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 VOL 7: Chapter 65 - "Jaduko Arrives!"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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VOL 7: Chapter 65 - "Jaduko Arrives!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 7: Chapter 65 - "Jaduko Arrives!"   VOL 7: Chapter 65 - "Jaduko Arrives!" I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2016 5:34 pm

"Above you!" Violouh shouted, lifting his hand up and firing a purple beam at Zerox, who fizzed into view above Taisuka's head. Zerox deflected the beam and Taisuka looked up just as he was smacked in the face by the tyrant's tail, the young Saiyan was sent flying towards the ground where he flipped, landed on his feet and fired a barrage of white ki blasts back towards Zerox.

Zerox deflected each of the ki blasts with ease and noticed Konno flying up underneath him. Konno roared in anger as he thrust his arm up towards Zerox's chin, but the alien leaned back and let the Earthling's arm cleanly slide in front of his head. Konno widened his eyes in surprise as Zerox grabbed onto his wrist and swung him around in a circle. Kyuti floated into the air and lunged at Zerox, preparing to throw a punch, but Zerox tossed Konno into her and the two plummeted to the ground.

"Wuah!" The two shouted as Seiyogi flew past them and lunged at Zerox, the Saiyan thrust his leg towards the side of Zerox's head, but the alien lifted his leg and blocked the kick with his shin. Seiyogi grit his teeth and spun around, a red aura formed around his leg before he slammed his foot into the tyran't cheek. Zerox went flying through the air as Seiyogi chased after him, but widened his eyes when he noticed Zerox smirking as he was flying through the air.

With one swift kick, Zerox thrust his foot into Seiyogi's stomach and spit flew from the Saiyan's mouth, the force of the kick sent him hurling through the air.

"This is a nice exercise, something I hadn't had in a long while!" Zerox sadistically laughed, but noticed Violouh fly up behind him. The Namekian yelled as he threw a punch towards the back of Zerox's head, the tyrant tilted his head which allowed the arm to cleanly glide over his shoulder and grabbed onto Violouh's arm, digging his nails into the Namekian's skin, Zerox grinned.

"Grr... ROAUGH!" Violouh shouted when he felt his arm be ripped out of it's socket, purple blood spurted from the wound and his eyes dilated. Zerox turned around and slapped Violouh with his own arm, the force of the slap sent the Namekian plummeting towards the ground, where he landed face first into the concrete.

"Violouh!" Konno shouted, he and Kyuti were on the ground, but Konno immediately burst into the sky and fired a barrage of ki blasts into Zerox's face, smoke erupted from the attack. Zerox leaned back as if the blast was hurting him, but he remained still until Konno stopped firing the blasts.

Violouh grunted and green liquid spurted from his arm socket as he regrew the one that Zerox had ripped off. The Namekian huffed as he looked up towards Konno, the smoke cleared around Zerox's face and he had a frown plastered on his face. Konno grit his teeth as sweat dripped down his forehead.

"You aren't a Saiyan are you?" Zerox questioned, much to Konno's surprise.

"No, I'm an Earthling.. Why does it matter?" Konno questioned.

"I remember hearing off of Sono's communication device that you said you were... but clearly, I see you are lying because you're too weak to be one." Zerox lunged forward with his fist extended and Konno widened his eyes, lifting his arm instinctively as the tyrant's punch smacked into his forearm. Konno winced in pain and was pushed back in the air, blood spurt from the wound left on his arm where Zerox had punched.

"Hmm, nice, for an Earthling." Zerox seemed impressed and lunged for another punch, but Seiyogi's body fizzed in between the two causing Zerox to halt. Kyuti appeared behind Zerox and the two Saiyans surrounded him.

"It's been such a long time since I've last seen you, Seiyogi! You've grown.. but I see parts of you didn't" Zerox taunted as he noticed Seiyogi's tail was still gone.

"My eyes are up here, bastard." Seiyogi remarked. "GO!" He shouted, and within an instant, Taisuka shot up from the ground and started attacking Zerox, punches and kicks flying wildly. Seiyogi and Kyuti lunged forward and threw punches at kicks at Zerox, the three Saiyans keeping up the same speed as they tried to outmatch Zerox.

"The little guy's got some fight in him." Zerox taunted, he was dodging and blocking most of the Saiyan's attacks, but occasionally a fist or a foot would hit him and he would grit his teeth. The barrage of attack continued for several moments before Zerox threw his arms out and a grey barrier exploded from his body, sending the three Saiyans flying towards the ground.

