down their head when they looked forward at the light-blue, grey, and purple skinned monster.

"This... This wasn't part of the plan..." Taisuka quietly spoke as Zerox crossed his arms. The tyrant stared down at each of the heroes.

"W-What are you doing here, Z-Zerox..?" Kyuti asked, Seiyogi turned his head towards her and stared at her, he thought she was crazy for directly talking to Zerox. "You.. You were supposed to look for Jaduko!"

"Oh, the Son of Shishito?" Zerox questioned casually, he enjoyed watching everyone tremble in fear in front of him. "I was actually planning on strolling through this city so I could find him, but low and behold, I stumble into little old Seiyogi, his little sister, and their newfound friends!" Zerox laughed and Konno gulped, the power in this guy seemed to rise just by laughing. Lifting his hand to his forehead, Konno wiped sweat off of his skin and grit his teeth as Zerox continued to talk.

"You all wouldn't mind knowing where the Son of Shishito is, do you? I would just hate to have to beat the information out of you until you were all shriveled up corpses on this empty city street." Zerox's red eyes pierced into Violouh's gaze.

"Like we'd tell you where he is!" Taisuka shouted, causing Seiyogi and Kyuti to turn around and look at him in anger.

"Guess I'll have to beat the information out of you then... shame.." Zerox muttered, lifting his hands into the air and shrugging.

Konno turned his head and stared back at Lori and Lizz's dead bodies in one of the alien's arms. Gritting his teeth harder, Konno turned his attention towards Zerox.

"We've come too far just to curl over and die here.." Konno muttered, Violouh and Taisuka looked at him in shock. "I've had enough of this shit! I don't care who you are, you aren't standing in between me and my ticket to reviving my friends!" Konno roared as he burst from the ground, rocks flew up into the air where he once stood. Violouh and Taisuka twisted their heads and watched Konno fly in between Seiyogi and Kyuti, he was heading straight for Zerox, a white aura flared around the Earthling's body.

Zerox chuckled as his body fizzed to the right, allowing Konno to fly right past him. Konno's fist slammed into the ground and he quickly twisted his body, a white orb flew from his hand, but Zerox quickly deflected the attack.

Violouh and Taisuka lunged from their positions as purple and white auras flared around their bodies, they attacked Zerox as Konno lifted himself and started throwing punches and kicks at the tyrant alongside Violouh and Taisuka. The three of them moved with intense speed throwing punches and kicking at Zerox, who was dodging all of the attacks even faster than they were throwing them.

Zerox jumped in the air and stretched out his arms and legs, with one clean spin, he smacked his hands into Taisuka and Konno's faces and kicked Violouh in the throat, the three heroes were sent flying back and hopped in the air. Each of them extended their arms and pointed them down at Zerox.

"We have to help, we can't be scared!" Kyuti shouted at Seiyogi as she lifted her hands into the air and pointed them at Zerox. Seiyogi nodded his head and lifted his arms up, he charged his 10 finger beam and pointed it at Zerox.

With all five heroes shouting, the beams exploded from their hands and shot towards Zerox with intense speed, the tyrant smiled and chuckled as his body fizzed out of view, letting the beams collide with one another. A massive explosion rang through the city, wind pushed against the crowd of aliens pushing them all back, causing them to retreat for a few hundred yards as they watched the battle from afar.

Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, Jaduko's ears perked up which caused him to look into the sky. The top half of his gi was ripped with the exception of half of his undershirt, and his legs were scraped up pretty badly from the fight with Shad.

'I can feel that energy...' Jaduko thought as he stared into the black night sky. 'Of course, it's them! They're close!' He hovered into the sky and faced the direction where he felt the massive power surge.

'I can sense that they're close to Zerox's ship, they must have run into him... I've got to get there quick!' Jaduko grit his teeth and clenched his fists, a blue aura flared around his body and he burst off into the sky, using what little power he had to try and reach his friends.

'Hang on guys, I'm coming!' He thought to himself as the wind brushed past his face with incredible speed.

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VOL 7: Chapter 64 - "Start to a Long Night"
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