Konno dropped to the ground next to Violouh, Kyuti landing next to him as Taisuka and Seiyogi landed up front, the five of them faced Zerox, who dropped to the ground as well. The heroes had cuts and bruises on themselves where as Zerox was unscathed. Konno lowered his hand and grabbed the Senzu Bean bag, unhooking it from his belt.

"It's a shame you all are almost out of energy, I was just getting warmed up." Zerox chuckled, but stopped when he noticed a blue spec of light in the distance behind the heroes. Seiyogi turned his head and so did everyone else, their jaws dropped and smiles spread across their faces as Jaduko got closer and closer to the city.

The aliens watched in awe as Jaduko passed over their heads and dropped to the ground, sliding to a halt behind Konno and the rest.

"Jaduko!" Taisuka and Kyuti shouted in unison. Konno had a smile on his face, but Seiyogi and Violouh stared at Jaduko in awe.

'That power, he's strong... but he looks so hurt!' Seiyogi clenched his fists as they began to shake, his mouth was open in shock as massive power emitted from Jaduko's body. 'It angers me to feel his power and compare it to my own.. But I'm afraid his power is what we need to defeat Zerox..'

'So.. this is the Son of Shishito.. Jaduko?' Violouh thought, he watched Jaduko confidently stride forward, his group of friends opening a pathway as he walked towards the front. An image flashed in Violouh's mind, he saw a Saiyan that looked exactly like Jaduko, except with sharp black hair and Saiyan armor.

"I'm having the worst luck today, I run into these fools before I find you, and now you arrive before they're all dead. You're ruining the fun!" Zerox remarked with a smirk as he stared at Jaduko, noticing the Saiyan was bloody and bruised from his fight with Shad. Jaduko didn't reply, instead he turned his head and smiled at his friends.

"Sorry I'm late, hope you saved some fun for me!" Jaduko's voice was cheery as he gave his friends his signature thumbs up. Konno smirked and pulled the last Senzu Bean from the Senzu Bean bag.

"I knew I should have saved this bean for you, you're just the guy we need." Konno flicked the bean up towards Jaduko, who caught it. Zerox studied the bean in Jaduko's hand.

"I see you all have been busy, freeing and gathering up all of those aliens." Jaduko replied, he looked at Violouh and softly nodded, Violouh looked at the ground realizing that Jaduko looked just like his father. "I don't see them around.. Where are Lizz and Lori?" He asked.

Taisuka lowered his eyes and pointed back at the crowd of aliens, Jaduko noticed one of the aliens holding the bodies of his friends. Jaduko grit his teeth, he knew that he had sensed their powers disappearing.. but now he knew it was true..

"I was too late.. I'm sorry for not meeting with you guys for the past few days, I hope you understand.." Jaduko muttered, he looked back at his friends and his gaze fell onto Kyuti.

"Hey, as long as you can kick this guy's ass and get us off this planet so we can revive our friends, I can forgive you for now." Konno smirked and Jaduko smirked back, he was glad that Konno stood by him through all of this, no matter what the costs were. The Saiyan tossed the bean in the air and opened his mouth, he chewed the bean and swallowed as his wounds healed and he felt his power return to the max. The wind around Jaduko whooshed upwards in his boost of power.

'What?!' Seiyogi could feel Jaduko's power rise. The two of them were at the front of the group. Seiyogi's eyes shuttered in disbelief as he stared towards the side of Jaduko's face, the younger Saiyan was confidently glaring at Zerox, he was confident.

'So.. that bean healed all of his injuries, hmm?' Zerox frowned and noticed Jaduko's wounds heal. 'We can't have that happen again..' Zerox lifted his arm up towards the group of friends, all of them were chatting with another. A grey beam formed at the end of Zerox's fingertip.

In an instant the beam fired from Zerox's finger and flew in between Jaduko and Seiyogi, the two of them looked back at their friends as their eyes dilated in horror. The beam continued flying through the group, moving past Taisuka and Violouh, scraping by Kyuti's shoulder, the beam expanded in size and it burst through Konno's chest. Jaduko widened his eyes in horror and dropped his jaw when he saw the beam cleanly pass through Konno, leaving a wide hole in his chest.

Blood exploded from Konno's wound as he fell backward onto the ground, dead on impact.

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VOL 7: Chapter 65 - "Jaduko Arrives!"
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